Fantasy Football Week 5: Oakland Raiders Charles Woodson Stud Today, Stud Yesterday and Yep Probably Tomorrow

IDP stud Charles Woodson

Fantasy football week five is almost done.  Yep, there is still Monday Night game, but one thing is certain, Oakland Raiders Old Head Charles Woodson is a stud.  And he isn’t the only one.

Robert Alford, Atlanta Falcons, CornerBack

Okay so his stat line isn’t going to make your girl parts all fuzzy.  But with the eye test tell me you aren’t feeling a little tingling sensation?  It wasn’t the pass interference penalty in the fourth quarter that led to a Washington touchdown.  It was of course THE interception that kept the Falcons 5-0.  And let’s be serious here, what is more studly than a man who rebounds from a potentially devastating mistake?

In overtime Alford jumped the play .  Washington wide receiver Ryan Grant slipped, Alford didn’t.  Instead he jumped the route, caught the pass and preceded to sprint 59 yards for a game ending touchdown.  Yep he was on the wrong side of stud for a bit.  But he rebounded and now he is a stud.

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles, Defensive End

What a difference a day makes or in this case a week.  It appears that the Philadelphia Eagles are relevant again.  No one is seeking the head of Chip Kelly.  The Eagles can once again harbor secret desires for the post season.  And how did this happen you may ask?  Well, I am not saying it was all Cox, but without him it might have been a slightly different outcome.

Mr. Cox had the Saints sulking out of Philadelphia.  His stat line was impressive.  It read six tackles, three sacks, one fumble recovery and two forced fumbles.  So in Drew Brees five sacks, Cox had three.  In the Saints three recorded fumbles, Cox had two.  It really is impressive when you are watching a stud.

Charles Woodson,  Oakland Raiders, Safety

Woodson has many interceptions.  The one he didn’t have was an interception from Peyton Manning.  Now he has two.  It did not result in a win for the Oakland Raiders.  But it was a win for Woodson.   And really it was a win for football.  And really shouldn’t a man who is a stud for 14 years be celebrated as such?


I feel a bit repetitive and I won’t kick a man when he is down, so for that reason I will not mention the name of the New Orleans Saints defense as being a dud.  Oh, damn I just did.

Houston Texans Defense

They have J.J. Watt.  They have Jadeveon Clowney.  They have Brian Cushing.  So what exactly are they missing that is landing them in the dud category?    No really, I am asking.

Thursday night they were playing the Luckless Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts started a slightly older quarterback who had been suffering from a stomach virus all week.  It was the football equivalent of a slam dunk for the Texans, or so we thought.

Instead the Texans allowed 27 points, 14 of which came from the ailing quarterback tossing touchdown passes to Andre Johnson who hadn’t caught a cold in the last three games.  The Texans forced zero turnovers.  And they ended the night with zero fantasy points.

So take a breather Saints, this week belongs to the Texans.  PS you aren’t that far behind.


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