2QB Dynasty: 2020 Vision. Well, kinda.

Cousins 2QB Dynasty

2QB Dynasty: 2020 Vision.  Well, kinda.

If you’ve read my articles before, you know that I’m a proponent of drafting and trading within a 2 quarterback league with a five year vision of usefulness.  Don’t draft a quarterback that will be retired in five years and don’t draft a quarterback that hasn’t gotten the starting job yet (so might not be starting in five years).  I called that 2020 vision last year because it was 2015, so NOW it doesn’t sound so cool.  OK, mea culpa.  But the idea of a five-year minimum starting quarterback still holds.  Let’s see how that looks now.

Quarterbacks that have assumed starting roles last year who I expect to still be starting five years from now:

Jameis Winston: While doing well in his first season, he didn’t lead a relatively talented team to the playoffs, but he showed that he has potential enough to be a starter for the Buccaneers for the foreseeable future.  I’m still waiting to see if his off-field problems surface now that he has a ton of money under his belt, but all in all he hasn’t done anything to lead me to believe that he will lose the job (see Manziel, Johnny). 4042 passing yards in a rookie year does a lot to relax worried owners.

Marcus Mariota: While his season wasn’t as spectacular as Winston’s, he also didn’t do anything to make me think he would be losing the job anytime soon.  The team is getting Dorial Green-Beckham up to speed to be the team’s big threat, and just added Rishard Matthews to the WR corps.  More notably, they added running backs DeMarco Murray in free agency and Derrick Henry in the draft, stating quite clearly that they want to run the ball a LOT.  This leaves Mariota to be a middling quarterback, but helps assure longevity and frees up the wide receivers and his own running lanes a good bit.

Kirk Cousins: I’ve never been a big fan of Cousins.  YOU LIKE THAT Kirk?  Probably not.  But the facts speak for themselves.  The coach, and more importantly the team, chose Kirk over Robert Griffin III and the team made it to the postseason in his first year definitively at the helm.  Cousins is rolling and at only 27 years old he has a lot of football in front of him.  I think he’ll stay in DC and remain the starter going forward. And with over 4,000 yards last season before the team added Josh Doctson as their shiny new wide receiver in the draft, there’s a lot to like.

Notably not included in this section are Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick who have an uncertain future ahead of them due to A. incoming rookies and B. undetermined contract statuses respectively.

Quarterbacks currently starting that I expect to retire within the next five years:

Tom Brady (38)

Drew Brees (37)

Carson Palmer (36)

Tony Romo (35)

Eli Manning (35)

Philip Rivers (34)

Ben Roethlisberger (34)

If you have these guys, start making your exit plans with them soon.  It may be too late to trade Brady, Brees or Palmer in a reasonably intelligent dynasty setting, but you might package them for a future first to a team looking to hit paydirt this season if they lack the QB talent to make the push.

Picking up a rookie quarterback starting on a needy team seems like the best idea for long term stability, but I’d actually advise aiming for a middle ground.  Sure, draft those guys, but don’t feel like they are the answer till they get to age 26 or 27 and get the long term contract from their teams that show they want that QB to be the focal point of their offense going forward.  Whether you’re big on Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, don’t overpay for them like they’re Andrew Luck or Jameis Winston.  They’re not.  I’m selling those picks and collecting 2017 1st round picks hoping to get that crop of talent in my lineups instead.

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