Key Analysis FFPC ADPs Part 3-TEAMs

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs. Welcome to the Process. This is part 1 of my analysis of current FFPC ADPs. FFPC ( This is a high-stakes fantasy football platform, and their ADP is thought to be superior to the common ADP on the main amateur websites. Therefore part of my process is to monitor these “more accurate” ADPs for my future drafting. Note these are from a TE premium environment, and thus TEs are highly valued because of the 1.5 PPR per catch reward TE’s have in here.

I will be covering in 3 parts:

  • FFPC’s Team values
  • Uncertainty Levels of Teams and Players (Part 1)
  • Positional Rankings under uncertainty (Part 1)
  • Draft Patterns of Positions (Part 2)
  • Draft Picks vs Draft Patterns (Part 2)
  • Positional “mountains” and “valleys” (Part 2)
  • Team views of all 32 with Players Ranked under uncertainty. (Part 3)
  • Provide Video Discussion of all Figures (All Parts). This increases your learning and retention.

TEAM Level Players and Positions as Seen By FFPC ADPs

These Team Blocks may be the most interesting aspect of using the FFPC ADPs. I have converted the FFPCs to Rankings (FSPR) and also calculated broad levels of player uncertainty.

I focus my attention on:

  • Strength of Defense vs. Offense. (Weaker Defenses could lead to more passing PPR points)
  • Depth of Positions (closely-ranked players to clear hierarchy of players)
  • Committee Structures of RB and WRs
  • Injury Handcuff Potentials
  • Position Type (Pos TY) Designations
  • % DF % Difference between Players within their position.
  • Uncertainty Levels for entire Positions/Players. (Tiebreaking)

Discussion Video

I also suggest viewing my video discussion to highlight obvious points of what I see Team by Team. It is a nice video for considering both Best Ball and FFPC leagues.


  • Team Name
  • Position
  • Player Name
  • High, Medium, and Low Uncertainty
  • FFPC ADP Rankings under the UNC Level
  • Average of the FFPC Rankings
  • Positional Type (RB1 vs RB2 vs RB3 etc.)
  • % Difference in FSPR between associated players. (High % are closely ranked vs Low % are not)



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