2QB Dynasty QB Rankings

Superflex and 2QB dynasty leagues are quickly increasing in popularity, but the resources for the format have not increased at the same pace. These dynasty QB rankings and the ADP data I collected at TwoQBs.com (who are putting out some great resources for 2QB leagues, btw) are my way of contributing to the growth of my favorite format to play in. It levels the playing field for quarterback to reach the same value as running backs and wide receivers.

I base my dynasty QB rankings off of how my draft board would look in a startup draft or a rebuild. Age becomes a much bigger factor in leagues where you start 2QBs over the standard 1QB league. Acquiring a quarterback that is a consistent NFL starter in 1QB leagues can be as easy as trading a 3rd round rookie pick. On the other hand, trading for any quarterback that sees consistent playing time will almost always cost a 1st round draft pick. The only other way to acquire starting quarterbacks is through your rookie draft, and the quarterbacks that are likely to start will go in the first round of those rookie drafts.

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With that being the case, it is preferable to acquire younger quarterbacks who have secured their position as NFL starters. This will lead to situations where a top performing quarterback (Drew Brees for example) is left on the board in favor of a younger quarterback who has shown promise, but doesn’t have the top quarterback’s ceiling or floor (like Teddy Bridgewater). There is a sacrifice in short-term production, but it becomes insurance for the future of your roster.

This doesn’t mean that I throw caution to the wind either. Quarterback is a notoriously difficult position to scout, and the hit rates (even on 1st round picks) do not exactly inspire confidence. This makes spending a 1st round rookie pick on most quarterbacks quite risky. Try and acquire the 27/28/29 year old quarterbacks, for that pick. Bring an established player to your roster who still has many starting seasons ahead of them.

If you would like to share your thoughts on my rankings (i.e. why you disagree) then please feel free to hit me up on Twitter: @DrewDodsonNFL

11Cam NewtonCAR27He's been a top 5 fantasy QB in 4 of the 5 years he has been in the league.
2Andrew LuckIND26High-end QB1 for a decade+, yes please.
3Aaron RodgersGB32One of the most consistent QBs in the last decade. Age is the tie-breaker here.
24Russell WilsonSEA27Remains to be seen if 2015 passing numbers will be the norm going forward.
5Jameis WinstonTB22If his RZ efficiency improves in 2016, he could be Tier 1 for me in 2017.
36Derek CarrOAK25Expect him to take another step forward as he develops with Cooper.
7Blake BortlesJAX24Repeat of TD efficiency is unlikely. Still a QB1 despite that.
8Marcus MariotaTEN22Run game and receivers have improved, we should see growth in 2016.
49Ryan TannehillMIA27His passing yards have always been good, but TDs haven't. Parker should fix that.
10Andy DaltonCIN28He might not have a soul, but he does have 4 legit receiving targets.
11Matt RyanATL31Lack of a real WR outside of Julio will limit his ceiling
12Matthew StaffordDET28Loss of Megatron is the only thing keeping him below Ryan
513Philip RiversSD34Consistently healthy/productive. He could be a QB1 for 4 more years pretty easily
14Jared GoffLA21He'll have every chance to be good, but will his WRs allow him to be?
15Joe FlaccoBAL31The safest of safe plays. Ideal QB2.
16Ben RoethlisbergerPIT34Constant injury risk combined with his age allow me to overlook his production
17Teddy BridgewaterMIN23Teddy will be a starter for a long time, but he may never be more than a QB2.
18Drew BreesCHI37At a certain point you overlook age. No other QB has Brees' ceiling.
619Eli ManningNYG35He's been a QB1 since OBJ showed up, and having Shepard as a #2 won't hurt
20Kirk CousinsWAS27No reason for him to blow it after adding Doctson to an already good WR corps.
21Carson WentzPHI23Purely betting on draft capital and an excellent supporting cast.
22Paxton LynchDEN22Raw, but may have the highest upside of any QB from 2016 class.
23Carson PalmerARI36Could be a QB1 any given week, but he doesn't have that many years left.
24Brock OsweilerHOU25Excellent WRs, but will he show more than he did in Denver?
25Jay CutlerCHI33Not bad, but not good either. Couldn't even produce a QB1 season with Marshall, Alshon, Bennett, & Forte.
726Tyrod TaylorBUF26Job security is sketchy, don't write his name in pen as your QB2.
27Alex SmithKC32Owning Smith is like driving a rusted out 91' Toyota Camry. Like, yeah, it gets the job done, but you also hate your life.
28Tom BradyNE38Very good, but very old. I'd be shocked if he has more than 2 years left.
29Tony RomoDAL36Pretty good, kinda old. I'd be shocked if he has more than 1 1/2 years left.
30Robert Griffin IIICLE26I guess he's going to start, so I guess I'll rank him, but I won't be happy about it.
31Jimmy GaroppoloNE24He's worth a stash purely because he'll be the one throwing to Gronk pretty soon.
832Colin KaepernickSF28Chip could make Kaep's value rise like a phoenix or it might burn out completely.
33Ryan FitzpatrickFA33Still a FA, and even if he does play, it's not likely that he repeats last year's stats.
34Garrett GraysonNO24The heir to Brees' throne. He'll have all the pieces to succeed when Brees retires.
35Mark SanchezDEN29There is the chance of him starting this year, and that alone makes him worth owning.
936Christian HackenbergNYJ21I'm not a fan of the talent, but it's hard to overlook draft capital.
37Jeff DriskelSF23His strength's fit what Kelley has had success with in the past. Worth a stash.
38Cody KesslerCLE23Why wouldn't I bet on RGIII failing in a worse situation than Washington.
39Cardale JonesBUF23Taylor is on shaky ground, and Cardale could be the one to supplant him.
40Sam BradfordPHI28Hopefully, I have no reason to rank him next year.


  1. Avatar


    June 8, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Think you’ve overlooked Mike Glennon. Contract year and a 29-15 TD to interception ratio with sub par weapons and a terrible offensive line. That sounds to me like a mid QB2 or better talent that can be had at a QB3 price by patient owners.

    • Avatar

      Drew Dodson

      June 8, 2016 at 11:32 am

      My issue with Glennon is simply that there are two many unknowns for him compared to the guys I ranked. Everyone in my top 40 could be looking at playing time sooner than Glennon, and that’s if Glennon gets picked up to be a starter.

      If Glennon were fighting this year to be a starter, then he would absolutely be on this list. Regardless, he is still absolutely worth stashing on your roster.

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