Course History: Travelers Championship

Course Information

Course: TPC River Highlands, Par 70, 6,840 yards, Cromwell, CT

The Travelers Championship (TC) is back to serving as the annual major hangover to the U.S. Open in 2021. The course, TPC River Highlands (RH), has been the venue every year since 1984. As a comparison, think a homeless man’s Pebble Beach. Like Pebble, RH plays as one of the shortest courses on tour. Unlike Pebble, the greens are large, the course layout is much less penalizing, and the scenery do not display some of the most distracting and majestic views of any golf course on the planet.

Players of any style can contend and win here. Bombers like Bubba Watson (won here three times) can opt to overpower the course sans the risk presented by more difficult courses. It can also be had by a sharp dink-and-dunk ball striking game that Chez Reavie illustrated in his 2019 win here. I am expecting a cut line of 3-4 shots under par, and a winning score lower than 15 shots below par.

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Travelers Championship History

The table below is a quick way to search any player’s past performance in this event. The simplest way to use it is to search the player’s name. This will execute a quick filter of just that one player’s historical appearances in major championships. Below the table, I list the notable players that standout strictly in terms of their RH history for consideration this week.

2020Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2019Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2018Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2016Aaron BaddeleyT34
2015Aaron BaddeleyT48
2014Aaron Baddeley4
2013Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2012Aaron BaddeleyT37
2011Aaron BaddeleyT24
2010Aaron BaddeleyT27
2009Aaron BaddeleyT77
2006Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2005Aaron BaddeleyCUT
2004Aaron BaddeleyT61
2003Aaron BaddeleyT68
2020Aaron WiseT46
2020Abraham AncerT11
2019Abraham AncerT8
2018Abraham AncerCUT
2016Abraham AncerT56
2018Adam D'AmarioCUT
2019Adam HadwinCUT
2018Adam HadwinT42
2017Adam HadwinT57
2016Adam HadwinCUT
2015Adam HadwinCUT
2020Adam LongT24
2019Adam LongT21
2016Adam RainaudCUT
2014Adam RainaudCUT
2020Adam SchenkCUT
2019Adam SchenkCUT
2018Adam SchenkCUT
2010Adam ScottCUT
2019Adam SvenssonCUT
2019Alex Cejka82
2018Alex CejkaT33
2017Alex Cejka84
2016Alex CejkaT11
2015Alex CejkaCUT
2007Alex Cejka71
2006Alex CejkaT53
2019Alex Prugh20
2015Alex PrughCUT
2014Alex PrughCUT
2011Alex PrughCUT
2010Alex PrughT57
2019Anders AlbertsonCUT
2017Andres GonzalesCUT
2016Andres GonzalesT17
2015Andres GonzalesCUT
2013Andres GonzalesCUT
2011Andres GonzalesCUT
2015Andres RomeroCUT
2014Andres RomeroCUT
2013Andres RomeroT24
2011Andres RomeroT6
2019Andrew LandryT43
2018Andrew LandryCUT
2016Andrew LandryCUT
2017Andrew LoupeCUT
2016Andrew LoupeCUT
2015Andrew LoupeCUT
2014Andrew LoupeCUT
2019Andrew PutnamT57
2018Andrew SvobodaCUT
2015Andrew SvobodaCUT
2014Andrew SvobodaT71
2013Andrew SvobodaCUT
2018Andrew YunCUT
2019Anirban LahiriCUT
2018Anirban LahiriT9
2017Anirban LahiriT17
2020Austin CookT54
2019Austin CookCUT
2018Austin CookCUT
2020Beau HosslerCUT
2019Beau HosslerT78
2018Beau HosslerT2
2017Beau HosslerT53
2018Ben MartinCUT
2016Ben MartinCUT
2011Ben MartinCUT
2019Ben SilvermanCUT
2018Ben SilvermanCUT
2018Bill HaasCUT
2010Bill HaasCUT
2008Bill HaasT19
2007Bill HaasT29
2006Bill HaasCUT
2004Bill HaasT58
2020Billy HorschelCUT
2018Billy HorschelCUT
2015Billy HorschelT25
2012Billy HorschelT24
2011Billy HorschelCUT
2018Billy Hurley IIIT47
2017Billy Hurley IIICUT
2016Billy Hurley IIICUT
2014Billy Hurley IIIT57
2012Billy Hurley IIIT47
2014Billy MayfairT75
