Fantasy Baseball: 2018 roto rankings

Rockies Charlie Blackmon

With the final weekend of drafts upcoming here are all of my roto rankings in one place. There have been a few adjustments from my previously published rankings as line-ups are becoming more final. Probably the biggest move is Justin Turner falling down the rankings with his injury but other names that have seen movement are Lewis Brinson, with rumors he could lead off in Miami, Manny Pina, who will be the opening day catcher with Stephen Vogt on the DL, and Alex Cobb, after signing in Baltimore.


I want to use this article to re-state my draft strategy which involved using tiers to ensure I am not reaching for players but I am also a big proponent of grouping players based on the skills they offer. I usually do this by putting a colored highlighter mark next to the player depending on what I think they are above average at. If I am using excel then I will put a tick in each column so that I can sort by each stat as I progress through the draft. In auctions using this approach can be a little more difficult but in drafts if you use a “family tree” like approach where you roughly go through round by round and say if I take this guy here who are the options at the next round. This is generally better for the middle to late rounds and so I tend to start my “tree” with the five stats and say if I am short on this then these are the guys I will target in X round. The final thing I always do in the early to middle rounds is to watch the live standing page in the draft room to see where I am comparatively to the league. I do not draft religiously by this but it is nice to know roughly where I sit as the draft progresses. If you do this in a league that has been running for a while it is worth reviewing the last four or five years of final standings to get a general idea of how many of each stat you require to finish mid-table, top three and first. If you aim to be top three in most of the roto categories and maybe have one or two that you aim for the top and another couple that you settle for the middle then you should be in a fairly good place come the end of the season.

Good luck this weekend and with the upcoming season and if you have any questions that my rankings do not answer then you can contact me either @benrolfe15 or @60ftpodcast and I will endeavor to answer as soon as possible.

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