Non-PPR Ranks Risk Range Skew Week 1

by John Bush

Non-PPR Ranks Risk Range Skew Wk 1

I am beginning with my in-season time here at fake pigskin, my Non-PPR Ranks Risk Range Skew rankings are not simply numbers on a page or column. I have to include my metric based risk assessment and a new metric based range skew analysis that I have developed this summer.

I have included two stand alone figures that expand the concepts of Risk as I use in fantasy football and the idea of a ranking range skew number.

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Let’s begin with Risk. I use that term as a measure of possibilities. Each ranking in this world is a number usually an average. In 100 games played under these same conditions, a player will average at their rank (50 percentile). What about the rare games where they scored much higher or lower? Thus a range of possibilities can exist. You use to understand my rankings, I wanted to declare my view of the player range of possible outcomes.

High Risk means a large set of possibilities, Mid Risk means a narrower set of outcomes and Low Risk implies a very tight range of outcomes. See Figure 1 for a visual description.

Figure 1 Fantasy Football Risk Metric and Analysis. 


Therefore the best case situation is a highly ranked player that has the low-risk tag. While worst is a low ranked player with high risk. 

In Figure 2 diagram, the concept of an outcome range skew is presented. Its import to see the tendency of the outcomes. I invented this metric classifier to achieve that. Skew numbers go for worse than average tendency in high positive skew numbers and best rankings having high negative skew numbers. The diagram of this metric gives us the player’s outcome tendency.

Thus a high ranked player with low risk and negative skew suggests a stronger player this week vs a low ranked high risk high positive skew number. 

Figure 2 Outcome Range Skew


I have divided the positions into groups and present my rankings with risk and skew from high to low rankings (Green to Red).  

Figure 3. Defense and Special Teams

Non-PPR Ranks Slide01

Figure 4. Kickers

SNon-PPR Rankslide02

Figure 5. Quarterbacks

Non-PPR Ranks Slide03

Figure 6 to 8. Non-PPR Running Backs

Non-PPR Ranks Slide05Non-PPR Ranks Slide06Non-PPR Ranks Slide07

Figure 9 and 10 Non-PPR Tight Ends

Non-PPR Ranks Slide08Slide09

Figure 11 to 13. Non-PPR Wide Receivers 

Non-PPR Ranks Slide10Non-PPR Ranks Slide11Non-PPR Ranks Slide12

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