Defense Against the Position Part 2

Defense Against the Position by Teams.

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The defense against the position is abbreviated DAPs. The DAP concept suggests that teams playing these easy teams will score many FP etc. The opposite is the stricter team defenses of NE, SF, PIT, BUF, CHI, LAC, PHI, NO, LAR and DEN. Playing these teams should result in lower FP scoring. To me, DAPs is a good way to a tie-break in drafts and a way to set up your lineups and DFS plays in a season. 

Breaking the Analysis Process in Two**

I suggest in fantasy football a best practices approach is to break the data analysis process into two distinct steps:

1.  Exploration – after data has been prepared, you “explore” the data to see what parts of it will help reveal the answers you seek. You can also explore various hypotheses. One could also think of it as a data refinement or narrowing process.

The reason why I present tables and graphs is to optimize my readers is to inspire their exploration! See above

2. Discovery – once you know what data helps you find the answer, you dig deep into the data to identify the specific items that reveal the answers and find ways to show those answers to the business teams.

The reason why I present multiple levels of data landscapes from a top-down approach is to nudge my readers toward more discoveries in fantasy football informatics. 



Team Level Positional DAPs vs Season Segments

The defense against the position. These following tables and graphs present each team’s DAP journey for their QB, WR, TE, and RBs across the 2020 season segments of Early, Late, and Playoffs. I colorized withing each team’s positions the easiest (green) vs the toughest (red)

I use these in my drafts as well as in season for DFS and lineups. Scan through the teams by 4s and spot the extremes to chart the team’s 2020 season.  FYI, I will finish up with part 3 tomorrow. 

ARI ATL BAL BUF Defense against the Position

For example, BAL has excellent playoff DAPS vs BUF which has tough playoffs. Prepare to move to BAL with your BUF players in trades etc.

Explore to discover! 


The bar graphs draw a visual attention to key teams and their segments. See BAL vs BUF with their two different journeys. 



CAR CHI CIN CLE Defense against the Position




DAL DEN DET GB Defense against the Position




HOU IND JAX KC Defense against the Position

Defense Against the Position Slide22

Defense Against the Position Slide23


LAC LAR LVR MIA Defense against the Position


Defense Against the Position lide25


MIN NE NO NYG Defense against the Position

Defense Against the Position Slide26

Defense Against the Position Slide27


NYJ PHI PIT SEA Defense against the Position

Defense Against the Position Slide28

Defense Against the Position Slide29


SF TB TEN WAS Defense against the Position




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