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FakePigskin Contributors

John BushJohn Bush

Professor of Biology Inhabits a Statistical Niche within the FakePigskin Universe. He works to Plant "Idea Seeds" for Readers to Harvest for both Fun and Profit!

DJ JarvisDJ Jarvis

DJ is a fantasy football nerd, who happens to be good at writing. He covers Found in 2017 while looking for greener pastures. You can follow him on Twitter @JarvisDFootball

Bobby AdcockBobby Adcock

I am a pretty simple guy. Outside of my family and friends my biggest concerns are other grown men I’ve never met who play games for a living, and live interviews from the red carpet. After that a majority of my thoughts revolve around women and food. I’ve lived my whole life in Michigan which makes me subjected to decades of the Detroit Lions football. That should give you an idea of how much remains of my soul. The good news is I plan to use what’s left to provide some fake football and golf reassurance for you in a hopefully entertaining way.

Lauren CarpenterLauren Carpenter

I love fantasy football and I am a woman so I love telling people what to do. Hence, here I am, giving you my sparkling fantasy football analysis with a dash of attitude, because like I said, I am a chick... so yeah. It has to happen.

Chris CheungChris Cheung

A Counselor Educator PHD Student by day, and an avid dynasty owner 24/7. I like to use the "Teach a man how to fish" philosophy, rather than telling you what to do. Even though I sometimes still do it.

Gladys Louise TylerGladys Louise Tyler

Just a woman with a passion for football.

Kyle RobertKyle Robert

Kyle Robert is a man about town, delving all things sports or fantasy. Covering Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Sports Betting for Follow him on twitter at

Ben RolfeBen Rolfe

Ben originates from England and well is still living in England. He is often heard muttering things such as cor blimey and cheerio and can only write articles while having a spot of tea. He has just finished university where he mixed studying Biology with flooding rooms and dislocating shoulders whilst under the influence of alcohol. After wandering the inter web looking for a home he stumbled across fake pigskin where they charmed him with chance to cover the odd combination of MLB/NFL/EPL.


IDP, Dynasty, betting, repeat! Follow me @FantasyFrank1

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