Draft: Best Ball Tips to Dominate

Antonio Brown

Best ball is an incredible format of fantasy football that allows you to have all the fun of draft day without the stress of in-season management. You draft a full roster and your best players are automatically placed into your starting lineup. For more on best ball, Matt Cunningham wrote an awesome breakdown you can check out here.

playdraftThat said, our friends over at DRAFT have taken best ball to the next level. They allow you to draft a team on your phone with a 30 second clock or do a slow moving draft.

If you don’t have an account already, you should definitely change that. You can sign up at www.playdraft.com/fakepigskin or install the app on your phone and use the promo code “FAKEPIGSKIN”. Deposit $5 and you get an extra $3 to play with and a year of FP Elite, our premium content.

There are a few things you need to know before starting your first draft including your roster. You draft a total of 18 players. Each week you will start a QB, two RBs, three WRs, a TE and a flex. The best ball tips can help you win this season!

You Play to Win The Game!

The goal of best ball is to have the most points in the league every week. Safety and reliability are nice, but you need that almighty upside. You need those players who can explode for huge games. It could be there difference between winning big and getting your money back.

For example, in a $10 entry 12 man league the overall winner gets $50. It drops to $30 for second place, $18 for third and $10 for fourth. You need to draft guys with upside on a week to week basis.

Avoid Loading Up on QB and TE

As i mentioned above, your goal is to score the most points in the entire league. That starts on draft day. Its critical you have a deep group on WRs and RBs for the computer to be able to select from.

The best way to do that is to limit the number of QBs and TEs you draft to two. If you take more than two of each, you can potentially limit the potential upside of your team. Your team will play one QB and likely one TE each week. When it comes to RBs and WRs, you will start a total six and at least half will be WR.

My favorite strategy has been adding a strong group of RBs that I like, usually 4-5. With two QBs and TEs you have 9-10 roster spots to take WRs. That allows you take shots as the draft roles along.

30 Second Clock

The 30 second clock for each pick may not seem that bad and when you first start the draft it is not. However, as the draft rolls along the debate between positions can put you in a bind. You need to continually keep your queue full of players. It makes the decision much easier and allows you to make picks without the clock expiring. Continue to fill the queue in between picks to make your life much easier.

Joins some leagues, have some fun and win some cash!!! Feel free to hit me up on twitter with any questions you may have!

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