Dynasty Mind – Draft Guides

Dynasty Mind – Draft Guides

From beginning of April up until the draft week, I interviewed a few of the best draft guide writers known in the twitter world, including devy, dynasty, and the real NFL. Draft guides are an extremely helpful tool to help you prepare for your dynasty drafts and team building. Often times, I see users look solely at the rankings and peruse the narratives, but then proceed to complain how the rankings sucks or doesn’t make sense. In order to combat these lazy thoughts, I asked each writer about their process and how buyers can gain the most out of the draft guides.

I for one, am thankful there are men and women out there putting hundreds of hours to watch films and breakdown statistics. Their work helps me organize my thoughts and help me prepare for team building, recognizing when I need to be patient and when to move on, to compare my own homework to those who has done this for years. So, if you are curious about a specific draft guide, but don’t know much about them, just watch the interview and get a sneak peek of what you’re getting for an extremely great price:


JOHN LAUB’s Fantasy PRO-files

BRAD KELLY’s WR Draft Guide (Non-Fantasy football perspective)

RYAN TheFFGHOST’s Orange Report/Orange Juice



DEVIN SPERLE’s Rookie Draft Guide

Enjoy, and let me know which one you are most interested in.

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