Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018

By John Bush

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 report spells out the use of weekly target numbers by position and by the team is useful in fantasy football especially in PPR scoring formats where receptions count. The Target Leaders Per Minute report delivers the positional target data and the team target data. The tables below provide target data for the running back, wide receiver, and tight end positions.

Green/Blue colorization of the weekly target per minute numbers highlights players at the top of the position group, i.e., many targets per minute, while red colorization of the weekly target numbers denotes players toward the bottom of the position group, i.e., fewer targets per minute of play.

Compare and contrast the data and envision this week’s game scripts by using all your resources including this one.

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Team Level Avg of Targets Per Min

A player plays with a team and I wished to use figures and graphs to frame the week 1 data from each team.  Note that ARI had the clear highest targets per minute of 0.284 while NYJ had the lowest at 0.091 targets per minutes (weak). 

I annotated the Team groups by color (Green High Targets per Min) to Red (Low Targets per Min). This data does not follow FP scored but give you a view of the Team’s attempts to develop a game flow. DFS/Lineups can be supplemented by these data. 


The landscape view sees across the league. I assume more targets per minute of team play is an overall advantage to pass catchers and QBs.  Efficiency is not noted in these metrics though. 

ARI, ATL, PIT, DET, LAR, NO, and NYG are those teams with highest Targets per Min

TB, WAS, DAL, BAL, KC, CHI, and CIN are the teams that were the slowest in Targets per Min


Targets Per Minute Team Positional Analysis

Color-coded Average Targets per Minute. Just Scan the team’s landscapes to fine tune your analysis. I have color coded Avg of Targets per Min as well as Team Usages in Targets per Min. These metrics give a deeper taste of each teams offensive patterns. This only gets better into the season so come back! 

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide4

  • ARI Balance
  • ATL WR high
  • Bal Low RB
  • Buf WR high 


  • CAR Extreme RB
  • CHI Slight WRs vs Lighter RB usage
  • CIN No TE use All In RB and WR
  • CLE WR high

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide6

  • DAL High WR
  • DEN Extreme WR
  • DET Low TE Extreme WR and RBs
  • GB WR extremes Low RB TEs

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide7

  • HOU WR Extreme RB Extreme Low
  • IND Balanced
  • JAX Light TE
  • KC Extreme TE Low RB Extreme Level

 Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide8

  • LA. RB Very High, Low TE
  • LAR no TE Extreme WRs.
  • MIA Low TE Extreme WRs
  • MIN Low TE Extreme WRs

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide9

  • NE Extreme TE Low RB and WR
  • NO Low TE High RB and WR
  • NYG Extreme WR Low TE and RBs
  • NYJ Extreme WRs Low RB TEs


  • OAK Extreme TE Extremely Low WRs Nice RBs
  • PHI Light WRs Strong TE and RBs
  • PIT light TEs High WR and RBs
  • SEA High TEs and RBs Low WRs


  • SF Extreme TE Very Low RBs and WRs
  • TB Extreme WRs Low RBs 
  • TEN Extreme WRs
  • WAS  Extreme RBs Light WRs. 

Positional Level Usages and Avg Targets Per Min

I now focus by position to see the extreme Team usages in the passing game as measured by targets per minute.

Running Backs

CAR, LAC, WAS, NO, CIN, JAX, and SEA were the extremes in week 1. Knowing JAX was at the top, pushed TJ Yeldon as a pickup. Ekeler in LAC needs to be owned in PPR.  Watch for folks to drop Penny in Sea. 


KC, HOU, SF, TB, ATL, and GB were the weakest in passing RBs. Watch these teams to see if this trend changes. 

The graph below highlights the averages vs team usages across the league. Nice way to view the landscape! Use as needed. 

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide14

Tight Ends

4 teams stand out in week 1. They are Kittle SF, KC Kelce, NE Gronk and Oak Cook. I would gamble with picking up Cook if needed. Trade for the others. This may be a seasonal trend! 

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide16

Concerns for TEs in Det (L Wilson?), Min Rudolph, CAR (?), LAC (Green Gates), NO (Watson), DEN (?), Cin (Effiert), and Engram (NYG). 

The graph below highlights the averages vs team usages across the league. Nice way to view the landscape! Use as needed. 

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide17

Wide Receiver

I nice block of 10 Teams that seemed to have a high WR usage in week 1. 

LAR, DEN, GB, ATL, TB, NYG, HOU, DET, NYJ, and MIN. These would be teams whose WRs would be of high interest to me for week 2 lineups and DFS! 


The flip side of the metrics points to OAK, NE, SF, CAR, PHI, SEA, and ARI as using WRs lightly. I would have concerns in week 2 in my lineups and DFS. This data show invite further study! 

The graph below highlights the averages vs team usages across the league. Nice way to view the landscape! Use as needed. 


Running Backs Averages of Targets per Minute

Week 1

The focus shifts in my article to the player level. We begin with running backs. In Week 1 the top pass-catching RBs were Kamara, Johnson, Gordon, and Richard. Richard is an essential grab in week one! White and Hines are also less well know players and possible grabs as well. 




Interesting weak pass catching RBs are Collins, Henry, Bernard, Hunt, Booker, Powell, and Lynch. All are on our watch list for any improvements. In PPR these are significant RBs and increased pass-catching can increase their value. Potential Trade targets in PPR? 

Tight End Averages of Targets per Minute Week 1

The top TEs in week 1 were Cook (on waiver wires), Kittle, Ertz, Doyle, and Seal-Jones (waiver wires).  Note the weaker TEs and watch for improvements of further declines.

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide59

Targets Per Minute Week 1 2018 Slide60


Wide Receiver Averages of Targets per Minute Week 1

Key top WRs include the usual suspects. I note Landry is in the top. There were some issues in the preseason over his role in CLE. Golladay and Davis were surprises as well. Watch for week 2 activity. 

The data will get better into the season. Trade targets in here? Too early to trade? Interesting debate! 


Some players of note. Callaway, Gallup, Doctson, Kirk, and Rodgers. Watch for improvements. Buy low if you believe! 

Players by Team Average Targets Per Minute

I next wanted to give a team landscape view of players in their natural habitat. I used colorized annotations to highlight the highs and lows on each team. 

These team metrics give the view into:

  • Positional Usages
  • Positional Pecking order
  • Strengths/Weakness of a Team
  • Use in case of injury for next man up. 
  • Consult each week metrics to see Team shifts that pundits miss
  • Compare players to positional averages for reference. I suggest one position at a time to analyze. 

References for Positional Averages

RB 0.135
TE 0.113
WR 0.194
































Deeper Players that I found interesting from my Week 1 Metrics.

DFS, Lineups, Trades and Waiver Wire consideration



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