MLB DFS: Pat’s Stacks

Pat’s Stacks

 Generally in MLB DFS GPP’s we want to target and stack the teams we believe are going to have high run totals to score the highest overall points. Here I’ll be listing the team stacks and splits I believe will provide the highest upside to get you the necessary ~20+ points per player to have a shot at a GPP.



NY Yankees

The Yankees are scorching hot right now, and for some reason they’re not as chalky as you’d think. With yesterday’s performance ownership should be up but that by no means should make you stray away. Adleman currently is giving up 1.61 HR/9 to righties and 1.99 HR/9 to lefties while only achieving 5 and 7 K/9 respectively. Match that with the red hot bats 1-5 on the Yanks and you’ve got a recipe for success.


Cincinatti Reds (mainly righties) 

Getty Images

Getty Images

Flipping it to the other side, the Reds have been red hot as well. Had it not been for the enormous 10 runs scored by the Yankees yesterday, the Reds (now modest) score of 4 runs would’ve been a decent day against a pitcher who doesn’t give too much wiggle room. Now they get CC Sabathia who hasn’t been impressive at all and we saw Toronto break their slump against him last week. CC is giving up 1.26 HR/9 to righties and .89 to lefties so the righties  take preference as their BABIP is at a sky high .295. You’ll be praying for dongs as usual, but base hits shouldn’t be too hard to come by either.


Cleveland Indians

Steve Nesius, Associated Press

Steve Nesius, Associated Press

Oh Mike Bolsinger, how we meet again and how I feel no empathy for how you’re not ultimately will turn out. If anyone still finds the HR Derby truly exciting, tune into this game. Bolsinger is giving up 36%+ Hard hit rate to both sides (Left is 44%), a HR/FB rate of 20 and 25% respectively and a 2.55 HR/9 rate to righties and 1.80 HR/9 rate to lefties. Fire up and play as many Indians if you can because it doesn’t get any better than this.

Honorable Mention:


SEA Lefties

TAM Lefties

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