2013Billy MayfairT81
2012Billy MayfairT29
2011Billy MayfairCUT
2018Blayne BarberT26
2016Blayne BarberT25
2015Blayne BarberCUT
2020Bo HoagCUT
2020Bo Van PeltCUT
2015Bo Van PeltT7
2014Bo Van PeltT67
2013Bo Van PeltT43
2012Bo Van PeltT24
2011Bo Van PeltT13
2018Bob EstesCUT
2017Bob EstesW/D
2019Boo WeekleyCUT
2017Boo WeekleyT5
2016Boo WeekleyCUT
2011Boo WeekleyCUT
2010Boo WeekleyT51
2009Boo WeekleyT14
2002Boo WeekleyCUT
2019Brady Schnell68
2020Branden GraceCUT
2016Branden GraceCUT
2015Branden GraceCUT
2019Brandon HagyCUT
2017Brandon HagyCUT
2019Brandon HarkinsT60
2018Brandon HarkinsT38
2020Brandt SnedekerT41
2019Brandt SnedekerT43
2018Brandt SnedekerCUT
2017Brandt SnedekerT14
2015Brandt SnedekerT10
2014Brandt SnedekerT11
2011Brandt SnedekerT24
2010Brandt SnedekerCUT
2009Brandt SnedekerT47
2020Brendan SteeleT6
2019Brendan SteeleT21
2018Brendan SteeleCUT
2017Brendan SteeleT14
2016Brendan SteeleT17
2015Brendan SteeleT25
2014Brendan SteeleT5
2013Brendan SteeleT13
2012Brendan SteeleCUT
2011Brendan SteeleT13
2016Brendon de JongeCUT
2015Brendon de JongeCUT
2014Brendon de JongeT42
2013Brendon de JongeT63
2012Brendon de JongeT8
2011Brendon de JongeCUT
2020Brendon ToddT11
2016Brendon ToddCUT
2015Brendon ToddT15
2012Brendon ToddCUT
2018Brett StegmaierT42
2017Brett StegmaierT26
2016Brett StegmaierCUT
2015Brian DavisCUT
2014Brian DavisT42
2013Brian DavisT30
2012Brian DavisT4
2011Brian DavisT9
2020Brian GayCUT
2019Brian GayCUT
2017Brian GayCUT
2016Brian GayCUT
2014Brian GayT71
2013Brian GayT51
2012Brian GayT81
2010Brian GayCUT
2009Brian GayT26
2008Brian GayCUT
2006Brian GayCUT
2005Brian GayT63
2004Brian GayCUT
2003Brian GayT52
2020Brian HarmanCUT
2019Brian HarmanT8
2018Brian HarmanT6
2017Brian HarmanT35
2016Brian HarmanCUT
2015Brian Harman3
2014Brian HarmanT42
2013Brian HarmanT51
2012Brian HarmanT24
2004Brian HarmanT71
2020Brian StuardT20
2019Brian StuardCUT
2018Brian StuardCUT
2017Brian StuardCUT
2016Brian StuardT38
2015Brian StuardT25
2014Brian StuardCUT
2013Brian StuardCUT
2010Brian StuardT47
2020Brice GarnettCUT
2019Brice GarnettCUT
2018Brice GarnettCUT
2015Brice GarnettT20
2014Brice GarnettT75
2020Bronson BurgoonCUT
2019Bronson BurgoonT60
2018Bronson BurgoonCUT
2016Bronson BurgoonCUT
2019Brooks KoepkaT57
2018Brooks KoepkaT19
2016Brooks KoepkaT9
2014Brooks KoepkaT51
2017Bryce MolderT26
2016Bryce MolderT56
2015Bryce MolderT64
2014Bryce MolderCUT
2013Bryce MolderT30
2012Bryce MolderT64
2011Bryce MolderT6
2020Bryson DeChambeauT6
2019Bryson DeChambeauT8
2018Bryson DeChambeauT9
2017Bryson DeChambeauT26
2016Bryson DeChambeauT47
2020Bubba WatsonCUT
2019Bubba WatsonT54
2018Bubba Watson1
2017Bubba WatsonCUT
2016Bubba WatsonT25
2015Bubba Watson1
2014Bubba WatsonT31
2013Bubba Watson4
2012Bubba WatsonT2
2011Bubba WatsonT38
2010Bubba Watson1
2009Bubba WatsonT14
2008Bubba WatsonT6
2006Bubba WatsonCUT
2020Bud CauleyW/D
2019Bud CauleyCUT
2017Bud CauleyT35
2016Bud CauleyT70
2014Bud CauleyT11
2013Bud CauleyCUT
2012Bud CauleyCUT
2011Bud CauleyT24
2020Byeong Hun AnT46
2019Byeong Hun AnCUT
2017Byeong Hun AnT66
2015Byron SmithT54
2020C.T. PanCUT
2018C.T. PanCUT
2017C.T. PanT8
2020Cam DavisCUT
2019Cameron ChampCUT
2019Cameron DavisT43
2020Cameron PercyCUT
2017Cameron PercyT75
2016Cameron PercyT47
2015Cameron PercyT54
2013Cameron PercyT30
2020Cameron SmithCUT
2019Cameron SmithCUT
2016Cameron SmithT34
2015Cameron SmithT39
2020Cameron TringaleCUT
2019Cameron TringaleT71
2018Cameron TringaleT69
2013Cameron TringaleCUT
2012Cameron TringaleT15
2011Cameron TringaleCUT
2016Camilo VillegasCUT
2014Camilo VillegasT67
2013Camilo VillegasT51
2012Camilo VillegasT29
2006Camilo VillegasT21
2017Carl PetterssonCUT
2015Carl Pettersson5
2014Carl PetterssonT7
2013Carl PetterssonCUT
2011Carl PetterssonT24
2020Carlos OrtizCUT
