Lesson 2: Personal Factors

Lesson 2: Personal Factors

Focus on aspects of our personal methods and activities.

If you are serious about fantasy football, then you must:

•Train yourself to watch and understand the game XZY receivers, defense schemes, player profiles, team and coach trends, schemes, etc.

• •You must invest your time and attention in NFL/ESPN and other sports networks; Sirius XM fantasy sports radio, podcasts, educational books, NFL draft in May,  and fantasy football Twitter accounts to obtain the depth of knowledge necessary to be a winner. 

• •You must find your strengths and weaknesses. Soar with strengths and manage weaknesses. If you do not win at PPR leagues but do well in 2QB leagues, then play those 2QB leagues and forsake the others.

• •You must balance your time on tasks. Most have jobs, family, other activities; balance them with fantasy football. You always are available for what you like!

KEY Aspects for Focus and Training toward Fantasy Football Success

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