NFL 2017: Quarterbacks Are Not Your Priority In Your Fantasy Football Draft

Aaron Rodgers

Here is the truth, quarterbacks are the poster boys for the NFL.  However, the face of your fantasy football team may not be these glamour boys.  Here is a run down of the quarterbacks and when and where you should be looking to draft them in your fantasy draft.  Please remember this list is not contingent upon the offensive lines, which are really…really important.  This list is talent projection only.

Aaron Rodgers

2016 stats: 4428 passing yards—40 touchdown passes—4 rushing touchdowns—7 interceptions—380.22 fantasy points

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Rodgers is the only quarterback you should be considering drafting in rounds 1-4.  Why?  Last year for the second time he hit the 40 touchdown mark and he outscored the next fantasy quarterback by more than 30 points.

Let’s not forget to mention that getting tight end Martellus Bennett will only increase the productivity of Rodgers.

5th-6th Rounds

Tom Brady

Brady missed the first four games from Deflategate suspension.

2016 stats: 3554 passing yards—28 passing touchdowns—2 interceptions—258.56 fantasy points

I know you are still giddy from the Super Bowl comeback.  And okay, NFL just released that he was the Top Player of 2017, but all this will have minimum impact on your fantasy team.

What will have impact is that he has the 19th easiest schedule for quarterbacks according to FantasyPros.

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Drew Brees

2016 stats: 5208 passing yards—37 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—15 interceptions—332.32 fantasy points

Brees is often overlooked, that’s a shame.  This season he has the easiest schedule for quarterbacks according to FantasyPros.

Philip Rivers

2016 stats: 4386 passing yards—33 passing touchdowns—21 interceptions—258.94 fantasy points

I expect blow back from ranking Rivers this high but you can’t argue with stats.  Now the caveat is that Rivers’ schedule is brutal, especially at the start.  There are only four other quarterbacks whose schedule is more daunting than Rivers

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Mike Ehrmann – Getty Images

M*A*S*H Unit

Cam Newton

2016 stats: 3509 passing yards—19 passing touchdowns—5 rushing touchdowns—14 interceptions—254.26 fantasy points

With the third easiest schedule for quarterbacks expect Newton to have a comeback this season.  Yes, his total number of touchdowns dropped from 45 to 24 last year.  And okay he will probably not be giving you the fantasy points on running that he has in the past, but Newton won’t sabotage your team like he did last year.

Andrew Luck

2016 stats: 4240 passing yards—31 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—13 interceptions—307.70 fantasy points

Another quarterback who will bounce back back from injury.  His schedule isn’t quarterback friendly, and his offensive line needs some work, but Luck isn’t about to have two bad seasons in a row.

Derek Carr

2016 stats: 3937 passing yards—28 passing touchdowns—6 interceptions—268.48 fantasy points

Has the worst schedule for quarterbacks this season.  Also has Marshawn Lynch to take off some of the pressure.  Many will jump on him early, remember, the worst schedule for quarterbacks.

Marcus Mariota

2016 stats: 3426 passing yards—26 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—9 interceptions—259.94 fantasy points

Has the 16th easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  Also has talent and weapons.

Jim Mone - Associated Press

Jim Mone – Associated Press

Going to Surprise You

Jameis Winston

2016 stats: 4090 passing yards—28 passing touchdowns—1 rushing touchdown—18 interceptions—256.10 fantasy points

With all the new toys added to the offense, Winston will be the “IT” man of the draft.  With the fifth easiest schedule for quarterbacks whose to say the crowd is wrong?  Good Surprise.

Carson Wentz

2016 stats: 3782 passing yards—16 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—14 interceptions—212.98 fantasy points

Brutal schedule, but he also has Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith and LeGarret Blount.  This may not be the good kind of surprise.

Matt Ryan

2016 stats: 4944 passing yards—38 passing touchdowns—7 interceptions—347.46 fantasy points

Is there such a thing as a Super Bowl hangover?  Ryan has the seventh easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  He is also without offensive guru Kyle Shanahan.  Bad Surprise.

Dak Prescott

2016 stats: 3667 passing yards—23 passing touchdowns—6 rushing touchdowns—4 interceptions—286.88 fantasy points

Last season he had the sixth most fantasy points among quarterbacks.  He isn’t new and shiny anymore.  He also has the 27th easiest schedule for quarterbacks, that’s not good.  Bad Surprise.

