Prospect Rankings for the 2018 Season

Braves Ronald Acuna

Drafting prospects is often one of the most difficult parts of the last few rounds of a fantasy baseball draft and trying to find prospect rankings which look short term is often difficult as many people only publish articles with a view to the long term. The trouble is that when you draft a prospect it is often really hard not to get an emotional attachment and that can make it extremely tough to then drop them if they don’t get called up or do not perform as expected. The counter to this is that if you were the guy who gambled on Aaron Judge or Cody Bellinger late in drafts last year then you probably got very close to winning your league.


Even as much as five years ago it felt like prospects and prospect rankings were mainly relevant in keepers or dynasty formats and not re-draft. In recent years we have seen a ton of examples of prospects, Corey Seager and Carlos Correa etc., succeeding immediately following a call up and that has meant the need to view prospect rankings not just for the long term but also for the upcoming year.

This year we have two players that are widely considered generational talents in Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuna but we also have some really good players that could make their debuts in the majors. On the hitting side names like Nick Senzel and Gleybar Torres and pitching wise AJ Puk, Michael Kopech and Jack Flaherty are all names that have been touted a lot this spring.

Below I have ranked the top 20 prospects I think will make an impact in 2018. In those prospect rankings I have tried to balance the value of an early call up versus expected performance following that call up. There will be some names you will be shocked to not see on this list but you need to remember that this is with a view to 2018 and therefore if I believe that we either won’t see te player this year or he is most likely to be a September call up then he probably has not made these rankings.

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