Fantasy Baseball recap: Robbie Ray Rocked

Diamondbacks Robbie Ray

1. Ray Flails in Philly

Robbie Ray continued his rough start to 2018 giving up three earned runs in 4 2/3 innings at Philadelphia. It is Ray’s third start this season in which he had given up at least three earned and failed to go at least six innings. Ray had similar struggles early last season and had a 4.57 ERA through his first eight starts. He ended the season with a 2.89 ERA demonstrating he can turn it around. I am concerned and he will drop in my rankings but I am also going to look to buy low on Ray if I can in the hope we see the turnaround we saw in 2017.


2. Ohtani struggles in Houston

Shohei Ohtani gave up four earned runs in 5 1/3 innings against the Astros on Tuesday. This was his first outing since his struggles against Boston so it may be that he was still suffering a little from his blister issues. Ohtani has had mixed results so far on the mound but he has now faced two good opponents in his last two outings. In terms of results he is striking out 11.51 batters per nine but is walking 3.98. He is an extremely hard pitcher to value riht now so if you own the pitcher only version you should hold for the time being.

3. Berrios handled by Yankees

Jose Berrios had his second bad outing of the season. This time he struggled in Yankees Stadium which is completely understandable as the Yankees offence has the ability to destroy a pitcher at any given moment. The fact that these five earned runs came on just six hits and two walks mean I am not that worried. In both of his bad outings this year his FIP and xFIP and have been lower than his ERA indicating he has not been helped by the defence behind him. You can try and buy-low of this outing but you would need his owner to be extremely desperate to get any major value.

4. Weaver and Wheeler whacked

Two youngish pitchers with upside faced off on Tuesday and unfortunately they both struggled. Weaver came into the season the higher ranked of the two and after three good starts has now had two bad outings in a row. The most concerning thing for Weaver is that he walked six. In two outings against the Mets he has now walked nine compared to just 12 walks in total on the season. There is nothing to panic about yet but if we see him struggling with command in future starts then that may change.

Wheeler had his worst outing of the season but more concerning is that for the second start in a row he struggled to get strikeouts. After striking out seven and walking just one in his first start, he has since walked and struck out five in the following two starts. The lack of strikeouts put a serious dent in his upside and makes it tough to own him as anything more than a streamer in 12-team leagues.

5. Back to back good outings for Marco Gonzales

Gonzales has now put together two outings in which he has not conceded any runs. What makes this interesting is that he is striking out 10.72 batters per nine on the season. Gonzales is demonstrating good control as well, just four walks in 22 2/3 innings, which is also a good indicator that he is pitching well. For the time being he is still a streamer but he is definitely a pitcher to have on the radar.

6. Chatwood puts up good line despite walks

For the third time this season Tyler Chatwood put up an impressive looking line while demonstrating terrible control. The one start where he did not have bad control, one walk, was actually his worst in terms of earned runs, five. Across the three starts where he has given up two or less earned runs he has walked a whopping 18 batters in 16 2/3 innings. He currently has relatively good numbers in terms of strikeouts and ERA so now might be time to try and sell him before the walks come back to bite him.

Other pitching notes:


  • Sabathia was solid in his second outing since returning from the DL. Sabathia has not given up an earned run in his last two starts. His ERA on the season is an impressive 1.86. However, the lack of strikeouts, 12 in 19 1/3 innings, mean he has very little upside making him a streamer at best in 12- or 14-team leagues.
  • Rick Porcello and JA Happ faced off in Toronto and both were good in tough tests. Porcello gave up three earned in seven innings but struck out nine to continue his good start to the season. Happ was even better striking out 10 with just one earned run in his seven innings. Happ is striking out more batters than he ever has in his career and is worth a speculative add to see if this is more than just a hot start. Porcello should also be added but right now has less upside and a safer floor for fantasy owners.
  • Andrew Triggs and Cole Hamels were both good in their matchup. Triggs struck out six in six innings with just one earned run. Triggs has now had four good starts out of five but has not been going deep enough in games to be a must-own yet. Hamels continued his season rival with five strikeouts and two earned runs in 6 1/3 innings. Hamels has struggled for strikeouts the last two times out but still has impressive strikeout numbers on the season. For now I am holding Hamels in case he can produce some his old form.
  • Charlie Morton has his first bad outing of 2018. There is nothing much too this as he has been so impressive to open the year. The odd bad start will happen and you shouldn’t be dropping him based on one bad start.
  • Ian Kennedy took a line drive back off his leg in the third innings. He completed the innings but did not come back out for the fourth. Kennedy will be in a walking boot initially but there is chance he may still make his next start. For now he is a borderline player in 12-team leagues as it is so he is not worth holding too.




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