Dynasty Mind Rookie Big Board 2018

Dynasty Mind Rookie Big Board 2018

It’s been over 24 hours since the conclusion of the 2018 NFL Draft. Every dynasty owners and writers alike are scrambling to make sense of the annual chaos of values shifting and projecting how this new rookie fits with the team. Prudent dynasty players has prepared ahead of time and looked at the different scenarios or types of schemes that fit the talent the best prior to Thursday. Others may still try to wrap their head around how the rookies might find opportunity, especially ones who are trapped behind a proven veteran. Every year, it’s the same story, certain underrated rookies will find themselves having prime opportunity for snaps and touches, while others are going to be fighting every step of the way to find playing times.

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Translating real life NFL to fantasy is not an easy job. There is definitely a process to it, which includes answer endless hypothetical scenarios. Through my #DynastyMind Youtube series, I’ve explored the best minds in the industry and how they prepare their blue print in the midst of a chaotic value fluctuation. This game of finding the best pieces doesn’t stop, and you have to continually evolve. In the next two weeks, you can expect a lot of analyses, and ADP data building. You can also expect what I tweeted out earlier today.

As a Dynasty Mind, you must have a process to anchor yourself around, instead of being swayed by convincing arguments, and the temptation to follow each hot taeks that are thrown out there. Be especially wary of analysts who makes lofty statements, such as “Kenny Golladay will become a stud in year 1”. Neither should you hold fast to the current values of rookies, because how they are viewed and valued in May will change in June, and then again in July, through August, all the way till September. Even with no real football being played, news of how a player is looking in OTAs and training camps will shift perceptions. Injuries will inevitably happen, which will elevate or tank the value of your favorite player. In preseason football, another massive wave of change will happen to the rookies. Now when I talk about rookie values, it’s likely that the top 3 or 5 retain their top status, but everyone else are subject to a value swing due to opinions or perceptions. With that in mind, you still need to be prepared for right now, and make the best decisions with the available information you have. I present to you my first iteration of the Big Board, which is a concept I borrowed from @JeneBramel of Footballguys.

1QB Big Board

I don’t expect you to agree with how I put the players together. This board is made through my own process. The more important feature for you to consider is how you can build your own Big Board. Notice the spacing and the ability to put different positions next to each other to give yourself a feel of how you value rookies from different positions. My next step is to put this big board through mock drafts to test out how my initial feelings would be if I followed my big board strictly. After each mock draft, I can make adjustments until it becomes the board that I am confident in taking with me to my draft.

If you ever want to build your own Big Board, but don’t know where to start, contact me @ffdynasty101, and I can walk you through how to build one for yourself.


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