NFL Notebook Week Four

Prime Time

I’d like to nominate the Kansas City Chiefs and Mr. Mahomes as the official prime time only team. Not only do they have the greatest show on turf since the Greatest Show on Turf, but their defense is so bad that it keeps the other team in the game long enough to keep things exciting.

Let’s start with Brett Favre’s love child Patrick Mahomes. This kid has definitely yelled “Legalize Ranch” at least once while at a party. Obscure Adult Swim references aside, he is easily become the most exciting quarterback to watch. Not far off is Baker Mayfield, but Hue Jackson makes sure the Browns aren’t exciting enough.

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Mahomes has thrown for 14 touchdowns, rushed for one, thrown 1200 yards and bah gawd has zero interceptions. This kid is whipping the ball all over the field to just about everyone you can think of and he has zero interceptions. Andy Reid still hasn’t cost them a game with terrible clock management yet, which is almost just as impressive.

Speaking of impressive, this defense has let opponents score a total of 115 points in just four weeks, and they are averaging about 29 points a game. That’s more points than the Giants have scored in a game since Tom Coughlin was the coach. Yet despite the porous defense, Mahomes and the offense have led them to an exciting 4-0.

All I know is mark your calendars for November 11th because the LA Rams will meet the Chiefs on Monday Night. That game is going to be so exciting that even Jason Witten’s commentary couldn’t put you to sleep.

The Sky is Falling in Pittsburgh

For the last few years we’ve gotten our fair share of drama from the team that prides itself on being one of the distinguished franchises. Last year Big Ben lost his smile and had us all wondering if he was ready to hang it up and find a nice bathroom stall to retire to. Fast forward to this season, capped off by a terrible second-half performance in the Steelers loss to division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens.

The Steelers defense has us asking if Flacco is still a quality NFL quarterback. Yup, they’re that bad. The offense isn’t much better, and it’s time they come to terms with the fact that James Conner’s 19 yards on 9 carries isn’t exactly filling in the Bell-size void.

Bell leaves them in a difficult situation. You can either finagle a trade by whatever means possible, or tell Bell his time in Pittsburgh is done and it’s been real. I’d pay serious money to see a presser where Mike Tomlin just chucks up the deuce while reciting the lyrics to NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”.

Sidenote, the AFC North might be the most difficult division to call. You’ve got the Bengals offense clicking, the Browns having a top 3 defense and Baker “Browns Savior” Mayfield, Flacco actually playing the quarterback position, and the Steelers hoping Ben’s body holds up long enough to throw Antonio Brown a deep ball.

Stone Cold Earl Thomas

Speaking of Le’Veon Bell’s holdout, we have the prime example of why Bell is absolutely right for sitting until he gets some job security. Bengals Tyler Eifert would be another example of just how devastating injuries can be on a career. Eifert was on fire this season and now he is done for the season without a contract for next year, something Bell and Thomas were very adamant about avoiding.

Unfortunately just like Eifert, Thomas’ future is in doubt. If everything goes right for Thomas in his recovery he’ll land somewhere in the league, but he’s certainly lost a chunk of money in his next deal. The exact reason he held out and wanted a new deal either with Seattle or with a team that would sign him long-term.

Thomas was the heart and soul of the Seahawks defense during an era when that group ruled the NFL. But for whatever reason they decided not to reward one of their best players with long-term security, then they denied him the ability to find it elsewhere. Why? Who knows, but it’s really coming back to bite the Seahawks and sadly Thomas.

Smart teams are always looking for the best value. If Thomas left in free agency prior to the injury, the best they could have gotten for him was a third round compensatory pick. That is if he signed a big money deal, which is unlikely coming off injury and on the wrong side of 30. It’s also rumored that they turned down a second round pick from the Dallas Cowboys, which would have benefited all parties involved.

I’ve seen a video circulating of a fan burning a Thomas jersey, probably because he gave his own sideline the finger as he was carted off during Sunday’s game. I know I’d love to risk my long-term health and job security for fans like that.

It’s honestly not hard to do right by a player, especially one who helped you win a Super Bowl and got your franchise to where it’s currently at. For those saying he needed to honor his contract, I’ll care about that when teams no longer cut players with years left on deals because a rookie is cheaper to have around.

Two-Minute Drill

-Saquon Barkley is an incredible talent, even if he was the wrong choice for the New York Giants.

-Maybe I wasn’t wrong about Ryan Tannehill. Just 100 yards on 20 attempts isn’t what exactly the marker for a great quarterback.

-Mitchell Trubisky’s six-touchdown coming of age performance against the Bucs was nice and all, but reality is that the game really showed us what Tarik Cohen can do.

-Whatever NFC South team’s coach doesn’t ask to be fired following the game will probably win the division. You don’t have to believe me, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

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