NFL Notebook Week 1

Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Human

I originally had this titled “Danica Patrick’s Boyfriend Gets Injured On The Job” but somehow someway Rodgers went from potentially out for the entire NFL season to leading yet another miraculous comeback. Rodgers isn’t the sole reason for the Bears epic collapse but his 2nd half comeback certainly played a big part in it.

Rodgers had left the game on a cart, after injuring his left knee in the first half. Early speculation is that Rodgers has a mild MCL sprain, but even that couldn’t stop him from delivering yet another legendary comeback.

Rodgers’ comeback was so inspirational that rookie backup quarterback Tim Boyle ended up buying his jersey. “No, I didn’t lose a bet,”  Boyle said. “It’s a badass jersey. I bought it.”

I heard they are rebooting Terminator, so it looks like Danica Patrick’s boyfriend just might have a movie career ahead of him after all. Especially if this NFL stuff doesn’t pan out.


Browns Best Start Since 2004 (0-0-1)

I’d say I’m surprised that the Browns tie with the Steelers was their best start since 2004, but they still employee Hue Jackson so it all makes sense.

Speaking of the greatness that is Hue Jackson, he allegedly didn’t realize he was starting Josh Gordon on Sunday after telling the media that he wouldn’t be starting the wide receiver. Jackson labeled the confusion as a simple miscommunication with first year offensive coordinator Todd Haley, or as we’ll all call him in a few weeks, Interim Head Coach Todd Haley.

The Browns will head down to New Orleans to try and continue their non-losing streak against the Saints. I have a sneaky suspicion that the Saints just might out coach them.  


Chiefs/Bears Best RedZone Team

If we could take the Chiefs offense and the Bears defense and squish them together we would have the greatest RedZone team ever.

The Bears defensive stand against the Packers in the first half of Sunday Night’s game was exhilarating. Mack made the first half a defense highlight reel, before hitting a wall and slowing down in the second half.

The Chiefs however never slowed down. Second year quarterback Patrick Mahomes led his team with college inspired offense against the Bad News Bears b.k.a The Chargers. Some might called the Chiefs gimmicky but the 19 out of 55 “gimmick” plays racked up a total of 197 total yards, 13 first downs and three touchdowns. If that’s all a gimmick then paint my face and call me Doink The Blogger.


Fresh Faces Have Impressive Starts, New Coaches Do Not

By now we all know the first half that Khalil Mack had in Green Bay, but he wasn’t the only fresh face to have a great day. Quarterbacks Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins both helped their respective teams get the win.

Cousins, who left Washington in March for Minnesota, went 20-for-36 for 244 yards and two touchdowns in his debut.  

Meanwhile his replacement in Washington, Smith, helped the ‘Skins take an early lead over the Cardinals. Smith racked up 255 passing yards and two scores. Another fresh face that made his presence felt in Washington was veteran running back Adrian Peterson who got himself a total of 166 yards on the day.

Dion Lewis the former Patriots running back was able to manage a 110 yards rushing & receiving along with a touchdown in the Titans loss to the Dolphins.  

Speaking of coming up short, the new head coaches did a lot of that. All 7 new NFL head coaches were unable to help lead their new team to a victory. Most notable Matt Patricia’s Detroit Lions got mollywhopped by the Jets on Monday Night football.

Dump Pass

Is it too early to give Khalil Mack DPOY?

Can Fitzmagic make Jameis Winston disappear?

Are we sure the Falcons are good?

Hue Jackson is going to be the first coach fired, right?

Jeremy Hill’s torn ACL is terrible but will Pats fans even remember him?

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