Asylum Sports Show 336- It’s Called a Slow Draft!

After a well deserved vacation, The Asylum has returned. Tonight is a bonanza for Asylumites as Fleeger and Briggs continue the stream of consciousness nonsense that has become their trademark……..or albatross, depending on your point of view. Tonight, the Asylum breaks down the Shady McCoy situation, Terrell Owens’ HOF snub, a little NBA, and Pacman’s trip to the airport. They also discuss Briggs’ poor Twitter etiquette. Finally, if you’re interested in a little fantasy football, the guys discuss the start of their SFB8 drafts. Make sure you don’t miss as they discuss SFB strategy, Gronk, Eli Manning, and Jerick McKinnon. They also discuss the meaning of the slow draft and why so many drafters are way too eager.

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