2019Carlos OrtizCUT
2016Carlos OrtizT17
2015Carlos OrtizCUT
2018Chad CampbellCUT
2017Chad CampbellCUT
2016Chad CampbellCUT
2015Chad CampbellT25
2014Chad CampbellT7
2013Chad CampbellT70
2012Chad CampbellCUT
2011Chad CampbellCUT
2010Chad CampbellT5
2009Chad CampbellT59
2008Chad CampbellT27
2007Chad CampbellT15
2019Chad CollinsCUT
2017Chad CollinsCUT
2016Chad CollinsCUT
2015Chad CollinsT39
2014Chad CollinsCUT
2020Charl SchwartzelCUT
2005Charl SchwartzelCUT
2010Charles Howell IIICUT
2005Charles Howell IIICUT
2020Charley HoffmanT41
2019Charley HoffmanCUT
2018Charley HoffmanT15
2017Charley HoffmanT3
2016Charley HoffmanT25
2014Charley HoffmanT26
2013Charley HoffmanT7
2012Charley HoffmanT2
2011Charley HoffmanT43
2010Charley HoffmanT27
2007Charley HoffmanCUT
2018Chase SeiffertT9
2017Chase SeiffertT43
2019Chase WrightCUT
2019Cheng Tsung PanT36
2015Cheng Tsung PanT25
2019Chesson HadleyCUT
2018Chesson HadleyCUT
2016Chesson HadleyCUT
2014Chesson HadleyCUT
2020Chez ReavieT46
2019Chez Reavie1
2018Chez ReavieCUT
2017Chez ReavieT43
2016Chez ReavieT47
2015Chez ReavieT25
2013Chez ReavieT43
2012Chez ReavieT11
2009Chez ReavieT68
2008Chez ReavieCUT
2019Chip McDanielT43
2020Chris StroudCUT
2019Chris StroudCUT
2018Chris StroudCUT
2016Chris StroudT38
2015Chris StroudT10
2014Chris StroudT18
2013Chris Stroud2
2012Chris StroudT37
2011Chris StroudT17
2010Chris StroudT42
2009Chris StroudT26
2019Chris TallmanCUT
2019Chris ThompsonCUT
2019Cody GribbleT21
2020Collin MorikawaCUT
2019Collin MorikawaT36
2018Conrad ShindlerCUT
2020Corey ConnersCUT
2018Corey ConnersCUT
2019Curtis LuckCUT
2018D.A. PointsCUT
2014D.A. PointsCUT
2009D.A. PointsT59
2006D.A. PointsCUT
2005D.A. PointsT71
2020D.J. TrahanCUT
2013D.J. TrahanT30
2012D.J. TrahanT76
2011D.J. TrahanT17
2009D.J. TrahanT14
2008D.J. TrahanT19
2007D.J. TrahanCUT
2006D.J. TrahanT48
2005D.J. TrahanT25
2003D.J. TrahanT71
2019Daniel BergerCUT
2018Daniel BergerT67
2017Daniel Berger2
2016Daniel BergerT5
2017Daniel SummerhaysT43
2016Daniel SummerhaysT11
2015Daniel SummerhaysCUT
2013Daniel SummerhaysCUT
2012Daniel SummerhaysCUT
2011Daniel Summerhays74
2020Danny LeeCUT
2019Danny LeeCUT
2018Danny LeeT15
2017Danny LeeT3
2015Danny LeeT25
2014Danny LeeCUT
2012Danny LeeT81
2009Danny LeeCUT
2020Danny WillettCUT
2020David HearnCUT
2017David HearnT8
2011David HearnT38
2018David LingmerthT19
2017David LingmerthT26
2015David LingmerthT64
2014David LingmerthCUT
2020David PastoreCUT
2020Davis Love IIICUT
2015Davis Love IIICUT
2013Davis Love IIICUT
2002Davis Love IIIT2
2001Davis Love IIICUT
1999Davis Love IIIT14
2020Denny McCarthyW/D
2019Denny McCarthyCUT
2018Derek FathauerCUT
2017Derek FathauerCUT
2016Derek FathauerCUT
2015Derek FathauerCUT
2009Derek FathauerCUT
2016Derek GillespieCUT
2020Doc RedmanT11
2019Dominic BozzelliCUT
2018Dominic BozzelliT72
2017Dominic BozzelliCUT
2018Doug GhimCUT
2020Dustin Johnson1
2014Dustin JohnsonT31
2009Dustin JohnsonW/D
2008Dustin JohnsonT34
2020Dylan FrittelliCUT
2019Dylan FrittelliCUT
2018Dylan MeyerCUT
2020Emiliano GrilloT60
2019Emiliano GrilloT60
2018Emiliano GrilloT19
2017Emiliano GrilloT43
2016Ernie ElsT47
2015Ernie ElsCUT
2002Ernie ElsT10
2017Fabian GomezT53
2013Fabian GomezCUT
2011Fabian GomezCUT
2020Fabián GómezCUT
2019Fabián GómezCUT
2018Fabián GómezT19
2011Fran MarrelloW/D
2019Francesco MolinariT57
2016Francesco MolinariT47
2015Francesco MolinariT25
2019Freddie JacobsonT30
2016Freddie JacobsonCUT
2014Freddie JacobsonT31
2013Freddie JacobsonT30
2012Freddie JacobsonT8
2011Freddie Jacobson1
2006Freddie JacobsonT48
2020Gary WoodlandCUT
2016Gary WoodlandT38
2015Gary WoodlandT20
2013Gary WoodlandW/D
2009Gary WoodlandT63
2018Geoff OgilvyCUT
2017Geoff OgilvyT69
2016Geoff OgilvyCUT
2011Geoff OgilvyCUT
2018Graeme McDowellCUT
2017Graham DeLaetT26
