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Professor Bush’s Classroom


…is now in session.

Grab your seats if you want to win fantasy football this season!

John Bush (@Prof_Fantasy1), renowned professor and author of ‘Winning Your Fantasy Football Drafts: July 2020 Edition‘ is providing an exclusive, free video tutorial on ‘Lessons to Strengthen Your Fantasy Football Season Drafting and In-Season Play’.

Enter the Fantasy Professor’s Classroom as we release lesson by lesson, and finish the course before your draft begins to ensure that you are ready to “crush your fantasy football leagues” this upcoming season.


Guiding Your Journey for Winning Your Fantasy Football Drafts Using the Professor’s Process.

Objectives of the Process:

  1. Using a Series of Voice Over PowerPoints Movies, I will present for my students a visual production. Next, I will be moving through a series of data and bullet points. Finally, I will cover critical aspects of the Lesson’s Subject.
  2. These videos will contain numerous visual aids to inspire your Fantasy Football thinking. Next, I hope to establish reference class forecasting parameters of the material.
  3. I will use all relevant and logical based approaches to educate you, including statistical analysis, trendline-based discussions, caveats to the metrics, colorized data artistry to tell a story for enhanced memorization and finally working to achieve a balancing of common-sense judgments with my numerical outputs.


  • At the end of each lesson, the student should have a greater understanding of the material’s relevance to winning Fantasy Football play.
  • Many of the lessons are/will be linked under a broad topic. The student will have exposure to a landscape view of the block material, enabling them to focus on the key area(s) they need more help in understanding.
  • Finishing the lesson or block of lessons will allow the student to understand the applications presented toward increased Fantasy Football success.

Lessons: Begin the Course!

Personal Aspects of Fantasy Football Success

  • Lesson 1: Winning Fantasy Football – The Process
  • Lesson 2: Personal Factors
  • Lesson 3: Solving Psychological Temperament Human Biases Puzzles
  • Lesson 3-1: Challenges and Biases
  • Lesson 4: Cognitive dissonance, Contradictory Ideas, and Thinking Fast or Slow
  • Lesson 5: Bias Battles, Fault Trees, and Injury Matrices
  • Lesson 6: Does-more-information-increase-accuracy?
  • Lesson 7: Coherence-of-the-fantasy-football-data-sets/

Beginning Metrics and Analysis

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