Fantasy Baseball: Roto Starting Pitcher Rankings

Much like with outfield what you do with the roto starting pitcher rankings will very much depend on the direction of your draft and what you need. The difference is that SP is a lot more isolated than outfield in terms of only relief pitchers have an impact on that need as opposed to every other hitting position for outfield. What that relative isolation of the position does is allow you to strategize.

So let’s say you want to target high upside guys early and push them up your rankings a fraction; then you might also push the safer mid range guys up so that you can balance that risk with what you consider to be safer ratios just in case you don’t get the desired stats from those top end guys.


What you do at SP is also very format dependent. Here I am just focusing on roto but even so the rankings will change based on whether you have a cap on starts or innings, in which case the high strikeout guys get a bump, or not. It also depends how regimented your league is about positions. Do you have to have a certain number of SP/RP or do you just have generic pitching spots? In the second case you may then want to load up on high upside relievers late in drafts and then just stream two start pitchers for their ERA & WHIP potential while your reliever give you that strikeout boost.

This is why knowing you league is so important because things can vary wildly from format to format and suddenly tiers can become almost meaningless if you are valuing the position wrong for your scoring. Another wrinkle is quality starts versus win which means that you have to evaluate how deep you think a pitcher can go into a game, guys like Alex Wood and Kenta Maeda might take a hit in QS league but still be valuable in a wins format.

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