IDP Draft Strategy 101 for NFL 2017

It is time to get giddy with it —because the NFL football season is almost here!!  And that means the most important part of your fantasy season is about to start, yep it is fantasy draft time.  And you have decided to step it up and play in an IDP (individual defensive player) league? YES!

Like every fantasy draft you are going to do, there are basics you need to keep in mind.  Here is a refresher course:

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Be flexible

Yes, you should have a strategy, but be flexible.  Follow your draft and be ready to zig when you thought you were going to zag.

Know how you are going to accumulate points

You know if your quarterback is going to score 4 or 6 points per touchdown.  Know how your defensive players are going to score.  Most IDP leagues score either as Big Play or Tackle Heavy.  If your league is tackle heavy then your league is going to score 1.5 or higher for solo tackles.  As opposed to big play leagues that value sacks and interceptions over solo tackles.

It matters, it is the difference between valuing Von Miller over Telvin Smith.  Know who has the potential for getting you points.  Which brings us to…

Know the rules

  • how many defensive players will you have to start each week

the more defensive players you are required to start the higher you are going to need to draft a defensive player

Know the schemes

Is your guy playing a 4-3 or a 3-4?

Is the linebacker you are counting on only playing versus the run?  If so he is not going to be as valuable to you as the linebacker who is in on the team’s sub packages.

If you are playing in a tackle heavy scoring system, always look for the middle linebacker in a 4-3 system.  He will outscore the outside linebacker in a 3-4.  On the other hand, if you are in a big play system, grab the 3-4 pass rusher before the 4-3 middle linebacker.

Teams that look as if they are gravitating towards new defensive schemes:

Changing to a 4-3 system for 2017: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers

Changing to a 3-4 system for 2017: Los Angeles Rams

Play offense

Regardless, you need to make sure you draft your offensive team first.  There are very few defensive players who will outscore the offense.  The only exception is JJ Watt, if he can stay healthy.  But get your base offensive team and a few offensive stud reserves before you jump into that  IDP pool.

Remember what IDP positions are deep and what are top heavy with elite player

Here are the three top IDP positions and players from 2016 season:


Bobby Wagner  167 combined tackles—82 assisted tackles—4.5 sacks—1 interception

Telvin Smith     119 combined tackles—20 assisted tackles—1.0 sack—2 interceptions

Luke Kuechly    102 combined tackles—31 assisted tackles—2.0 sacks—1 interception

Lavonte David   87 combined tackles—20 assisted tackles—5.0 sacks—1 interception

Sean Lee              145 combined tackles—52 assisted tackles—0 sacks—0 interceptions

Now we love both Kuechly and Lee, but remember Kuechly has concussion issues and Lee is fragile.

Defensive Linemen (top heavy)

Danielle-Hunter   56 tackles—12.5 sacks

Khalil Mack            73 tackles—11 sacks

Olivier Vernon       63 tackles—8.5 sacks

Calais Campbell     53 tackles—8 sacks

Joey Bosa                53 tackles—10.5 sacks

Jason Pierre-Paul  71 tackles—7 sacks

Aaron Donald         58 tackles—8.0 sacks

Watch how Khalil Mack is designated in your league.

Defensive Backs ( wait on them)

Landon Collins  125 combined tackles—25 assisted tackles—-4.0 sacks—5 interceptions

Keanu Neal         106 combined tackles—34 assisted tackles—0 sacks—0 interceptions

Harrison Smith  91 combined tackles—22 assisted tackles—0 interceptions

Reshad Jones      51 combined tackles—20 assisted tackles—5 sacks—1 interception

Karl Joseph         60 combined tackles—16 assisted tackles—0 sacks—1 interception

Jonathan Cyprien 127 combined tackles—31 assisted tackles—1.0 sack—0 interceptions

NFL is back baby (as if it ever goes away) so buckle up baby and get ready to dominate your fantasy season.  We are here to help.

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