2015Graham DeLaet4
2014Graham DeLaetT51
2013Graham DeLaet3
2012Graham DeLaet68
2011Graham DeLaetCUT
2010Graham DeLaetT68
2020Grayson MurrayCUT
2017Grayson MurrayT26
2020Greg Chalmers67
2017Greg ChalmersT66
2016Greg ChalmersT47
2015Greg ChalmersCUT
2014Greg ChalmersCUT
2013Greg ChalmersCUT
2012Greg ChalmersT37
2011Greg ChalmersCUT
2020Hank LebiodaT41
2019Hank LebiodaT51
2020Harold Varner IIIT32
2019Harold Varner IIIT21
2018Harold Varner IIICUT
2017Harold Varner IIICUT
2019Harris EnglishT71
2018Harris EnglishCUT
2017Harris EnglishCUT
2015Harris EnglishT25
2014Harris EnglishT7
2013Harris EnglishT43
2012Harris EnglishT64
2020Harry HiggsCUT
2016Heath SlocumCUT
2015Heath SlocumCUT
2014Heath SlocumT46
2013Heath SlocumT63
2012Heath SlocumT15
2011Heath SlocumT17
2020Henrik NorlanderT41
2020Hudson SwaffordCUT
2017Hudson SwaffordT66
2016Hudson SwaffordT38
2015Hudson SwaffordCUT
2014Hudson SwaffordT24
2020Hunter MahanCUT
2019Hunter MahanCUT
2018Hunter MahanT56
2017Hunter MahanT17
2016Hunter MahanT70
2015Hunter MahanCUT
2014Hunter MahanCUT
2013Hunter MahanT24
2012Hunter MahanT11
2011Hunter MahanT43
2010Hunter MahanCUT
2009Hunter MahanT4
2008Hunter MahanT2
2007Hunter Mahan1
2006Hunter MahanT2
2005Hunter MahanT54
2004Hunter MahanT21
2003Hunter MahanCUT
2000Hunter MahanCUT
2020Ian Poulter64
2013Ian PoulterT43
2012Ian PoulterT62
2011Ian PoulterT24
2019J.B. HolmesCUT
2018J.B. HolmesT2
2016J.B. HolmesCUT
2012J.B. HolmesT37
2011J.B. HolmesT59
2008J.B. HolmesCUT
2007J.B. HolmesT46
2020J.J. HenryCUT
2019J.J. HenryCUT
2018J.J. HenryT42
2017J.J. HenryT69
2016J.J. HenryCUT
2015J.J. HenryT60
2014J.J. HenryCUT
2013J.J. HenryT5
2012J.J. HenryT47
2011J.J. HenryT24
2010J.J. HenryT42
2009J.J. HenryT23
2008J.J. HenryT59
2007J.J. HenryT13
2006J.J. Henry1
2005J.J. HenryT31
2004J.J. HenryT54
2003J.J. HenryT21
2020J.J. SpaunCUT
2019J.J. SpaunT30
2018J.J. SpaunT47
2020J.T. PostonCUT
2019J.T. PostonCUT
2018J.T. PostonCUT
2017J.T. PostonCUT
2020James HahnCUT
2018James HahnT36
2016James HahnCUT
2014James Hahn77
2020Jamie LovemarkCUT
2018Jamie LovemarkT19
2017Jamie LovemarkT75
2016Jamie LovemarkCUT
2014Jamie LovemarkT31
2012Jamie LovemarkT69
2020Jason DayT46
2019Jason DayT8
2018Jason DayT12
2017Jason DayCUT
2014Jason DayT18
2008Jason DayT27
2013Jason DufnerCUT
2008Jason DufnerCUT
2007Jason DufnerT67
2004Jason DufnerT44
2020Jason KokrakCUT
2019Jason KokrakCUT
2018Jason KokrakCUT
2017Jason KokrakT26
2016Jason KokrakT34
2015Jason KokrakT48
2012Jason KokrakT81
2020Jhonattan VegasT24
2018Jhonattan VegasCUT
2017Jhonattan VegasCUT
2015Jhonattan VegasT54
2014Jhonattan VegasT31
2012Jhonattan VegasCUT
2011Jhonattan VegasT33
2020Jim FurykT54
2018Jim FurykCUT
2017Jim FurykT26
2016Jim FurykT5
2011Jim FurykCUT
2001Jim FurykT61
2000Jim Furyk4
2019Jim HermanT71
2019Jim KnousCUT
2019Jim RennerCUT
2009Jimmy WalkerCUT
2008Jimmy WalkerCUT
2006Jimmy WalkerCUT
2020Joaquin Niemann63
2019Joaquin NiemannT5
2020Joel DahmenT20
2019Joel DahmenT43
2018Joel DahmenCUT
2017Joel DahmenT62
2019Joey GarberCUT
2019John ChinCUT
2017Johnson WagnerT43
2016Johnson WagnerCUT
2015Johnson WagnerCUT
2014Johnson WagnerT57
2013Johnson WagnerCUT
2012Johnson WagnerT47
2011Johnson WagnerT17
2010Johnson WagnerT68
2009Johnson WagnerT26
2007Johnson WagnerCUT
2020Jon RahmT37
2016Jon RahmT25
2015Jon RahmT64
2019Jonas BlixtCUT
2018Jonas BlixtCUT
2017Jonas BlixtT62
2016Jonas BlixtCUT
2015Jonas BlixtCUT
2014Jonas BlixtCUT
2013Jonas BlixtT43
2018Jonathan ByrdCUT
2015Jonathan ByrdCUT
2014Jonathan ByrdT51
2013Jonathan ByrdCUT
2007Jonathan ByrdCUT
2005Jonathan ByrdCUT
2004Jonathan ByrdT44
2003Jonathan ByrdT26
2018Jonathan RandolphCUT
2017Jonathan RandolphCUT
2015Jonathan RandolphT60
2020Jordan SpiethT54
2019Jordan SpiethCUT
2018Jordan SpiethT42
