Two Quarterback Dynasty: Who I’m Drafting This Year

Two Quarterback Dynasty

Two Quarterback Dynasty: Who I’m Drafting This Year.

Already into my first startup draft of the year, I’m looking at the quarterbacks that are available in most leagues at a discount.  I’m not holding out for Wentz or Goff as I don’t feel either will become the next “elite” quarterback in the NFL.  They will almost certainly be starters, but a starter doesn’t always equal league-winning fantasy production.  As a result, I’ve been looking for the discount quarterbacks younger than 34 with good opportunities and with a starting job virtually guaranteed to them.

My pick in my first startup this year was 28 year old Andy Dalton as the 18th pick in the second round of a 24-team league.  This might not seem so obvious with Cincinnati letting Marvin Jones and Mohammad Sanu leave in free agency, but I never saw either of them as fully capable #2 wide receivers.  Their upside was #3 (at best).  The Bengals’ best scenario as I see it in 2016 is drafting with their #24 overall pick a true #2 wide receiver to pair with AJ Green like Josh Doctson or Corey Coleman.  This scenario would boost Dalton’s value, opening up both sides of the field, to add to the existing battery of Green at wide receiver, Eifert at tight end and Hill/Bernard at running back.  The balanced offense, even if their wide receiver pick wasn’t till the second or third round, makes Dalton an easy target in dynasty.

Looking at Andy Dalton himself, he’s the owner of a 62.5% career completion percentage with an average of 25 touchdowns per season to 15 interceptions.  He also rushes for about 150 yards each season to add to it, with an average of three touchdowns per season.  Dalton never missed a game till this past season when a thumb injury forced him to miss the last three games, but recent reports say that he’s healthy and ready to go for this coming year.  He has at least another five or six good seasons in front of him and I can’t see the Bengals letting him leave.

The best time to know if Dalton will have a shot at the elite ranks this coming year is after the NFL draft when you see when and where the Bengals take a wide receiver.  The wide receiver #2 position is undoubtedly their biggest hole at the moment.


Two more options:

Another quarterback I see myself picking up later in drafts this year is Jay Cutler.  Follow along with me here.  Recently I was debating to myself who would be the wide receiver #1 in the Chicago offense if Kevin White was fully healthy and actually was what everyone thought he could be last year before his leg injuries derailed it.  I started putting together stats for him and Jeffery to compare against each other before I realized that the big winner there would actually be Cutler.  Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett have left for greener pastures and the running back situation in Chicago has us all wondering if Langford will even get a chance to show if he can do it or if they will draft his replacement.  This leaves rocket-armed Cutler and two top wide receivers as the best options for the team’s offense, only slightly offset by Zach Miller and the future running back’s potential impact on him.  I also don’t see the Chicago defense leaving the team in situations where they’re not needing to throw.

Lastly, I’m picking up shares of Ryan Fitzpatrick lately.  The “Bearded Rifle” has a journeyman’s suitcase with stickers from Buffalo, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Houston and now the Big Apple.  Having taken the Jets to the edge of playoff contention, the most likely scenario is the team offering him a multi-year contract meant to keep him in town as long as possible while not committing too much to him guaranteed.  Once they relent and pony up to his demands, he will return to one of the more desirable wide receiver duos in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker along with his new pass-catching running back option in Matt Forte.  I honestly couldn’t see the Jets’ tight ends making much of a difference, and the threat of an injury looms large in the older group expected to lead the team to offensive glory, but the upside is evident.  Watching Fitzpatrick stretch his Jets’ wings in the running game last year was highly entertaining as well as he racked up 270 yards on 60 rushes and often didn’t slide to a stop to avoid collision.  I watched him drop a shoulder and gain a few extra yards more than I would expect.  A guy who refuses to go down from time to time will get his team’s respect and loyalty and I think Ryan earned it last year while not missing a single game to injury.  I think he might be the diamond in the rough for 2016 and 2017 as a value pick in the later rounds

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