Keys to Fantasy Football Success

Now that your draft is over, there are some keys to having a successful season that I always use in order to make the playoffs in my leagues.

Watch the matchups

We all have studs at each position that you will put in your lineup each week, but when it comes to filling out the rest of your lineup, look at the matchups.

At times, the matchups can be more important than who is hot and who is not, even a player on a hot streak can face a stout defense.

When it comes to a difficult decision when setting my lineup on a Thursday afternoon or Sunday morning, I like to check defensive trends. Which defense is giving up more points to that position and how are they allowing the points, more yards or more touchdowns. If I have a plodder, a touchdown dependent player, against a team that gives up a lot of yards, but not touchdowns, sometimes I will choose the other guy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even fantasy football “experts” ask for a second set of eyes on a decision. We don’t always make the right choice, heck, sometimes we make terrible choices.

So it never hurts to ask for a second opinion on a sit/start.

Play the waiver wire

This is another place that matchups come into play. In a 10- or 12-team standard leagues, it is likely that there are quite a few starting quarterbacks and team defenses available on the waiver wire.

If your quarterback is facing a top defense or your defense is facing a top offense, do not be afraid to take a chance on that defense or quarterback playing the Jets this week.

Be okay with “losing” a trade

When you look at a trade simply as a player for player, it can sometimes look uneven. Sometimes you have to look beyond that.

If your team is loaded at one position, but weak at another, it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility to trade a player at your loaded position for a player at your weak position that is a tier or two below, if it fills a need, you are not losing a trade.

Watch the schedule

It isn’t uncommon for a good player to come out of the gates slowly against good defenses or when other play makers get hurt. Around your league’s trade deadline, focus on some players with good matchups Week 13-16, the playoff weeks.

Identify which of those players fit well in your lineup and target them, especially the players in a stretch of tough games that another owner may want to get out from under.

Have fun

Fun is what fantasy football is all about.

Most of us have leagues with family and/or friends and while this is a competition, at the end of the day, that is what we are family and/or friends. Don’t throw away a friendship over a trade or a matchup, the season ends in December.

Remember, Sundays from September to February are the best Sundays of the year, so tinker before kickoff, grab your favorite beverage and watch the points rack up, hopefully in your favor.




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