2016 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Cam Newton

2016 Fantasy Football QB Rankings: Part 4 of a 4 part series

This is the fourth and last in a four-part pre-season fantasy football rankings series. Obviously, things could change at any time with injuries, late free agent signings, and a slew of other factors. As of this moment in time however, I wouldn’t change a thing. The last group I’m covering is quarterbacks. There are a slew of gunslingers that can lead you to a fantasy championship, and my general philosophy is always to wait on the middle tier guys. If you can build up your roster with stud receivers and running backs, your QB should never be the sole reason you drop a game. That is, unless you end up with a complete meltdown performance from them. The top 10 on my list should never cause that issue for you. ( ) denotes expected season average

  1. Cam Newton – The unquestionable number one QB in fantasyland going into 2016 is Super Cam. His numbers were head and shoulders above the rest of the QB pack last season, and he gets a huge target back in his number one receiver Kelvin Benjamin. 50-55 total touchdowns is not at all an unrealistic expectation this season. (28 ppg)
  2. Andrew Luck – He was hurt for the majority of last season, and no, he didn’t look great when healthy. The fact is, though, that Luck has one of the top arms in the league, and can do it all. He’s going to have a huge bounce back season, and the development of Donte Moncrief as a true number 2 will aid in his continued rise among not only fantasy, but in the Colts’ title hopes as well. (26.3 ppg)
  3. Russell Wilson – The Seahawks will continue to be a run-first team, but luckily, that plays right into Wilson’s strengths. He can beat you with his arm or his legs, and with another season under his belt, and eager to get back to the Super Bowl, he’ll be doing everything the coaching staff asks of him and more. (25.6 ppg)
  4. Aaron Rodgers – I don’t think it’s much of a debate as to whether Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. That does not however, land him as the best option for fantasy. He showed last season that he’s capable of single digit scoring, but more often than not, he’s going to help propel your team to victory. Jordy Nelson’s return will allow Cobb to return to his more comfortable second option role, and the younger receivers on the squad are ready to contribute. (25 ppg)
  5. Tom Brady – Touchdown Tommy is back for another season, and hoping to continue the Patriots dynasty with another fantastic season. Regardless of his pending suspension, expect the same Brady we’ve seen for what seems like decades now; a game-changer that has 5 touchdown upside each and every week. (24.7 ppg)
  6. Ben Roethlisberger – If Big Ben can avoid the injury report, he’ll be in as good a position as anyone above him on this list to finish number one overall. His passing stats last season were insane, and Antonio Brown isn’t going anywhere. The weapons in Pittsburgh are the scariest in the league, and defenses will be unable to slow this team down when everyone takes the field. (24.2 ppg)
  7. Blake Bortles – Bortles was a fantasy superstar last year, and he will continue to progress as a quality NFL quarterback in his third season. That being said, a large number of his touchdowns came when Jacksonville was trailing in 2015. I don’t see them being placed in that situation nearly as often this coming season, as they have re-vamped the defense and added another weapon in Chris Ivory. Bortles will still perform very well, but temper the expectations for another significant leap forward. (23.8 ppg)
  8. Carson Palmer – Those that predicted the fantasy impact Palmer had last season were few and far between. He was as sure of a weekly winner as anyone else in the league. With all of his weapons back and a year more familiar with his style of play, there is no reason to believe Palmer will suffer a drop in production. (23.7 ppg)
  9. Drew Brees – The end is near for Drew Brees. A once guaranteed top 3 finisher, he just doesn’t have the zip he used to. Don’t expect a complete downslide like we saw from Peyton Manning last year, but the old Brees will not be seen again. That being said, he is still a better option than the majority of quarterbacks out there, and has a stable of young receivers that are proving to be dependable targets. (23.3 ppg)
  10. Tony Romo – If Romo can avoid another huge injury, he should be able to replicate his 2014 success. A healthy Dez Bryant and a trio of running backs that can continuously move the chains will allow Romo to pick defenses apart. (23 ppg)
  11. Eli Manning – I’m in the camp that Eli Manning just isn’t very good. Unfortunately, he has two Super Bowl rings that make my stance a mute one. He’s got OBJ and now Sterling Shepard. Those two pass-catchers, along with the likelihood of playing from behind most games will make Eli owners happy until the inevitable four interception games start piling up. (22.6 ppg)
  12. Derek Carr – I love what the Raiders showed last season. They proved that they made the right call with drafting Carr, and gave him a big boost with Amari Cooper. He will continue to progress into a very startable qb, and should be started weekly. (22.5 ppg)
  13. Andy Dalton – Dalton was very steady last year, and finished much higher than most predicted. A late season injury ended the Bengals’ hopes for a deep playoff run, but they know what they’re capable of. Losing his second and third receivers hurts, but he’s still go AJ Green. Dalton will put up respectable totals more often than not. (22.1 ppg)
  14. Philip Rivers – With Keenan Allen on the field, Rivers dominated in the early portion of the season. That will continue as long as Allen is good to go. (21.1 ppg)

    Matthew Stafford

    AP Photo – Darryl Webb

  15. Matthew Stafford – People will continue to jump on Stafford early due to his arm strength. I’ve been burned by him before, and losing Megatron is a huge hurdle to overcome. (19.4 ppg)
  16. Kirk Cousins – I’m still on the fence with Cousins. I respect what he was able to do last season, but I need more of a sample size. I think he could win a few weeks for you, but could just as easily be the reason for a lost matchup. (19 ppg)
  17. Jameis Winston – Winston got himself into better shape during the offseason, and showed enough as a rookie that I would feel comfortable starting him based on matchups. (18.2 ppg)
  18. Teddy Bridgewater – If the Vikings want to keep AD playing for another 4-5 years, they’re going to have to rely more on Bridgewater. This is the season he’ll get more of a chance to show what he can do. (18 ppg)
  19. Marcus Mariota – The running game will no longer be a rotational effort with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry in town. That means Mariota won’t have to run as much, and will be able to beat teams with his great accuracy, while throwing in the occasional running score. (17.7 ppg)
  20. Tyrod Taylor – Taylor started off 2015 on a tear before settling into the offense more. He’s another matchup-based starter, but I would be completely fine with him as my backup and bye-week fill-in. (17.6 ppg)
  21. Ryan Tannehill – I bit hard on the expected huge jump for Tannehill last season, and I quickly realized I’d been duped. The truth is, he’s a middle-tier qb, and can’t be counted on to give you quality points each week. (17.2 ppg)
  22. Matt Ryan – Atlanta looked like a Super Bowl caliber team the first several weeks of 2015, but quickly regressed and were a huge disappointment, thanks largely in part to Ryan and his inability to get the needed scores his team was desperately hoping for. I don’t plan on him taking much of a step forward in 2016. (17 ppg)
  23. Brock Osweiler – The Texans massively overpaid for Osweiler, which they will soon find out. Luckily for him and the team, DeAndre Hopkins can make any quarterback look like a winner. Based on Hopkins alone, Osweiler could turn in a few huge weeks. (16.9 ppg)
  24. Joe Flacco – The guy wins, but he won’t win your fantasy league for you. Too much uncertainty on the offense will leave Flacco owners frustrated more often than not. (16.7 ppg)
  25. Jay Cutler – Cutler cut way down on the turnovers last year, but he is what he is. He’s got the potential to put up 30 each and every week, but he’s got a few negative point games up his sleeve too. I believe he will continue to make better decisions with the ball, but this far into his career, it’s too risky to make him your #1 option.

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