Sunday High Scoring Games Week 2

By John Bush

Sunday High Scoring Games

I wished to give my take on the Sunday Day High Scoring Games** 

**Sunday Night and Monday Games Sold Separately 🙂 

See my Weekly Rankings Articles:






Sunday High Scoring Games Analysis will include:

  • Game Script
  • Defense against the Position (DAP) Data
  • Non-PPR and PPR Rankings (100 to 0) Green to Red
  • My Risk Assessments for each Player (High, Mid, and Low Risk)

I have constructed these data charts below to maximize your visual view of the entire game landscape. Use thoughtfully. My philosophy is less is more? I will hit the highlights but will not give you the same old tired pundit driven opinions.


Game Script and DAPs

How to Read Game Scripts and Defense Against the Position (DAP) Figures.

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Sunday High Scoring Games Slide2


Short Discussion of Risk

Use the Risk Discussion for a deeper understanding of player risk levels are shown below. See the Detail Game Risk and Ranking Data for each team and player following the game scripts and DAP data.

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High – Games predicted to have game totals of 48/49 points and higher





Jimmy G gets a sweet home game vs an easy DET defense ranked 30.5 and a 22 QB DAP. 4X scores are not out of the question. He is ranked low risk 82. Tournament Play QB in DFS. 

His receivers will dine on easy DAP street of 24. Garcon is a mid-risk 77, Goodwin if he plays if a mid-risk 72 while Pettis is a mid-risk 53. If Goodwin out that moves Pettis to 70 ranking. 2 TO 3 Scores is possible. Garcon collects PPR points and a score. Pettis or Goodwin as well. 

Brittle Kittle, if he remains on the field collects 2X scores and PPR points vs a 40 TE DAP. I rank him at low risk 94. Strong DFS play all formats! 

The RBs of Breida and Morris are going to score and get PPR points but the proportion is unclear. I lean Breida in PPR and DFS tournaments. They fight an easy 3.2 RB DAP and could both score! They ranked mid-risk 53 ish for the week 2 games.

Play the Kicker and Defense as needed in DFS and seasonal leagues. 



DET needs to forget last week and focus. They do get a redemption chance vs an easy 38 ranked SF DEF. Stafford collects 3X scores vs a 22 QB DAP! I have him high-risk 50 ranked. 

His WRs should be fine. Tate is a nice low risk 89 and Jones a low-risk 82. They contend into an easy 42 WR DAP! Both should score. I lean Tate in PPR and DFS tournaments. 

The TE Wilson was MIA last week and nothing is changing here vs a tough 60 TE DAP! He is amid risk 50 ranked. 

The mystery of the DET RBBC continues. Riddick should be the PPR guy and collect catches at high-risk 56 vs Johnson more an STD play at mid-risk 47. Each can score but? Blount could vulture the red zone bones. DFS fade. They do face a 15 RB DAP and should tear it up but not confident. Good Match up a bad team? Be cautious. 




Sunday High Scoring Games High PIT KC


Big Ben gets to win a game on Sunday as it is a home game. He fights a 24 QB DAP from KC and collects 4X scores. I rank him low-risk 92. DFS play in all formats. 

Brown the WR will also get his 2X scores and PPR points vs a 0 WR DAP. 2X is floor he could go higher. I ranked him low risk 99 and JuJu a low risk 92. Juju should limit Brown’s upside and collect his 1 to 2 scores as well. Even Hunter/Washington at a mid to high-risk players can collect. They might be a longshot in DFS tournaments. 

Conner the wonder RB also can collect rushing and PPR points with a score or so. I have him at mid-risk because the KC defense has a 98 RB DAP. Conner is a risk and a fade in cash games. 

The TEs of McDonald and outlaw Jesse James can collect but might mitigate the other’s value. High-risk TE vs a tough 82 TE DAP!  

Fade the kicker and defense. 

Sunday High Scoring Games Slide53


This game figures as one of the highest scoring games of the week! Mahomes is a mid-risk 82 vs a 55 QB DAP. He scores 3X at best. 

The WRs do get an average WR DAP of 54 and Hill should be the guy at low-risk 95 ranking. 2x scores are not out of reach for him Cash DFS games for sure! Watkin could catch a long ball and score mid-risk 66 ranked. DFS tournament gamble only. 

What TE arrives on Sunday? Concerned that Kelce and Mahomes are not in sync! I rank him low-risk 98 but this is a caution for me in DFS cash. He fights an 85 TE DAP from PIT defense to add to the concerns. 

Hunt is mid-risk 89 for this game vs a 53.7 RB DAP. He should get an average game and collect PPR points. DFS tournaments only. 

Avoid Kicker and Defense in DFS. 

Sunday High Scoring Games Slide42



Sunday High Scoring Games HIGH NO CLE


NO gets a nice home game vs an easy CLE defense ranked 32. Brees collects scores and a fantasy point dinner is on the menu! I rate Brees number this week low-risk 100 ranked. 

The NO WRs also will collect some but they fight a 78 WR DAP. Thomas is the top WR this week low-risk 100. He scores this week and collects PPR Points! Gin also collects PPR points. Gin is mid-risk 71. They will play off the dominant Kamara which will confound the CLE Defense. Thomas in Cash and Gin in tournaments. 

Watson will be a PPR guy at mid-risk 83 and get a 0 TE DAP. He should score as well. Good Tournament Play! 

Kamara will heat up the scoreboard with multiple scores in the air and ground! He is low risk 100 ranked. Top RB for me. DFS play all day! This is the game in DFS and the team you need in DFS this week! 

The Kicker is ok and Defense is playable vs a low DAP! 

Sunday High Scoring Games Slide1


CLE come in with a victory mindset (they tied PIT) and can surprise to make this a true shootout. Especially if the NO Def does suck! Taylor is a rushing QB and high-risk at 57. The DAP for QB is tough but based on last year. The data are very fluid as you would expect. 2X scores for Taylor. 

Landry is your PPR guy with catches and maybe a score. I rank him at 92 low-risk.  DFS tournament play. He gets a 56 WR DAP. Gordon can collect catches and a score but is high-risk at 74! 

Njoku can score and is ranked a low-risk TE at 84 vs a tough 78 TE DAP! 

The RBBC is fighting into a 65 RB DAP. The issue for me is both are high-risk at 65 ish average. I lean toward Hyde for points but will watch if Duke is ever in the game. Taylor ignored him last week! Caution of both. Fade in DFS. 

Fade the K and DEF in DFS. 

Sunday High Scoring Games Slide34

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