2QB Dynasty Fantasy Football: Don’t you forget about me.

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2QB Dynasty Fantasy Football: Don’t you forget about me.

Your drafts are over for the year and it’s time to prepare for the season.  You set a lineup and forget about that team till opening night.  There’s a few things you shouldn’t forget though…

Tony Romo broke a bone in his back this week.  If you have Romo, you might have briefly considered picking up Dak Prescott or figured you’d just put in someone else, because you have a third quarterback already prepared.  But whoa, back up there Cowboy.  This is dynasty.  Dak Prescott might bear some more attention.  This isn’t Kyle Orton, Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel behind Romo.  23-year-old Dak Prescott scored seven touchdowns and no interceptions in preseason action this year, with a 78.0% completion rate.  I’m pretty sure Romo will get his job back when he returns to full health, but one thing about the NFL that is without question is that no one’s position is ever guaranteed.  If Prescott comes in and starts winning games, doors might open up for him; if not in Dallas, maybe elsewhere.  Brock Osweiler won games as a quarterback for Denver and suddenly he’s the unquestioned starter in Houston this year.  A 23-year-old quality starting quarterback is worth ponying up some funds when the waiver process opens up, whether he has the job yet or not.

There are a few other people to reconsider.  We all have negative memories of waiting for Robert Griffin III to get back to his 2012 form.  He may never do so.  But he has a chance to build his career back in Cleveland where the Browns are openly trying to trade his backup Josh McCown for a draft pick.  Don’t spend much for RGIII as he has yet to show he’s a reliable (aka stays healthy) starter, but he has the job now and that’s what matters.  I’d put 5% of my waiver budget on the table for him, tops.

I’ve also found Mike Glennon sitting on the waiver wire in a few leagues.  This is a mistake.  Glennon’s contract in Tampa Bay runs out at the end of 2016 and he’ll be free to sign wherever he’d like.  He’s an interesting prospect to consider for skill as a starting quarterback, but I’m more interested in his value as a trade asset when he signs with a new team in need of a starting quarterback.  If you saw my article from May 1st titled “2020 Vision.  Well, kinda.”  I made a case for looking at replacements for the upcoming aging crop of quarterbacks including Brady, Brees, Palmer, etc.  There comes a point where their production drops off irretrievably, and there are no better examples than Peyton Manning.  Finding Glennon on the waiver wire is like finding an automatic late first or early second round pick next year in two quarterback dynasty leagues.  Pick him up, put him on the taxi squad or sitting on the bench and wait.  Good things will come.

I doubt you can find Ryan Fitzpatrick sitting around.  If you can pay a 2017 third round pick to trade for Fitzy, I’d do it.   He’s 33, has a starting job for 2016 and then can sign elsewhere if he chooses.  The Jets might replace him with someone like Glennon or Sam Bradford, or they may decide to lock him up long-term at any point.  With Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker catching passes, his season couldn’t turn out that badly, could it?  Depending on how he performs and where he goes, you might cash in that trade for a second- or even first-round pick next year.

Long-term, quarterbacks will move from city to city and contract to contract.  But like RGIII, Mike Glennon or Ryan Fitzpatrick, being even barely better than a replacement-level quarterback will get you a second and a third chance.  Whether you sell them or play them, having a starter under your control is a valuable commodity.  And if you have any shot at getting Dak Prescott, a QB who came out of nowhere to completely jump up the depth chart through production and injury to be a starting quarterback for the Cowboys in week one… Well, you take that shot.  He might be on your bench for the rest of Romo’s career while Jerry Jones tries to soak someone in a trade for him.  Or he might just keep the job.  No guarantees.

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