RB Attempts and Touches Week 1.

By John Bush

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 report focuses on the RB position. Given the importance of both Rushing Attempts and Receptions in PPR league this metrics should prove useful. 

The main data stream includes

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  • Average of Rushing Attempts per Minute of Team Possession. 
  • Average of Touches Per Minute of Team Possession. (Rushing plus Receptions)

I also use a DIFF metric to pull out the Receptions from the Rushing Attempts. These 3 data points highlight each Team and Player balance of run vs pass as well as a level of weekly success. 

As the season goes forward the database build and more solid team and player patterns can emerge. 

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Team Level RB ATTs and TOUCHES

The table below displays the week 1 based data. Teams were sorted by the highest to lowest Atts per Min stats. Team names were colorized for a broad grouping of rushing levels.

The top week 1 rushing teams were LAR, CIN, WAS, TEN, MIN, CLE, and ARI. Expect that trend to continue on average. We will monitor changes during the season. 

The bottom group of low rushing teams (Higher RB Passing) were BUF, DAL, ATL, SEA, NO, and NYG. This implies that these teams have a significant pass-catching RBs vs strict rushers only or they have a tandem of a rusher and pass catcher.  

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide1

This graph displays the above table’s landscape view of the rushing vs passing levels. I find the area valleys of the rushing attempts of interest to see the unbalanced teams between the rushing or pass catcher RBs. 

Valley Rusher Teams are ARI, IND, NE, OAK, DET, LAC, CHI, NO and SEA. These teams have more pass-catching RBs used. In an injury situation, look for a pass catcher in the next man up on waivers. The opposite rushing based teams would in injury situation looking for rushing RBs. Use this data for refined waiver acquisitions. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide2

Receptions vs Rushing Differences in Teams Week 1 Data. 

The Difference between rushing vs pass-catching RBs gives insight into team balance. This is critical in PPR leagues. The metric is another way to slice the metric to tease out “secret” data! 

I sorted the Teams by the DIFF metric. The top teams have their balance to pass-catching RBs. The top teams are ARI, CIN, OAK, LAC, IND, DET, LAR, NO and NE. Watch for pass-catcher RBs to ascend in these teams over the season. I will monitor this trend. This week I picked up Richards in OAK as a pass-catcher RB to own. I suggest digging into the 3rd RBs and down to note pass-catcher vs rushers.

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide3

This graph presents the DIFF metric by the team to “see” the Team balance. The obvious tiers are displayed from left to right. ARI in tier one, CIN in tier 2, OAK, LAC, IND and DET in Tier 3, and finally LAR, NO, and NE in the Tier 5 level. Watch int he season for changes. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide4

Player Level ATTs and Touches Per Minute vs DIFF Metric. 

The top rushers are highlighted in the left side of the table. Conner was the clear week 1 rusher and a strong touch RB as well. The surprise for me was Miller and Lewis for high rushing and Barber as well. 

The pass-catchers are sorted top to bottom on the right side. Kamara was top followed by Richards (Oak), Gordon, Johnson, and Hines. The lesser know Richards and Hines were my waiver targets this week. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide6Slide7Slide8RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide9Slide10

Landscape Graphs for Top RBs in ATTs and Touches 

The graphical plot displays the top rushers from left to right (yellow line) as well as top touchers via the red bars. Note the players where the touches were higher than the rushing attempts. Key pass catching week 1.

Touch RBs were Conner, Mixon, Lewis, Cook, Elliot, Yeldon, Drake, Howard, Gordon, Johnson, McCaffrey. Karma (Top), Carson and Penny. The last 2 from SEA seems that SEA is pushing RBs who catch passes. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide12

Graphical Display of RBs and DIFF Metric

Left to Right RBs Touches. Note the week 1 surprises. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide13

RB Player ATTs and Touches by Team

Use these team metrics to “see” the potential of next man up. The data gets stronger with more data. Compare the top RB vs 2nd RB etc. What are the characteristics of each? I annotated the data by colorization (green to red). This amount of data requires a deeper dig and I can not write about all the interesting findings. 

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide15

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide16

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide17

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1Slide18

RB Attempts and Touches Week 1 Slide19





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