MLB DFS: Targets for 6/6/18

There aren’t a ton of Wednesday day games, so we’re getting treated to a nice, 10-game MLB DFS slate. Tonight’s games have a lot of heavy pitching favorites, and FanDuel’s pitcher salaries are affordable. Also, click the image below to listen to our fantasy baseball podcast!




Lance McCullers (HOU vs. SEA)

Moneyline: -196

Over/Under: 8

FanDuel: $8,800/DraftKings: $10,500

McCullers is having a little better season than many realize, mostly because of the other starters in the rotation who are in the top 10 in many of the AL pitching categories. In a way, this can be a good thing, as it keeps McCullers out of focus and maybe there’s less pressure on him to perform. Tonight’s MLB DFS matchup is against the Mariners, who are actually in first place in the AL West, ahead of the Astros. McCullers can help the Astros close the gap to first in their division. He has extremely better numbers in many categories at home this season, as seen here:

Standard Home/Away Splits - FanGraphs

Standard Home/Away Splits – FanGraphs

While the Mariners are 8-2 in their last 10 games, and on a five-game winning streak, that could come to a halt if McCullers is on his game. Pitching is affordable on FanDuel, and it may not be wise to glance over him.


Jack Flaherty (STL vs. MIA)

Moneyline: -210

Over/Under: 8 1/2

FanDuel: $7,800/DraftKings: $10,200

Flaherty’s salary is in better position on FanDuel than McCullers, in my opinion. He’s $1,000 less, and we can be a little less concerned about the quality start points because we’ll be able to spend that money with our offense. The Marlins have scored the least amount of runs in all of MLB. They are second-to-last in stolen bases, so that’s one less worry if there’s runners on base. With a weak offense going into Busch Stadium, Flaherty has the upper hand. Opposing pitching, Wei-Yin Chen, has more success against left-handed batters, as expected for a southpaw. The Cardinals have the potential to load the lineup up with right-handed bats, which could provide Flaherty with run support. Playable on both sites, but he’s more favorable on FanDuel.

Other pitchers to target:

Eduardo Rodriguez (BOS vs. DET) FanDuel: $8,100/DraftKings: $9,400

Jon Gray (COL @ CIN) FanDuel: $7,300/DraftKings: $7,500


Teams to stack:

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees – Sonny Gray

Gray has been hit or miss this season. It wouldn’t hurt to have some exposure to Blue Jays stacks. Gray has some lop-sided reverse splits this season, which includes .533 slugging vs. .304 against left-handed batters. He’s giving up 1.82 HR/9 to right-handed batters, and 0.35 to left-handed batters.

Justin Smoak FanDuel: $3,500 (1B)/DraftKings: $4,700 (1B)

Yangervis Solarte FanDuel: $3,600 (3B)/DraftKings: $3,900 (2B/SS)

Kevin Pillar FanDuel: $2,800 (OF)/DraftKings: $3,400 (OF)

Russell Martin FanDuel: $2,100 (C)/DraftKings: $2,700 (C)


Oakland Athletics @ Texas Rangers – Bartolo Colon

The A’s are in Arlington tonight, and we should take advantage of the park shift. With Colon on the mound, the run total is currently at 10 1/2 runs. Colon has been getting hit hard by right-handed batters, at a rate of 45.2%. The A’s have some power in their lineup, but it doesn’t show very well because of their home park, which is why tonight is a good night for stacking them.

Khris Davis FanDuel: $3,600 (OF)/DraftKings: $4,900 (OF)

Marcus Semien FanDuel: $3,300 (SS)/DraftKings: $3,900 (SS)

Jed Lowrie FanDuel: $3,400 (2B)/DraftKings: $4,500 (2B)

Matt Chapman FanDuel: $2,900 (3B)/DraftKings: $3,900 (3B)


Thank you for reading, and good luck with your MLB DFS picks!


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