Key Analysis of FFPC ADPs Part 1

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs. Welcome to the Process. This is part 1 of my analysis of current FFPC ADPs. FFPC ( This is a high-stakes fantasy football platform, and their ADP is thought to be superior to the common ADP on the main amateur websites. Therefore part of my process is to monitor these “more accurate” ADPs for my future drafting. Note these are from a TE premium environment, and thus TEs are highly valued because of the 1.5 PPR per catch reward TE’s have in here.

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I will be covering in 3 parts:

  • FFPC’s Team values
  • Uncertainty Levels of Teams and Players
  • Positional Rankings under uncertainty
  • Draft Patterns of Positions (Part 2)
  • Draft Picks vs. Patterns (Part 2)
  • Positional “mountains” and “valleys” (Part 2)
  • Team views of all 32 with Players Ranked under uncertainty. (Part 3)
  • Provide Video Discussion of all Figures (All Parts). This increases your learning and retention.

Deeper Video Discussion of this Article.

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs. Team Average and Scaled to League Average Rankings

FFPC ADPs were converted and modified into my player rankings followed by team level averaging and scaling to league average. Top teams which have been highly supported by FFPC ADPs were colorized in blue while the weak teams in red. The FFPC PROs would suggest using these as tiebreakers between 2 similarly ranked players. KC and BAL are the top-ranked teams vs HOU, DET, and CHI are at the bottom.

Visual Landscape of the FFPC ADP Based Team Rankings

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs. Left to Right are the highest and lowest teams as suggested by FFPC ADPs.

Key Analysis FFPC ADPs. Player Uncertainty Levels Within Teams (FFPC ADP Based)

  • High uncertainty suggests deeper thinking and more caution in drafting these players and from these teams.
  • On the other hand, low uncertainty teams can provide us solid players whose range of predicted performance is narrow.
  • Caution drafting players from PHI and LV

Visual Landscape of Current FFPC ADP Based Team Level Uncertainty.

Player Based Rankings with Uncertainty Analysis.

Team Defenses and Special Teams

Place Kickers


Running Backs

Tight Ends

Wide Receivers

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