Week 6 Quarterback Rankings

Carson Palmer


Welcome to Week 6! These are our QB rankings from 1-35, particularly for deep leagues and 2QB/Superflex leagues.

Carson Palmer – The Arizona quarterback has yet to score under 16 fantasy points this season, and shows no signs of stopping this onslaught against the Steelers. With a continued performance boost from this overlooked QB, Lake and Berger continue to be all-in on Palmer having another elite performance.

Marcus Mariota – The young rookie has continued to impress us with his consistency, and the fantasy points are the proof that starting Mariota as a QB1 is a safe bet.

Andrew Luck – There is still a lot of the season left, but Luck’s entire offense has been inept. Unless you’re desperate look for other options to start this week. Luck will likely return to QB1 form this season, but we think it will take another few weeks.

Drew Brees – Berger and Lake are very divided on Brees this week, with Lake being much more hesitant to with Brees’ lack on onfield production. Berger believes that this game will have a lot of sloppy defense and confidently is starting Brees as a QB1.


Week 6 QB Rankings


1 Aaron Rodgers
2 Tom Brady
3 Andy Dalton
4 Carson Palmer
5 Matt Ryan
6 Russell Wilson
7 Eli Manning
8 Marcus Mariota
9 Drew Brees
10 Teddy Bridgewater
11 Peyton Manning
12 Tyrod Taylor
13 Cam Newton
14 Blake Bortles
15 Joe Flacco
16 Sam Bradford
17 Jay Cutler
18 Drew Brees
19 Ryan Tannehill
20 Colin Kaepernick
21 Matthew Stafford
22 Andrew Luck
23 Brian Hoyer
24 Philip Riers
25 Ryan Fitzpatrick
26 Josh McCown
27 Alex Smith
28 Michael Vick
29 Kirk Cousins
30 Matt Hasselbeck
31 Chase Daniel
32 Colt McCoy
33 Dan Orlovsky
34 Blaine Gabbert
35 Johnny Manziel
36 Ryan Mallett
37 Brock Osweiler


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