2017Jordan Spieth1
2019José de Jesús RodríguezCUT
2020Joseph BramlettT41
2019Josh TeaterT36
2011Josh TeaterCUT
2017Julian EtulainT75
2019Julián EtulainCUT
2020Justin RoseCUT
2013Justin RoseT13
2010Justin RoseT9
2009Justin RoseCUT
2008Justin RoseT19
2007Justin RoseT9
2006Justin RoseCUT
2005Justin Rose3
2004Justin RoseT71
2019Justin SuhCUT
2020Justin ThomasCUT
2019Justin ThomasT36
2018Justin ThomasT56
2017Justin ThomasCUT
2016Justin ThomasT3
2015Justin ThomasCUT
2013Justin ThomasT30
2020K.H. LeeCUT
2017K.J. ChoiT81
2014K.J. ChoiT2
2013K.J. ChoiT43
2006K.J. ChoiT44
2003K.J. ChoiT18
2012K.T. KimCUT
2020Keegan BradleyCUT
2019Keegan BradleyT2
2018Keegan BradleyT47
2017Keegan BradleyT8
2016Keegan BradleyT25
2015Keegan BradleyT39
2014Keegan BradleyT31
2013Keegan BradleyT18
2012Keegan BradleyT29
2011Keegan BradleyT63
2020Keith MitchellCUT
2018Keith MitchellT56
2019Kelly KraftCUT
2018Kelly KraftT47
2017Kelly KraftCUT
2016Kelly KraftCUT
2012Kelly KraftCUT
2018Ken DukeT56
2017Ken DukeCUT
2016Ken DukeCUT
2015Ken DukeT10
2014Ken DukeT46
2013Ken Duke1
2012Ken DukeT47
2020Kevin ChappellT54
2016Kevin ChappellCUT
2014Kevin ChappellCUT
2011Kevin ChappellCUT
2020Kevin KisnerCUT
2019Kevin KisnerT15
2012Kevin KisnerCUT
2011Kevin KisnerCUT
2020Kevin Na5
2017Kevin NaT57
2015Kevin NaCUT
2011Kevin NaCUT
2009Kevin NaW/D
2008Kevin NaT52
2007Kevin NaT9
2005Kevin NaT54
2004Kevin NaT32
2020Kevin Streelman2
2019Kevin StreelmanT15
2018Kevin StreelmanT33
2017Kevin StreelmanT8
2016Kevin StreelmanCUT
2015Kevin StreelmanCUT
2014Kevin Streelman1
2013Kevin StreelmanCUT
2012Kevin StreelmanT47
2011Kevin StreelmanT6
2010Kevin StreelmanT42
2009Kevin StreelmanT51
2008Kevin StreelmanT10
2020Kevin TwayCUT
2019Kevin TwayT5
2018Kevin TwayT6
2017Kevin TwayT43
2014Kevin TwayT26
2011Kevin TwayCUT
2019Kiradech AphibarnratCUT
2019Kramer HickokT60
2019Kyle JonesCUT
2020Kyle StanleyT24
2019Kyle StanleyT36
2018Kyle StanleyT15
2017Kyle StanleyT57
2016Kyle StanleyCUT
2015Kyle StanleyT20
2014Kyle StanleyCUT
2013Kyle StanleyCUT
2012Kyle StanleyT60
2011Kyle StanleyCUT
2009Kyle StanleyT19
2019Kyoung-Hoon LeeT13
2020Lanto GriffinT24
2018Lanto GriffinT38
2020Louis OosthuizenT46
2019Louis OosthuizenT36
2016Louis OosthuizenT17
2015Louis OosthuizenCUT
2014Louis OosthuizenW/D
2012Louis OosthuizenT47
2020Lucas BjerregaardCUT
2020Lucas GloverT20
2019Lucas GloverCUT
2017Lucas GloverCUT
2015Lucas GloverCUT
2013Lucas GloverCUT
2012Lucas GloverT47
2011Lucas GloverCUT
2009Lucas GloverT11
2008Lucas GloverT19
2006Lucas GloverCUT
2004Lucas GloverCUT
2002Lucas GloverCUT
2020Luke Donald68
2017Luke DonaldCUT
2016Luke DonaldCUT
2015Luke DonaldT7
2020Luke ListCUT
2018Luke ListCUT
2016Luke ListCUT
2013Luke ListCUT
2010Luke ListCUT
2009Luke ListT63
2008Luke ListCUT
2007Luke ListCUT
2020Mackenzie HughesT3
2019Mackenzie HughesT51
2018Mackenzie HughesT42
2017Mackenzie HughesT17
2020Marc LeishmanT58
2019Marc LeishmanT21
2018Marc LeishmanCUT
2017Marc LeishmanT17
2016Marc LeishmanT9
2015Marc LeishmanT39
2014Marc LeishmanT11
2013Marc LeishmanT30
2012Marc Leishman1
2009Marc LeishmanT70
2020Mark HubbardT37
2018Martin FloresT72
2017Martin FloresCUT
2015Martin FloresCUT
2013Martin FloresCUT
2019Martin LairdT21
2018Martin LairdT61
2017Martin LairdCUT
2016Martin LairdT62
2015Martin LairdT15
2011Martin LairdT33
2008Martin LairdCUT
2018Martin PillerCUT
2016Martin PillerCUT
2011Martin PillerCUT
2020Martin TrainerCUT
2019Martin TrainerCUT
2020Matt EveryCUT
2018Matt EveryCUT
2017Matt EveryT35
2015Matt EveryCUT
2013Matt EveryCUT
2010Matt EveryT34
2007Matt EveryCUT
2006Matt EveryCUT
2020Matt FitzpatrickCUT
2020Matt JonesCUT
2019Matt JonesT71
2018Matt JonesT19
2016Matt JonesT64
2015Matt JonesCUT
2014Matt JonesT46
2012Matt JonesCUT
2011Matt JonesCUT
2016Matt KucharT17
