Lesson 1: Winning Fantasy Football – The Process

Lessons to Strengthen Your Fantasy Football Season Drafting and In- Season Play.

This video covers my beginning overview of THE PROCESS. I will cover
personal aspects of human biases. Additionally, I address the problems we all face in winning our leagues. The first 9 lessons will be lower metrics-based. Next in lesson 10, I will be cranking up the data.

I have 25 lessons ready to go and will be releasing them ASAP. I expect to
have 100 plus video lessons by July 1 at 30 minutes or more average in length.

Winning Fantasy Football _ The Process. Firstly, the process is not quick nor
easy. Secondly, I think it well worth your time to explore the metrics with me. Thirdly, As a University Professor in Biology, I have been applying my teaching skills and have published many scientific papers, and taught 100s of instructional hours. Finally, I think these lessons mimic that teaching process and hence the lesson tag.


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