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The Scott Fish Bowl or SFB8 as it is referred to on twitter has commanded the attention of the fantasy football world yet again. While the mastermind behind the league Scott Fish utilizes a new scoring system each season, the ultimate goal remains the same, to raise money for some underprivileged kids.

As of July 9th, Fantasy Cares had raised almost $30,000. To find out more info what Scott is doing and how you can help go here!

Eight rounds into my draft and I am absolutely loving my team. This draft is vastly different from a typical draft of mine but that is in large part to the scoring system for SFB8 which includes superflex and TE premium for starters. I had the 12th pick for this draft.

Basic Rules

  • 900 Teams
  • 75 leagues (divisions) of 12 teams
  • 12 conferences
  • 22 round slow draft.
  • Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR 1 TE, 4 Flex (can flex 1 QB) – (11 Total)
  • Bench: 11 players
  • No Kickers or Defenses
  • No Trading Allowed
  • Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding
For all the rules check out www.ScottFishBowl.com
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

1.02 and 2.01 – Studly Base

I wanted to start out strong in this draft! My goal was to target two players who could be the top scorer at their position with limited downside. Both Kareem Hunt and Michael Thomas absolutely fit this bill.

Even with a bumpy middle of the season, Hunt finished with 1,300 yards and 8 TDs on the ground a season ago. He also saw almost 500 yards and 3 TDs via the pass. Volume shouldn’t be an issue this season in KC and I expect the production to be there once again.

Like Hunt, Thomas should see plenty of volume this season as well, especially with Mark Ingram out for the first four games. Thomas should approach 100 catches yet again and clear 1,000 receiving yards at the bear minimum with the potential to best those numbers.

It took some onions on my behalf to take Thomas over OBJ, Julio Jones and Keenan Allen but I believe. Ben Cummins over at the Fantasy Footballers wrote a great piece on why Thomas has the goods to finish at the top WR this year.

Cam Newton

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

3.12 and 4.01 – Its QB Time

As I mentioned, this is a superflex league where QBs go fast and heavy. I wanted to be the person to start the run and not get stuck at the end. The 6 point per passing TD gives QBs an extra boost and rushing first downs are also worth .5 pts. So, I wanted two QBs who had tremendous upside and rushing ability, even if that came with some turnover issues (INTs are -4 points).

Cam Newton fell to me at 3.12 and I’m thrilled to have him. This is latest he went in any draft thus far. (Check out all SFB8 ADP data here!) His rushing ability, especially with the .5 first down bonus is awesome in this format.

With my QB2 I took a shot on Patrick Mahomes. His upside is up there with anyone at the position. It Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Sammy Watkins live up to their ADP, Mahomes should be able to challenge for top 5 at the position. Like Newton, Mahomes has ability to utilize his legs and pick up some extra first downs.

5.12 and 6.01 – More Studs Please

I was very happy to see the queue when i was again OTC at 5.12. I was able to add Rashaad Penny and Evan Engram on this turn. Seattle has made a clear commitment to the run and Penny should be a big benefactor. He should thrive in Seattle and has the skills to contribute on all three downs.

While i typically wait to address TE in draft, this league’s scoring helps push them up draft boards. Evan Engram had an impressive rookie season with 722 yards and 6 TDs. If he can build on his rookie season, he should be among the elite this season.

Jim Mone - Associated Press

Jim Mone – Associated Press

7.12 and 8.01 – What to do, what to do?

The draft put me in an interesting spot for these two picks, especially following a run on RBs prior to my pick. While there were a few interesting options sitting there at WR and RB, nothing was demanding my draft pick. So I went back to the well with a QB and TE.

With the help of a three game suspension, Jameis Winston was sitting there for me. It was a few picks past his ADP and looking like the QB with legit upside. I love Eli or Flacco as much as other late round QB drafters but Winston is a tier above in this format. He provides safety if Cam gets injured or Mahomes flames out.

If all three QBs thrive then I will be able to play matchups. In past years, my QB trio has usually flamed out midseason and left me frustrated. Fingers crossed, this year should go better.

If you want to talk potential and upside, with my next pick I took a shot on Trey Burton. I love the opportunity he will have in Chicago as the TE1. If Matt Nagy can make him Travis Kelce 2.0, Burton in this format could be a league winner. The ability is there for Burton to be among the top 5 at the position, if not higher.

So far, I am very happy with my team. I will be back on Fake Pigskin in the coming days to break down my next wave of picks. For more SFB8, fantasy football and more, check out The Angle of Pursuit where other owners will be coming on to talk about the squad they’re assembling, strategy for unique rules leagues and more!

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