Fantasy Baseball: First Base Rankings

Putting together first base rankings in 2016 is really tough because the position lacks the depth it did in previous years. In the past you have been able to find adequate starters at the back end of the top 12 and decent corner infield spots right down at the 20th overall first baseman. This year is wildly different with there being question marks past the 12th first baseman in points, and past the 11th in roto (oh and one of those is Buster Posey who you are likely using as your catcher!).

In points league there is a bit more depth as Carlos Santana jumps up hugely at the position because of the number of walks, and also points leagues rarely require a corner infield in my experience. In Roto it gets really messy quickly and as much as I am high on C.J. Cron, Chris Carter and Wil Myers I do not want those guys as my starting first basemen. And I am not even that confident having Carter as my starting corner.

My draft strategy at the position is to try and get one of the top six and if I don’t, take the seventh guy in each format in the third. If I miss out on those guys then I may even be tempted to wait and gamble on some of the low risk high reward guys, but if that busts you are in trouble as the biggest power position. If you aren’t going power at the position and are settling for the Solarte, Myers, Belt group then you need to make sure you have stacked up on power in the outfield and at third base early in your draft. If you take one of the top guys in the first or second round and Davis or Votto drop to you in the third then I wouldnt hesitate to lock up a major advnatage at corner even if it puts me behind a little at other position.

All eligibility is based on ESPN – 20 games at the position in the previous year. (I have touched on some Yahoo additions at the bottom of the article)

Points Roto
Tier Ranking Name Tier Ranking Name
1 1 Goldschmidt, Paul 1 1 Goldschmidt, Paul
2 2 Cabrera, Miguel 2 2 Cabrera, Miguel
2 3 Rizzo, Anthony 2 3 Rizzo, Anthony
3 4 Votto, Joey 3 4 Davis, Chris
4 5 Abreu, Jose 3 5 Abreu, Jose
4 6 Encarnacion, Edwin 3 6 Encarnacion, Edwin
4 7 Davis, Chris 4 7 Votto, Joey
5 8 Gonzalez, Adrian 5 8 Freeman, Freddie
5 9 Freeman, Freddie 5 9 Gonzalez, Adrian
5 10 Posey, Buster 5 10 Posey, Buster
5 11 Santana, Carlos 5 11 Hosmer, Eric
6 12 Hosmer, Eric 6 12 Pujols, Albert
7 13 Pujols, Albert 6 13 Duda, Lucas
7 14 Duda, Lucas 6 14 Cron, C.J.
7 15 Mauer, Joe 7 15 Santana, Carlos
7 16 Solarte, Yangervis 7 16 Myers, Wil
8 17 Myers, Wil 7 17 Solarte, Yangervis
8 18 Forsythe, Logan 7 18 Belt, Brandon
8 19 Teixeira, Mark 7 19 Park, Byung-ho
8 20 Cron, C.J. 8 20 Carter, Chris
8 21 Belt, Brandon 8 21 Teixeira, Mark
8 22 Park, Byung-ho 9 22 Mauer, Joe
9 23 Plouffe, Trevor 9 23 Forsythe, Logan
9 24 Trumbo, Mark 9 24 Loney, James
9 25 Carter, Chris 9 25 Plouffe, Trevor
9 26 Napoli, Mike 9 26 Trumbo, Mark
9 27 Loney, James 8 27 Napoli, Mike
10 28 Lind, Adam 8 28 Alvarez, Pedro
10 29 Bour, Justin 8 29 Lind, Adam
10 30 Moreland, Mitch 8 30 Zimmerman, Ryan

If you do play in Yahoo leagues where there are further guys eligible at first then I would slot Fielder and Ortiz in the 5th tier in each format with Morales in the 7th.

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