2014Matt KucharT31
2012Matt KucharT8
2008Matt KucharT52
2005Matt KucharT36
2004Matt KucharCUT
2003Matt KucharCUT
2002Matt KucharCUT
1999Matt KucharCUT
2020Matt WallaceCUT
2020Matthew NeSmithCUT
2020Matthew WolffCUT
2019Matthew WolffT80
2020Max HomaCUT
2019Max HomaCUT
2015Max HomaCUT
2020Michael KimCUT
2019Michael KimCUT
2018Michael KimCUT
2017Michael KimT69
2016Michael KimCUT
2019Michael MillerCUT
2020Michael ThompsonT46
2017Michael ThompsonCUT
2016Michael ThompsonCUT
2015Michael ThompsonCUT
2014Michael ThompsonCUT
2013Michael ThompsonCUT
2012Michael ThompsonCUT
2011Michael Thompson4
2019Morgan HoffmannCUT
2017Morgan HoffmannT26
2016Morgan HoffmannCUT
2015Morgan HoffmannT39
2014Morgan HoffmannT67
2013Morgan HoffmannT9
2011Morgan HoffmannT43
2019Nicholas LindheimCUT
2018Nicholas LindheimCUT
2017Nicholas LindheimCUT
2018Nick HardyT61
2019Nick TaylorT71
2018Nick TaylorCUT
2017Nick TaylorCUT
2016Nick TaylorT64
2015Nick TaylorCUT
2010Nick TaylorCUT
2019Nick WatneyT30
2018Nick WatneyCUT
2017Nick Watney73
2015Nick WatneyT39
2014Nick WatneyT11
2011Nick WatneyT13
2007Nick WatneyCUT
2006Nick WatneyT9
2005Nick WatneyT9
2003Nick WatneyCUT
2019Ollie SchniederjansCUT
2018Ollie SchniederjansCUT
2019Padraig HarringtonCUT
2018Padraig Harrington74
2017Padraig HarringtonT17
2016Padraig HarringtonT64
2015Padraig HarringtonCUT
2013Padraig HarringtonT72
2012Padraig HarringtonT11
2011Padraig HarringtonT63
2010Padraig HarringtonT5
2007Padraig HarringtonT54
2018Pat PerezCUT
2009Pat PerezCUT
2007Pat PerezT36
2005Pat PerezT20
2004Pat PerezT61
2003Pat PerezCUT
2020Patrick CantlayT11
2019Patrick CantlayT15
2018Patrick CantlayT15
2014Patrick CantlayCUT
2012Patrick CantlayCUT
2011Patrick CantlayT24
2020Patrick ReedT24
2019Patrick ReedT30
2018Patrick ReedCUT
2017Patrick ReedT5
2016Patrick ReedT11
2015Patrick ReedCUT
2014Patrick ReedCUT
2013Patrick ReedT18
2012Patrick ReedT47
2020Patrick RodgersCUT
2018Patrick RodgersT26
2017Patrick RodgersT35
2016Patrick RodgersT3
2015Patrick RodgersT39
2014Patrick RodgersT46
2012Patrick RodgersCUT
2012Patrick SheehanT76
2020Patton KizzireT6
2019Patton KizzireCUT
2018Patton KizzireCUT
2017Patton KizzireT53
2020Paul CaseyT32
2019Paul CaseyT5
2018Paul CaseyT2
2017Paul CaseyT5
2016Paul CaseyT17
2015Paul Casey2
2020Peter KuestCUT
2020Peter MalnatiCUT
2019Peter MalnatiT30
2019Peter UihleinCUT
2015Peter UihleinCUT
2006Peter UihleinCUT
2020Phil MickelsonT24
2019Phil MickelsonCUT
2003Phil MickelsonT58
2002Phil Mickelson1
2001Phil Mickelson1
2020Rafa Cabrera BelloT37
2018Retief GoosenCUT
2017Retief GoosenT62
2016Retief GoosenT47
2014Retief GoosenT51
2010Retief GoosenT5
2020Richy WerenskiT46
2019Richy WerenskiT60
2018Richy WerenskiT26
2017Richy WerenskiCUT
2018Rick LambCUT
2017Rick LambT17
2013Rickie FowlerT13
2010Rickie FowlerT13
2009Rickie FowlerCUT
2017Ricky BarnesT35
2016Ricky Barnes68
2015Ricky BarnesCUT
2014Ricky BarnesT46
2013Ricky BarnesT13
2012Ricky BarnesCUT
2011Ricky BarnesT43
2010Ricky BarnesT5
2020Rob OppenheimCUT
2020Robby SheltonCUT
2020Robert StrebCUT
2019Robert StrebT21
2018Robert StrebCUT
2017Robert StrebT57
2014Robert StrebCUT
2013Robert StrebT58
2015Roberto CastroCUT
2013Roberto CastroCUT
2012Roberto CastroT47
2019Roberto DíazT8
2018Roberto DíazCUT
2019Rod PamplingCUT
2018Rod PamplingCUT
2017Rod PamplingT69
2016Rod PamplingT38
2013Rod PamplingT70
2012Rod PamplingCUT
2010Rod PamplingT51
2008Rod PamplingCUT
2007Rod PamplingT36
2003Rod PamplingT11
2002Rod PamplingCUT
1999Rod PamplingCUT
2020Roger Sloan66
2019Roger SloanCUT
2020Rory McIlroyT11
2018Rory McIlroyT12
2017Rory McIlroyT17
2018Rory SabbatiniCUT
2017Rory SabbatiniCUT
2016Rory SabbatiniT56
2013Rory SabbatiniCUT
2012Rory SabbatiniT18
2002Rory SabbatiniCUT
1999Rory SabbatiniCUT
2020Russell HenleyT32
