Best Ball Analysis Part 2: 20 Round View

Best Ball Analysis Part 2.

Best Ball Analysis Part 2. I have a 44-minute video discussion of the contents of this article. Its a video article more than anything for your reference as I included the figures of round by round “look-ins”

Note this was before the Julio Jone Trade but other than that it is relevant to early Best-Ball Drafts.

The figure below is from PART 1 of this series (see link below). I use this as a roadmap for round-by-round analysis and choices.

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Note in the figure

  • Position Bias
  • Beginning of “Runs”
  • Dry Spots
  • % of Positions Drafted
  • Use to Mock and Plan Real Best Ball Drafts.
  • Overall Landscapes for Drafting.

Best Ball Analysis Part 2. Each Figure includes:

  • Round Number
  • Draft Pick (1 to 12 assuming 12 teams)
  • Position Color Coded
  • Player Name
  • Team and Bye Week
  • Public’s Positional ADP Based Ranking with the Position (100 to 0)
  • 2020 Scoring (FPA per Game) Rankings (100 to 0)
  • 21 Public Ranking vs. 2020 Scoring. 1 to 0. 1 is right on point vs 0 is a rookie (did not play in 2020). Find Weakness below 1? Strengths of Picks above 1.0



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