Detroit Lions Headline Defense Streamers in Week 1

Ziggy Ansah has a plus match-up highlighting this week's IDP Week 8 Match-ups Analysis

Streaming defenses is now widely seen as the best way to utilize the DST spot on your roster. It certainly is not the only way to do it but it is perhaps the best way to consistently get a top-10 DST on your roster each week. The other option often involves spending a single-digit round pick on a defense, something I am not willing to do outside of extremely deep leagues.

The early part of the season is always tough to judge as we have not seen what offenses and defenses really have to offer at this stage. Therefore, we are judging based on very minimal information but there are some indicators that can make picking a defense to stream more reliable.

For this article I will look to pick defenses that are under 70% owned. However, if you are in a league where the Baltimore Ravens are available you should go and get them right now.

Detroit Lions vs New York Jets (44%)

You do not get many opportunities to start a defense against a rookie quarterback in week one. When that defense is also at home the evidence for starting them is either stronger. The New York Jets offense is fairly solid but it lacks any real superstars and that plays into the favor of the Detroit Lions. I expect the Jets to play with a conservative offense which limits the damage they can do and give the Lions a decent floor. However, if the Jets are chasing the game then Darnold could open the possibility for the Lions to have opportunities to score big points.

New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (7%)

This is mostly about loading up against the Jaguars offense rather than backing the Giants defense. Until the Jaguars show me they can flourish with a limited skill position group I am going to bank on them having a quiet offense. I expect this to be a ball control, heavy-run offense which gives the Giants a decent floor in terms of points against. However, I also think the Giants can get ahead in this game and then we get to see Blake Bortles throwing the ball, which should create plenty of opportunities for turnovers.

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