Matthew Stafford

Bruce Kluckhohn – USA TODAY Sports

Also Ran

Matthew Stafford

2016 stats: 4327 passing yards—24 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—10 interceptions—279.78 fantasy points

Stafford has posted his fourth top 10-fantasy finish in the last five years, and last year he did it without Calvin Johnson and with a bum hand.  This season he has the 17th easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  Middle road seems to be the path for Stafford.

Kirk Cousins

2016 stats: 4917 passing yards—25 passing touchdowns—4 rushing touchdowns—12 intercptions—300.28 fantasy points

Brutal schedule being the next to last easiest schedule for quarterbacks, that means it is really…really hard.  But he also acquired Terrelle Pryor, Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed.

Ben Roethlisberger may miss multiple weeks, so what does that mean for the likes of Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell? (Matt Freed/Post-Gazette)

Matt Freed – Post-Gazette


Ben Roethlisberger

2016 stats: 3819 passing yards—29 passing touchdowns—1 rushing touchdown—13 interceptions—252.16 fantasy points

Has all the talent in the world but just has trouble staying on the field.  He has the 14th easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  He also has LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant

Andy Dalton

2016 stats: 4206 passing yards—18 passing touchdowns—4 rushing touchdowns—8 interceptions—260.64 fantasy points

Has the 22nd easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  Also has an offense that wasn’t improved.  And his tendencies to be either good Andy or bad Andy aren’t reassuring.

Eli Manning

2016 stats: 4027 passing yards—26 passing touchdowns—16 interceptions—224.18 fantasy points

Even Odell Beckham Jr. can help him. He has the 23rd easiest schedule among quarterbacks.  We want to believe.

Carson Palmer

2016 stats: 4233 passing yards—26 passing touchdowns—14 interceptions—243.12 fantasy points

Palmer is still riding the wave of his 2015 season.  Don’t be blinded by the Arizona sun, he threw 60 more passes and finished with nine fewer touchdowns.  His schedule is the 18th easiest for quarterbacks.  The real question is how long will he stay on the field?

Mark Zaleski - AP

Mark Zaleski – AP

Achy Breaky Heartbreak Men

These men will inevitable break your heart.

Blake Bortles

2016 stats: 3905 passing yards—23 passing touchdowns—3 rushing touchdowns—16 interceptions—270.10 fantasy points

All the potential with little to show for it.  Has the 13th easiest schedule for quarterbacks, that should account for something right?

Ryan Tannehill

2016 stats: 2994 passing yards—19 passing touchdowns—1 rushing touchdown—12 interceptions—190.20 fantasy points

Have you heard this before…all the potential with little to show for it.  He has the 12th easiest schedule for quarterbacks, that should account for something right?

Joe Flacco

2016 stats: 4317 passing yards—20 passing touchdowns—2 rushing touchdowns—15 interceptions—242.48 fantasy points

Has the sixth easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  Still waiting for him to show post-season form during the season.

Alex Smith

2016 stats: 3502 passing yards—15 passing touchdowns—5 rushing touchdowns—8 interceptions—223.78 fantasy points

Brutal schedule coupled with the fact the Kansas City Chiefs moved up to draft a quarterback.

Vikings Sam Bradford

Jamie Squire – Getty Images

Late Round Gems

Sam Bradford

2016 stats: 3877 passing yards—20 passing touchdowns—5 interceptions—220.88 fantasy points

He has the second easiest schedule for quarterbacks.  He has a revamped offensive line.  But what he may not have is a running game?

Brian Hoyer

2016 stats: 1445 passing yards—6 passing touchdowns—79.60 fantasy points

Brutal schedule but what he does have is Kyle Shanahan.

Deshaun Watson

Forget the shade Brock Osweiler is throwing towards Houston.  Watson has the 15th easiest schedule for quarterbacks, and you know he will get on the field.

I Know…I know…

Russell Wilson

2016 stats: 4219 passing yards—21 passing touchdowns—1 rushing touchdown—11 interceptions—268.06 fantasy points

Wilson had his worst fantasy season last season.  There is grumbling coming out of Seattle.  Who will anchor their running game?  Is Jimmy Graham going to provide some help for Doug Baldwin?  Can his offensive line keep him alive?  Was his talent overrated all along?  Ack! So many questions…so little answers.


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