NBA DFS: 12/22 If Not, Then Who?

A 9-game slate is perfect, and that’s what we have for tonight’s NBA DFS action! With a nice selection of games to choose from, today’s article will go over pivot plays.


If not Giannis Antetokounmpothen Eric Bledsoe

“The Greek Freak” is having an amazing season, but with that comes his hefty price (FanDuel: $12,000-SF/DraftKings: $11,300-SF). If you want exposure to this game but want to save salary, look to Bledsoe (FanDuel: $7,200-PG/DraftKings: $6,700-PG). In their last game against the Cavaliers, he came out with 26 points in just 31 minutes. This is another home game for the Bucks, but it’s against a Hornets team that may not push the pace like the Cavs. Bledsoe leads the Bucks in steals per game, with 2.1, and this is a nice way to pad his stats and fantasy points, along with keeping turnovers to a minimum. He’s been averaging more than three turnovers per game in his previous six season, but is currently at 2.9 TOV. Bledsoe should be able to make his value tonight, and you can spend your salary elsewhere.


If not James Hardenthen Eric Gordon

Another Eric to add to the list. Gordon (FanDuel: $5,400-SG/DraftKings: $5,900-SG) will be getting the start tonight for Chris Paul. You should know by now that I am disappointed that his revenge game isn’t happening for Paul, but his team will look to win this one for him, especially after their loss to the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, though, Harden (FanDuel: $12,000-SG/DraftKings: $11,500-SG) is an excellent play, my top pick if you’re spending over $10,000, and you can play the both of them in the same lineup. But – if you’re looking to differentiate, you can plug in Gordon along with other studs, like Kevin Durant (FanDuel: $11,500-SF/DraftKings: $11,600-SF), Anthony Davis (FanDuel: $11,300-PF/DraftKings: $1o,500-PF), and DeMarcus Cousins (FanDuel: $11,000-C/DraftKings: $11,100-C).


If not Otto Porterthen Marcin Gortat

Of note: Porter (FanDuel: $6,700-SF/DraftKings: $5,800-SF) may not play in his game. If that’s the case, Kelly Oubre (FanDuel: $4,400-SF/DraftKings: $4,700-SF) and Mike Scott (FanDuel: $5,000-PF/DraftKings: $4,600-PF) will share his duties. Oubre got the start last game, and Scott scored 24 points. In this game against the Nets, I’m looking towards Gortat (FanDuel: $4,500-C/DraftKings: $5,200-C). With his price on FanDuel, it shouldn’t be difficult for Gortat to exceed his value. He had one of his best games of the season against the Pelicans, with a double-double. Any game against the Nets is a tempting one. They turnover the ball the 7th most in the NBA, and that gives the Wizards more scoring opportunities (every little bit counts). Gortat isn’t known for steals, but if he could get a couple, along with near double-digits in rebounds, it should be a good night.


If not Nikola Jokicthen Jusuf Nurkic

Here’s a revenge game, and it’s an interesting one. Nurkic (FanDuel: $6,800-C/DraftKings: $6,400-C) is playing against his former team in Portland. Jokic (FanDuel: $8,300-C/DraftKings: $7,400-C) doesn’t have a minutes cap, but did have 10 turnovers in his last game, while playing 36 minutes. This price is great for Jokic, especially if you think he can bounce back. I’d give it a game or two, which is why I’m liking Nurkic in this one. He’s should see a few more minutes in this game, which helps his chances with scoring fantasy points. Nurkic rarely goes block-less and it would be great if he could get at least a couple. The Nuggets are without Paul Millsap, and if Jokic isn’t on his game, they’ll have to deal with both Nurkic and Ed Davis (FanDuel: $3,800-PF/DraftKings: $3,800-PF), who has filled in nicely when Nurkic isn’t on the court.


Thank you for reading, and good luck with your picks!

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