NFL 2016: Hello My Name is Adam Gase and I Am Your Fantasy Football Enigma

The Miami Dolphins seemingly won the prize for new coach hires of 2016.  Adam Gase is the “IT” man 2016.  He was arguably the most sought after candidate.  In a league where quarterbacks are dominant, he is the quarterback whisperer.


2003-2007 Detroit Lions:  Scouting intern,  to Offensive Coordinator Assistant, to Quarterback Coach

2008 San Francisco 49ers:

2009-2014 Denver Broncos: Wide Receivers coach, to Quarterback Coach, to Offensive Coordinator

2015 Chicago Bears: Offensive Coordinator

2016 Miami Dolphins: Head Coach

Gase is a coaching equivalent to a gym rat.  He absorbs football.  He is an offensive guru.  You doubt?  Gase is the man who made Tim Tebow NFL relevant.   Tebow won an NFL playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers with Gase whispering in his ear.  Under Gase the Denver Broncos scored a record 606 points in 2013.  For those of you who say it was all Peyton Manning, remember this: with Gase Manning’s completion percentage was 79.2 percent, he passed for 131 touchdowns.  Without Gase last seson, Manning’s completion percentage was 59.8 percent, with nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

And last year with the Chicago Bears, Gase had Jay Cutler looking like a reliable quarterback.  After throwing for a season leading 18 interceptions in 2014, with Gase Cutler lowered his interceptions to 11.  He also improved his passer rating to 92.3 percent.

Now Gase has the job of making Ryan Tannehill an asset to the Miami Dolphins.  Gase is taking on the responsibility.  He has already stated he will be the one who is whispering in Tannehill’s ear.  He will be calling plays.  And he will allow Tannehill to make audibles at the line of scrimmage.  But the serious question is, how is this going to impact your fantasy football team?

To date Tannehill has been a heart-breaker.  For his brief career he has been sacked 184 times.  He also has passed for 87 touchdowns and 54 interceptions.  Released wide receiver Greg Jennings has suggested that Tannehill has been babied during his time in Miami.  Brent Grimes’ spouse Miko Grimes has stated via Twitter that perhaps Tannehill isn’t so good?

So why is Gase an enigma?  I mean this should be a done deal right?

Tannehill.  If you remember draft day, the most remarkable thing about Tannehill was his then girlfriend/now wife.  He hasn’t progressed much further since.  Last season Tannehill passed for 4208 yards.  He had 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.  He was sacked 45 times and fumbled twice.  The stats aren’t terrible, but they aren’t going to bring you fantasy glory either.

The plus, Gase made Tebow look legit.  Therein lies the enigma status.  You want to trust that a man who has made Tebow legit and Cutler better can work his magic on Tannehill.  You want to believe.  But can you bet your fantasy season on him?

Stay tuned.  We got you.

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