Early June Best Ball Analysis Part 1

Early June Best Ball Analysis Part 1. I present the landscape of Best Ball Drafting using the Public ADP from the BestBall 10s website. I colorized each Positional Landmark by Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Green for WR/TE/RB/QB/Defense.


Early June Best Ball Analysis Part 1. The first figure represents the first pick of the position (first dot of each position – IE first QB near the 36th pick) followed by the 12th picks per dot, highlighting the pattern of positional drafting across the landscape of 20 drafts. Additionally, I marked those positional landmarks at the bottom of the graph by numbers.

For example, following the WRs, the first 12 WRs are gone by the 36th pick (Yellow 2). The first 12 RBs, on the other hand, are gone before the 24th pick. Note the WRs drafting picks up, and both RB/WRs have their first 24 members gone by the 60th pick. 48 RB/WR are gone by the 60th pick, and the other 12 are QBs and TEs. Use this to plan your draft. Know the runs and round by round selections. (helps for ZERO RB or WR or Late QB etc., drafting).

RB- The top 24 RBs are gone by near the 60th pick. If you wish to draft 3 RB of the top 24, you will need to grab 3 in the first 5 rounds. WR- You have until near the 84th pick to gather WRs from the top 36 choices. Now you can plan late picks and have a “feel” for the rounds/picks to draft them.


Draft Pick vs. Positional Numbers if Using ADPs

Early June Best Ball Analysis Part 1. Interestingly, if every person in a 12 team BEST BALL draft took a player at their pick, then this table shows the distribution of those picks by positions. If you have drawn draft pick 12, then you will have to look beyond the player at the exact draft spot as it has shown you would get only 3 WR “naturally.” Note the 11th draft pick is the strongest for landing on WR at 10.

Additionally, the best draft spots for RBs are the 9th and 12th, leading to 9 RBs drafted, while the 2nd draft pick leads to only 3 RBs. TEs are tops at the second draft pick and bottom out at the 4th, 11th, and 12th. Finally, the QBs will be gathered best at the 12th draft position with 7 (too many, of course) and worst at the 5th and 9th draft slots.


Positional Numbers and % of Positional Total by Draft By Round

I use this table for finer tuning of my Best Ball Plans. The numbers of each position have been colorized from high (green) to low (red) within each position. Next, I also annotated the highest-drafted position of that round using a dark blue circle shape. Additionally, I calculated the Percentage of the RB vs. WR and those position’s ratios by round. Finally, I noted the clear dominant winner from either the RB or WR for each round.

I suggest having this as a reference in your drafts. Slow drafting in Best Ball gives me plenty of time to think. I have done a video lesson series in the classroom section (see link below) that focuses on my draft philosophy.

Interesting Questions:

  • RB dominates 1st/3rd WR in the second. Points to RB-WR-RB pattern. Go along or reverse?
  • First 5 QBs by round 6. Late QB or Jump in?
  • TEs “drip drip” and first 5 by 6th round as well.
  • Could we have a RB-WR-RB-QB-TE-(RB or WR) by the end of round 6?
  • Seems if folks go later QB/TE, then RB-WR-RB-WR-WR-WR coming out of round 6.
  • I note pressure to take RB 10th, 12th, and 13th rounds. Folks worried about not enough RBs?
  • Pressure to take QB by round 9 and TEs by round 11.
  • Everyone takes a DEF by round 16/17.


MOVING AVERAGE of Positional Best Ball Current Drafts.

Landscape flow of current Best Ball Drafts. I find the key aspects and use them to plan my drafting. Use to predict when to make certain selections. Let your opponents react as you work your plans. I highlighted key Positions drafted at the bottom of this plot.


BEST BALL Round vs. % of Each Position Taken with 12ths Noted.

I suggest you stroll down the rounds noting the key events occurring. I marked the round vs. the 12ths for each position. For example, for QBs, the 9th round is where the first 12 QBs are gone. If you are planning an earlier QB pick, you need to select before that round.

Additionally, I also need to know the % of each position taken. These are important landmarks for my plans.

  • QBs 50% by Round 11
  • RBs 50% by Round 9
  • TE by Round 11
  • WRs by Round 8
  • Defenses by Round 17


My Video Discussion


Part 2 comes next, where we look at the player by name and ADP-based public opinions in the context of a Best Ball Draft.


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