2019Russell HenleyCUT
2018Russell HenleyT6
2016Russell HenleyT11
2020Russell KnoxCUT
2019Russell KnoxT21
2018Russell KnoxT38
2017Russell KnoxT62
2016Russell Knox1
2015Russell KnoxW/D
2014Russell KnoxT61
2013Russell KnoxT13
2012Russell KnoxCUT
2020Ryan ArmourT6
2019Ryan ArmourT54
2018Ryan ArmourT56
2017Ryan ArmourCUT
2015Ryan ArmourCUT
2008Ryan ArmourCUT
2007Ryan ArmourT54
2019Ryan BlaumT36
2018Ryan BlaumT12
2017Ryan BlaumCUT
2019Ryan McCormickCUT
2020Ryan MooreCUT
2019Ryan MooreT15
2018Ryan MooreCUT
2016Ryan MooreT17
2014Ryan MooreT5
2013Ryan MooreT7
2012Ryan MooreT47
2011Ryan MooreT2
2010Ryan MooreT13
2009Ryan MooreT4
2008Ryan MooreCUT
2007Ryan MooreT33
2006Ryan MooreT2
2020Ryan PalmerCUT
2018Ryan PalmerCUT
2017Ryan PalmerT53
2009Ryan PalmerCUT
2008Ryan PalmerCUT
2004Ryan PalmerT61
2017Ryan RuffelsCUT
2020Sahith TheegalaCUT
2020Sam BurnsT24
2019Sam BurnsT43
2020Sam RyderCUT
2019Sam RyderT51
2018Sam RyderT26
2019Sam Saunders70
2018Sam SaundersT47
2016Sam SaundersCUT
2019Sangmoon BaeT43
2015Sangmoon BaeCUT
2014Sang-Moon BaeT24
2013Sang-Moon BaeCUT
2012Sang-Moon BaeCUT
2019Satoshi KodairaCUT
2018Satoshi KodairaCUT
2020Scott Brown65
2019Scott BrownT60
2018Scott BrownT47
2016Scott BrownT25
2015Scott BrownT54
2014Scott BrownCUT
2012Scott BrownCUT
2020Scott HarringtonCUT
2019Scott LangleyT66
2017Scott Piercy85
2010Scott PiercyCUT
2007Scott PiercyCUT
2020Scott StallingsT6
2019Scott StallingsCUT
2018Scott StallingsT38
2017Scott StallingsCUT
2016Scott StallingsCUT
2011Scott StallingsCUT
2020Scottie SchefflerCUT
2019Seamus PowerT66
2018Seamus PowerT36
2017Seamus PowerCUT
2016Sean O'HairCUT
2015Sean O'HairCUT
2014Sean O'HairCUT
2013Sean O'HairCUT
2012Sean O'Hair67
2011Sean O'HairT63
2006Sean O'HairCUT
2020Sebastian CappelenCUT
2017Sebastian MunozT75
2020Sebastián MuñozCUT
2019Sebastián MuñozCUT
2020Sepp StrakaCUT
2019Sepp StrakaCUT
2020Sergio GarciaT32
2015Sergio GarciaT25
2014Sergio GarciaT2
2009Sergio GarciaT43
2002Sergio GarciaT20
2019Seth Reeves69
2020Seung-Yul NohT11
2017Seung-Yul NohCUT
2016Seung-Yul NohT38
2015Seung-Yul NohT20
2014Seung-Yul NohT61
2013Seung-Yul NohT58
2012Seung-Yul NohT18
2020Shane LowryT60
2016Shane LowryCUT
2019Shawn StefaniT71
2018Shawn StefaniCUT
2017Shawn StefaniCUT
2016Shawn StefaniT11
2014Shawn StefaniCUT
2020Si Woo KimT11
2019Si Woo KimCUT
2018Si Woo KimT26
2016Si Woo KimT25
2018Smylie KaufmanCUT
2017Smylie KaufmanT35
2016Smylie KaufmanCUT
2016Soren KjeldsenT64
2017Spencer LevinT81
2016Spencer LevinT11
2015Spencer LevinT48
2014Spencer LevinCUT
2011Spencer LevinT38
2019Stephan JaegerT30
2004Steve StrickerCUT
1996Steve StrickerT30
2018Steve WheatcroftT61
2017Steve Wheatcroft83
2016Steve WheatcroftCUT
2015Steve WheatcroftCUT
2012Steve WheatcroftW/D
2020Stewart CinkCUT
2018Stewart CinkT2
2015Stewart CinkCUT
2013Stewart CinkT81
2010Stewart CinkT47
2009Stewart CinkCUT
2008Stewart Cink1
2007Stewart CinkT75
2006Stewart CinkT5
2003Stewart CinkT21
2002Stewart CinkT33
2001Stewart CinkCUT
2000Stewart CinkT14
1999Stewart CinkT8
1998Stewart CinkT2
1997Stewart Cink1
1995Stewart CinkT18
2017Stuart ApplebyW/D
2016Stuart ApplebyT47
2014Stuart ApplebyT18
2013Stuart ApplebyT9
2012Stuart ApplebyT18
2011Stuart ApplebyCUT
2020Sung KangT46
2019Sung KangT78
2018Sung KangCUT
2017Sung KangT75
2016Sung KangT70
2012Sung KangCUT
2011Sung KangCUT
2020Sungjae ImT58
2019Sungjae ImT21
2020Talor GoochCUT
2018Talor GoochCUT
2020Ted Potter, Jr.CUT
2018Ted Potter, Jr.CUT
2016Ted Potter, Jr.CUT
2014Ted Potter, Jr.CUT
2012Ted Potter, Jr.CUT
2014Thorbjorn OlesenCUT
2020Tim WilkinsonCUT
2020Tom HogeT37
2019Tom HogeT80
2018Tom HogeCUT
2017Tom HogeT35
2016Tom HogeCUT
2015Tom HogeT64
2018Tom LoveladyT61
2019Tommy FleetwoodT13
2020Tony FinauCUT
2019Tony FinauCUT
2017Tony FinauT17
