NFL Notebook Week 3

Vincent Chase Out For The Season

On Monday the San Francisco 49ers announced that starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will miss the remainder of the 2018 season. Garoppolo tore his left ACL during Sunday’s 38-27 loss to Kansas City. Garoppolo had thrown for 251 yards and two touchdowns prior to the injury which came on a scramble that saw the quarterback attempt to get a few more inches on the run, verses going out of bound.

The former Patriots quarterback had won over the coaching staff and fan base last year when he won five straight games to close out the season. Jimmy G spent most of the offseason role-playing as Vince from Entourage following the signing of his five-year $137.5 million deal. If he is currently looking to hire a Turtle-like friend, I enjoy driving and spending the money of others.

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The 49ers are scheduled to work out Tom Savage, Kellen Clemens, & TJ Yates because clearly their season is over.

Clay Matthews Trying To Open Up His Own Six Flags

In three weeks it seems like Green Bay will be opening it’s very own Six Flags owned and operated by one and only Clay Matthews. On Sunday we say Matthews flagged for his third roughing the passer call, because he sacked a QB with his body weight?

I get that the flags are 100 percent in the right by how the rule is written, but the rule is terrible, no good, and very bad. I’ve been on the opposite side of the ‘NFL is getting soft debate’, but I have a hard time not agreeing with Matthews here.

The rule prohibits players from falling with all or most of their body weight on quarterbacks. The rule change might salvage a few QB’s from collarbone injuries or broken/bruised ribs, but it leaves a bad taste in fans’ mouths when they see a text book sack earn a team a first down instead of negative yards.

On the flip side we’ve seen Dolphins defensive end William Hayes try to avoid getting flagged for the penalty, only to tear his ACL and miss the rest of the season. We might get a few more passes from Drew Brees this season because of the rule, but I’d rather see Khalil Mack & Clay Matthews get a meaningful sack without worry of repercussion.

Hey Kirk! I Think Buffalo Vikes That

You Vike That? I was riding my Super Bowl pick into Sunday’s game. How could arguably the worst team in the league defeat the Super Bowl favorites? HOW? Naturally I went ahead and threw Kirk and crew into my fantasy lineups, the Vikings were my survivor pool pick and bets were made with my full confidence.

The Bills gave up 78 points in the first two weeks, a veteran cornerback retired at halftime last week, and for God’s sake the Vikings were 16½-point favorites at home against the Bills. None of that mattered. The Bills came to play and the Vikings weren’t ready for it, which should be a red flag given how the NFC championship game went.

Hearing Zimmer talk about everything the team needed to fix, reminded me of an ex telling me everything I did wrong. You need to fix this, you can’t be doing that, did you really just say that, this isn’t going to happen again…you get the point. Zimmer has a short week to get this Vikings team in line for Thursday night when they take on the other NFC favorite for the Super Bowl, the LA Rams.

Dump Pass

-I know this is an NFL based column but can we just all agree this laugh is reason enough to never trust Kawhi again.

-I’m here for Josh Rosen’s Chip On My Shoulder US Tour.

-Can we just get the Le’Veon Bell to the Colts trade over with?

-Are the Eagles responsible for the fall of the Belichick Empire?

-I’d like to take this platform to say I was wrong about Ryan Tannehill. I thought he was going to fall to the bottom tier of QBs but he is clearly holding on to that mid-level ranking with all his might.

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