Scott Fish Bowl Draft Wrap-Up 2016

Jay Cutler

Scott Fish Bowl Draft Wrap-Up 2016 (aka the Good, the Bad and the exposing of my weaknesses)

Boom!  That’s what I kept saying in my head during the first five rounds of the draft.  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Boom!  Running backs with all of my five picks.  Five was the most I could play in my RB and Flex spots.  In my estimation, running backs will be the highest scoring position in the league.  Yes, above Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and all the other wide receivers and tight ends. My running backs are (in order they were drafted) Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram, CJ Anderson, Carlos Hyde and Dion Lewis.

But the league allows us to play two quarterbacks each week also and not playing both is folly due to the reliability of the position; so I had to be sure to get two QB’s I felt comfortable with.  After locking up my WR1 of Michael Floyd in the 6th round, I picked up Kirk Cousins who I wrote about back on May 1st [here].  While I’m not as excited about his wide receivers as others, the addition of Josh Doctson to the stable of Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson PLUS his five rushing touchdowns makes Cousins an easy and reliable choice.  I don’t see any threat to his job on the roster with RGIII out of town and Colt McCoy being barely replacement-level for fantasy purposes.

With Cousins in the fold, I turned my attention to Jay Cutler who is annually undervalued as a no-question starter QB2 in redraft and dynasty alike.  Why Cutler?  I was ruminating on a decision during the offseason as to whether to spend dynasty capital on Kevin White or Alshon Jeffery and came to the conclusion that the real winner there was Jay Cutler, having two WR1’s plus Zach Miller and Jeremy Langford to throw to.  Sort of like Matt Ryan’s great 2012 season when he had both a young Julio Jones and a not-yet-30-year-old Roddy White to throw to (plus Tony Gonzalez, of course).  Thanks to the excellent ADP data from Josh Hornsby that I was quietly stalking on Twitter, I fully expected to get Cutler in the eighth round.  However there was a pressing need for a second and third wide receiver, and several quarterbacks left on the board.  I risked missing out on Cutler and took Emmanuel Sanders in the eighth and crossed my fingers.  When my pick came around again in the ninth, Cutler was still there with Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Joe Flacco and Brock Osweiler having been snapped up in the meantime.  Boom!

I filled out my wide receiver needs with Sterling Shepard (sure to get single-coverage across from Odell Beckham, Jr) and added Dwayne Allen and Jordan Cameron as tight ends.  Dwayne Allen now has the tight end job all to himself in Indianapolis and Adam Gase (the new head coach for Miami) was great for the careers of Julio Thomas and Martellus Bennett; I expect positive things from both these touchdown target tower tight ends.  Say that ten times fast.  Touchdown target tower tight ends.

I happily went to set my lineup for week one and that’s when disaster struck.  My weakness as a two quarterback dynasty writer participating in a superflex redraft league became all too obvious.  You see, I don’t pay too much attention to bye weeks when drafting in a dynasty startup because it really doesn’t matter when drafting for a five or ten year strategy.  In this league, having both my top starting quarterbacks off in week 9 is a huge problem.  The only free agent quarterbacks left didn’t have a firm grasp on a starting role by the time I noticed the issue, so I had to use two draft spots for Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick to make sure I had a warm body in the position.  I also invested late in Trevor Siemian and Carson Wentz, as dart-throws in case of injury or demotion of the guys in front of them.

Needing more QBs makes my whole team weaker as my depth at running back and wide receiver is less than I would want.  I am hoping injury doesn’t completely decimate my team.  One or two players going down can be handled, but if 2016 approaches 2015 in injury pervasiveness, it might be a short and ugly Scott Fishbowl season for this 2015 playoff contender.

Don’t get me wrong, I am REALLY happy with this team as it is now (the full roster through twenty rounds is below), but it’s obvious that I’m taking a risk on an injury free season from my stars.  Wish me luck!

A. Don Davenport

Scott Fish Bowl Draft Wrap-Up 2016

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