2016Tony FinauT25
2015Tony FinauT25
2019Trey MullinaxCUT
2018Trey MullinaxT67
2017Trey MullinaxCUT
2020Troy MerrittT60
2019Troy MerrittT71
2018Troy MerrittCUT
2017Troy MerrittT8
2016Troy MerrittCUT
2015Troy MerrittCUT
2014Troy MerrittT67
2011Troy MerrittCUT
2010Troy MerrittCUT
2020Tyler DuncanT32
2019Tyler DuncanT43
2018Tyler DuncanT33
2020Tyler McCumberCUT
2018Tyrone Van AswegenCUT
2017Tyrone Van AswegenCUT
2016Tyrone Van AswegenT5
2015Tyrone Van AswegenT60
2014Tyrone Van AswegenT26
2016Tyrrell HattonT17
2020Vaughn TaylorCUT
2019Vaughn Taylor4
2018Vaughn TaylorT47
2017Vaughn TaylorT57
2016Vaughn TaylorT38
2014Vaughn TaylorT61
2013Vaughn TaylorCUT
2012Vaughn TaylorT11
2011Vaughn TaylorT33
2010Vaughn TaylorT9
2009Vaughn Taylor72
2008Vaughn Taylor69
2007Vaughn TaylorCUT
2006Vaughn TaylorT53
2005Vaughn TaylorT12
2004Vaughn TaylorT54
2020Vijay SinghCUT
2017Vijay SinghCUT
2016Vijay SinghT56
2015Vijay SinghCUT
2014Vijay SinghT31
2013Vijay SinghT43
2012Vijay SinghT37
2011Vijay SinghT43
2010Vijay SinghT13
2009Vijay SinghT51
2008Vijay Singh5
2007Vijay Singh4
2002Vijay SinghT33
1998Vijay SinghT12
1995Vijay SinghT15
2020Viktor HovlandT11
2019Viktor HovlandT54
2018Webb SimpsonCUT
2017Webb SimpsonT8
2016Webb SimpsonT34
2013Webb SimpsonT5
2012Webb SimpsonT29
2011Webb SimpsonT13
2010Webb SimpsonT57
2009Webb SimpsonT26
2008Webb SimpsonT37
2019Wes RoachCUT
2020Wesley BryanT24
2018Wesley BryanT47
2017Wesley Bryan74
2019Whee KimCUT
2017Whee KimCUT
2016Whee KimCUT
2015Whee KimCUT
2020Will GordonT3
2017Will MacKenzieT17
2016Will MacKenzieCUT
2015Will MacKenzieT68
2018William McGirtCUT
2017William McGirtT43
2015William McGirtT25
2014William McGirtT31
2013William McGirtT30
2012William McGirtCUT
2011William McGirtCUT
2011Woody AustinCUT
2020Wyndham ClarkCUT
2019Wyndham ClarkT15
2017Wyndham ClarkCUT
2020Xander SchauffeleT20
2018Xander SchauffeleCUT
2017Xander SchauffeleT14
2020Xinjun ZhangCUT
2018Xinjun ZhangCUT
2020Zac BlairCUT
2017Zac BlairCUT
2016Zac BlairT62
2015Zac BlairCUT
2020Zach JohnsonT11
2018Zach JohnsonT19
2017Zach JohnsonCUT
2016Zach JohnsonT47
2015Zach Johnson6
2014Zach JohnsonCUT
2013Zach JohnsonT58
2012Zach JohnsonT64
2011Zach JohnsonT24
2009Zach Johnson18
2007Zach JohnsonCUT
2006Zach JohnsonT21
2005Zach JohnsonT42
2004Zach JohnsonT3
2019Zack SucherT2
2017Zack SucherCUT
2015Zack SucherCUT
2018Zecheng DouCUT
  • The course horse this week is Bubba Watson. In his 14 career starts, Watson has made it to Saturday 11 times with six top-10s, including three of his 12 career PGA Tour wins.
  • Following his glorious meltdown at the US Open, TPC River Highlands should be a sight for Bryson DeChambeau’s sore eyes. He’s cashed checks in all five appearances, and finished inside the top-10 in his previous three times out here.
  • Former TC winners, Kevin Streelman and Russell Knox, both have stellar history here. Use the table above for the details!
Ryan Moore (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
  • Brian Harman has been playing well as of late. A venue where he has made it to Saturday in eight of 10 appearances should help to keep him going.
  • Another guy in solid form right now is Charley Hoffman. Overall he is 9/11 in TC cuts made with seven finishes inside the top-30, and three top-10s.
  • Another tour veteran, Ryan Moore, is a solid bargain this week. In his 15 career TC starts he’s cashed 10 checks, with eight top-25s and five top-10 finishes.
  • Englishman Paul Casey has made the weekend in all six of his TC starts. Four of those weekends have resulted in top-5 finishes.

Good luck at Cromwell! Follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock compliments and insults are always welcomed.


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