“The Instant Rebuild” Dynasty Team: Year 2

Javonte Williams: Dynasty RB

Last year, I outlined my strategy in the FFPC Pros Vs. Joes Best Ball Dynasty start-up that I dubbed “The Instant Rebuild”

I’d suggest reading about the strategy and my start-up draft here before continuing on.

I ended up with EIGHT first round picks in the 2021 rookie draft and didn’t make my first start-up selection until the 7.03 last year. The plan was to get last place and build a young team with stud potential who can rise to win a title by the 2022 NFL season. 

The team I drafted actually performed well given my lack of high picks in the start-up and I actually felt pretty strong everywhere except RB moving forward. Here is my team after my offseason cuts/moves. It should be a competitive one, especially in a year

Pre-Draft Roster


Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts


AJ Dillon and Darrell Henderson


Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson, Tee Higgins, Michael Pittman, Denzel Mims


Cole Kmet, Adam Trautman, Irv Smith, Mike Gesicki

Not terrible outside of RB, which I expected, and was hoping I could fill that hole with my Eight rookie draft picks and three really good RBs in this draft I could hook onto. I ran into one problem though: I wasn’t the worst team in the league in 2020. It was actually a pretty devastating blow to my team as I outscored the worst place team by about 150 points on the season, so I would receive the 1.02 instead of the 1.01. And of course, it was a team whose first I actually didn’t have. 

I ended up with the following picks:

1.02, 1.03, 1.04, 1.07, 1.08, 1.09, 1.10, 1.11, and 2.02.  

I ended up moving the 1.07 and 1.11 for the 1.05 and 2.05, and settling into the 2.04 by the time all was said and done. Add in some later round picks, and I feel like I have a young team with a ton of potential

Here is the draft board if you want to see how all the picks went down.

Najee Harris went at the 1.01, an absolute blow for my RB needy team, but I had the next four picks and a few more firsts to hopefully fix the RB problem and build a contender. Here are each of my picks, reasoning, and my final roster at the bottom.  Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ShanePHallam or via e-mail [email protected] to let me know how you think I did and if this team can start contending for a title by 2022.

Rookie Picks

1.02: Javonte Williams RB/DEN

I needed RBs badly, and since I had picks 2-5, I figured I’d be cheeky and take my 3rd ranked RB first here. I think Javonte Williams is a lead back by 2022 and potentially an RB1 for my team. He is young and if the Broncos can get a QB, the offense could score a ton in 2022. I moved up to the 1.05 to essentially ensure I got him.

1.03: Travis Etienne RB/JAC

Everyone is freaking out about Etienne at WR and Urban Meyer, but Etienne is a dynamic RB who fits the system and will catch a ton of check downs. In a best ball format, I love him this year and in 2022. It should be enough for him to be an RB1 or RB2 by his second year.

1.04: Kyle Pitts TE/ATL

I’m not in love with Pitts like many, but this IS a TE Premium league. I really thought Pitts may go at the 1.01, and I was fine with my TE group as it was, but I couldn’t pass up this value. If my team is in a pickle at the RB position in a year, I may move Pitts for an elite young RB. For now, let’s see if his potential is hit. This also allowed me to trade Mike Gesicki for a 2022 2nd and through other trades, I now have FOUR 2022 2nd rounders.

1.05: Ja’Marr Chase WR/CIN

My WRs are solid, but it really needs an elite option, and that is what Chase can be. I have Tee Higgins as well, so if the Bengals offense goes off, I should have it all covered. If Joe Burrow starts off slow, I may even target a trade for him and have most of the passing game wrapped up. Top 10 WR in the future.

1.08: Trey Sermon RB/SF

This is where things go a bit off the rails. Maybe Rashod Bateman is better, but I need RBs, so I will take the longshot on Sermon holding that 49ers job by 2022 and being a lead back I can count on. Maybe he is this year’s Antonio Gibson as a good fit who gets enough work to be fantasy relevant with upside?

1.09: Jaylen Waddle WR/MIA

It was just too much to pass up a top 6 NFL Draft capital WR. I think Waddle could have some huge best ball weeks and I was ecstatic that Devonta Smith went at the 1.07 leaving me with Waddle. I don’t have high hopes for Waddle to be an elite player, but with my bevy of WRs, it should be enough to sustain.

1.10: Michael Carter RB/NYJ

I don’t like this pick. Carter is fine, he can catch, he is in a good situation. But 4th round draft capital at the 1.10 feels dirty. He isn’t likely to be a starter, but I need dart throws at RB. If 3 out of my 5 RBs (Javonte, Etienne, Sermon, Carter, and AJ Dillon) can hit, I am set up for a title run. Add in (hopefully) another young RB next year and this could turn out well. This strategy does take more quantity than quality.

2.02: Terrace Marshall WR/CAR

I love Terrace Marshall’s potential as an alpha WR back with his old offensive coordinator. I have too many WRs on my team (and I’m not done yet,) but hopefully it just gives me trade pieces before the season.

2.04: Rondale Moore WR/ARI

I moved up to get the last of a tier for me of really good best ball WRs. Rondale Moore is another electric player who will have big games and goose eggs. 

3.03: Nico Collins WR/HOU

I REALLY DON’T NEED MORE WRS, BUT I CAN’T STOP TAKING THEM. Nico is the last alpha potential WR I see on the board. I’m not sure if I will be able to keep him on my squad, but I had to draft him and try to hope for good buzz and a trade.

The rest of my picks are likely cuts or trades before the season:

4.05: Mac Jones QB/NE

7.02: Brevin Jordan TE/HOU

7.04: Malcolm Brown RB/MIA

8.02: Quintez Cephus WR/DET

9.02: Harrison Bryant TE/CLE

10.02: Ty Johnson RB/NYJ

Ultimately, our rosters are only 22 players including a kicker and defense. Right now, I sit at a gargantuan 29 players on my roster. I imagine my final roster will look something like this. Let me know if you think this is in position to get a title sooner rather than later:

Final Roster


Justin Herbert

Jalen Hurts


Travis Etienne

Javonte Williams

Trey Sermon

Michael Carter

AJ Dillon


Ja’Marr Chase

Jaylen Waddle

Tee Higgins

Diontae Johnson

Deebo Samuel

Terrace Marshall

Rondale Moore

Michael Pittman

Nico Collins/Denzel Mims


Kyle Pitts

Cole Kmet

Adam Trautman

Irv Smith


Chris Boswell


WAS Defense

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