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Hello and welcome to my world. That’s right. This is my world. I get to decide which facts to look at, which ones to twist in my favor, and which ones to completely ignore so that my rankings look sexy. So if you disagree with what I’m saying, I don’t want to hear about it because I don’t care. If, however, you think my rankings are the greatest of all time, feel free to hit me up on twitter, retweet my work, and generally boost my self-confidence by telling me how awesome I am. 


 In all seriousness, I’m glad you’re reading and I hope this article will help you each week of the fantasy season in PPR rankings. I’m not really an egotistical maniac, I just like to sound like one so people will care about what I have to say. I really do appreciate any feedback you have and will gladly discuss any player on this list! You can find me on twitter @fantasypastor so don’t be a stranger. With that out of the way, here are my week 1 PPR rankings for the NFL season. *insert dramatic music intro*

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Week1 Rankings Chart


Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Russell Wilson @ Green Bay Packers: I’m old enough to remember when many people were thinking that Russell Wilson would make the leap into the elite tier of fantasy quarterbacks. After an injury-plagued season where he failed to meet expectations, many people have seemingly forgotten just how good he is when he is healthy. With the Seahawks and Packers slated to be a shootout, give me Russell Wilson as my #1 QB this week.

Dak Prescott v. New York Giants: I also like Dak to overcome his struggles against the Giants defense so I have him at #8. I’m not buying a sophomore slump but instead a progression of development for two main reason: 1.) Dak was historically great as a rookie. He threw 176 passes in the NFL before he ever threw an interception to START his career. And in case you forget, that broke Tom Brady’s record of 162 pass attempts without and pick. It’s one thing to beat that record but to do it with your first 176 passes in the league is crazy. I do not care how good your offensive line is, that showed me a lot about Dak. For more on how good he was, check out Scott Barrett’s Metrics that Matter: How Good Was Dak Prescott’s Rookie Year, Really?” 2.) Dak works hard. He is the kind of player that is never satisfied with how he plays and he’s always trying to get better. I’m excited to see how he improves this year and it all starts versus the team that he struggled against the most last year. 

Sam Bradford v. New Orleans Saints: Bradford cracks my top 12 because of the juicy matchup versus the horrible Saints defense. 

Kirk Cousins v. Philadelphia Eagles: He is the only quarterback that I’m much lower than consensus rankings it’s only because I think that offense is going to take a week or two more to get into sync.

Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus

Andy Dalton v. Baltimore Ravens: consensus #15 but he just misses the cut for me because he’s going up against a tough Ravens defense)



Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Ezekiel Elliot v. New York Giants: The fact that I’m higher on Zeke has more to do with the fact that most were expecting him to not play week 1. Now that we know he is playing I expect the consensus rankings to climb.

Christian McCaffrey at Sanfransico 49ers: He is a player I can’t quit. I’ve loved him since he played at Stanford. Cam is adjusting his play style to incorporate McCaffrey and I believe he’s going to be very valuable in PPR leagues this entire season.

Ty Montgomery v. Seattle Seahawks: He will benefit from a shootout and Rodgers will rely on him anytime the Packers move to a no-huddle, pass heavy offense.

Ameer Abdullah v Arizona Cardinals: He has way more talent than what we’ve seen on the field so far but I could be blinded by my love for him in what could be a tough matchup versus the Cardinals stingy run defense.

C.J. Prosise at Green Bay Packers: Another pass-catching RB is going to break out when the Seahawks figure out they need his playmaking ability to compete with the Packers.

Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus: 

C.J. Anderson v. San Diego Chargers: I don’t trust him to stay healthy or the Broncos offense to be efficient this year

Leonard Fournette at Houston Texans: I like him but this is PPR and he’s already dinged up a little.

Bilal Powell at Buffalo Bills: (I’ll believe it when I see it from this guy)



Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Stefon Diggs v. New Orleans Saints: He’s had a full offseason with Sam Bradford at QB, they are moving him to the outside, and he’s up against an awful Saints defense. I want to rank him higher but I couldn’t realistically push him higher than 10 until I see him do what I believe he is capable of doing.

Keenan Allen at Denver Broncos: Maybe I have anti-recency bias but I still see Allen as a potential top 5 WR. So I was a shocked to find out ranking him at #13 seems to be a hot take at this point. The only real question is can he stay healthy?

Sammy Watkins v. Indianapolis Colts: Pushing all my chips in on the Rams offense seems pretty risky. McVay has made some significant changes and I think we will see more talent across the entire team than we saw last year. And if McVay wants any chance of resigning Watkins to a contract after this year, he’s going to have to feed him starting week 1.

Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus: 

Michael Crabtree at Tennessee Titans: Cooper is a stud and they will eventually begin to feed him like a true number 1.

Larry Fitzgerald at Detroit Lions: He should be on my list but I think between David Johnson and John Brown it’s going to be hard for Fitzgerald to be in the top 15 consistently.



Hallelujah’s: Players that I’m generally higher than consensus

Coby Fleener at Minnesota Vikings: He was not good last year, I get it. There are, however, 221 vacated targets in this offense with the departure of Brandin Cooks and the suspension of Willie Snead. Ted Ginn, Jr. and Brandon Coleman will surely take a few of those but it’s not unreasonable to see a significant jump in targets for Fleener. Facing the tough passing defense of the Vikings in Week 1, I see Brees being forced to look to Fleener more than usual.

Austin Hooper at Chicago Bears: He’s in a top offense against a bottom tier defense and I like his chances to score a touchdown. It’s that simple when it comes to TEs.

Evan Engram at Dallas Cowboys: He is a WR who lines up like a TE facing a the Cowboys defense. Do you remember the Packers and Cowboys game last year? I do because I’m a Cowboys fan. They should have won that game but their defense was incapable of covering a TE last year. Maybe Jaylon Smith comes back completely healthy and he changes that, but until then any TE with a pulse going against the Cowboys defense has a chance to have a very good fantasy day.

Halle-ewww-ya’s: Players that I’m generally lower than consensus:  

Zach Ertz at Washington Redskins: I’ve got to see how all the targets pan out for the Eagles before I know where to rank Ertz.

Jack Doyle at Los Angeles Rams: Two words: Scott Tolzien – need I say more?

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back each week!

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