DraftKings NFL: Week 16 Declarations

There’s only one thing to talk about for the DraftKings NFL week 16 preview, and it’s got nothing to do with red zone targets or defenses against the running back position. It’s about who we should pair The Rock with as a running mate for his 2024 presidential run. Now that President Trump has opened the flood gates for all celebrities as legitimate potential candidates for leader of the free world the possibilities six years from now seem unimaginable. I could see anything from Mark Cuban or Kaitlyn Jenner to Clifford The Big Red Dog or the Stay Puft Marsh Mellow Man. Ridiculous you say? I mean, the Rock really couldn’t be the President Of The United States in 2024, could he? To which I ask, any more ridiculous than someone telling you at Wrestle Mania ten years ago that this WWE Hall of Famer would be entering year two as the 45th President Of The United States?

Week 15 Recap

Just like McManus tells us before marching into certain death attempting a high stakes robbery of what is thought to be $91 million worth of Argentinian cocaine–there’s nothing that can’t be done. That’s certainly my slogan every week when setting my lineup in GPPs. Last week was one of the more successful weeks in terms of cashing all entries in my contests. Unfortunately, I missed again on my new man crush Trent Taylor which negated any real high place finishes with potentially four or five figure payouts. I should’ve played my week 10 low percentage owned potential breakout candidate Keelan Cole instead who, of course, blew up last week after I decided to move on to Trent. Always feels like I’m one week too early on these guys, or late enough to the party when their price and ownership has caught up making it not as fun. I also should’ve faked sick for my family Christmas party last Sunday that, as predicted, caused me to miss the start of the Patriots/Steelers game.


Projected Zek Is Back! Lineup

One good thing that came from that party was the vanilla almond poppy seed loaf of bread from Great Harvest Bread Co. I was gifted by my Dad and Step Mom. I’m fairly certain it’s ingredients include at least eight sticks of butter, and that every delicious bite added at least eight pounds to my fat ass this week. One man almost certain to over indulge this week is none other than Zek Elliott fresh off his circus six game suspension. Last week I talked about Seattle’s defense getting to the point of no return with injuries before Todd Gurley and the Rams made them look softer than the faculty at Easthampton High School. Zek’s back! And, he’s gonna eat

Speaking of the Rams, Jared Goff has already proved to be capable of having high floors with reasonable upside in tough match ups like in week 12 where he put up 23.9 DK points against the Saints, and week 14 when the second year pro managed 15.2 DK points against the Eagles. And, considering he engineered four offensive touchdown drives in that game, it showed they can put up points on anybody. This week, Goff gets the mightily mediocre Tennessee Titans who were just torched by my boyfriend Jimmy G for 381 yards in the air–yikes! He should be a great deal this week at his price with a legitimate shot to finish as the top quarterback. I will be sure to include as many Rams as I can throughout my 17 lineups on Christmas Eve.

Position Player Salary
QB Jared Goff  $      6,100
RB Christian McCaffrey  $      6,400
RB Ezekiel Elliott  $      8,200
WR A. J. Green  $      6,700
WR Kendall Wright  $      3,800
WR Robert Woods  $      6,500
TE Cameron Brate  $      3,300
FLEX C.J. Anderson/Greg Olsen  $      5,500/5,200
DST Chargers  $      3,700
Even my childhood hero has engaged in the war on Christmas...

Even my childhood hero has engaged in the war on Christmas…

Week 16 ATS Picks

Broke even last week after being on the right side of the “no one knows what a catch is” rule, and Big Ben’s awful interception earning me the push making for a 2-2-1 week. 49-28-3 on the season. I wrote back in week seven that the dogs were barking loud thus far, and it felt like a pick’em league when a large majority of spreads that week were three and a half points or less. Since then, the pendulum has fiercely swung back including last week where every favorite covered from the entire week’s slate. My theory? There are 7-8 teams that are better than everybody else, and when one of them plays anyone outside that group it shows. If I see any of those 7-8 teams laying less than double digits I’m pouncing.

Vikings -8.5: Here’s a good example.

Rams -6.5: Another good example.

Cowboys -5: The Boys don’t exactly fit within those top teams, but with Elliott back I like their chances to cover a touchdown against this Seattle fare well tour where we just witnessed the Rams slam the window shut on the Seahawk’s NFC West dominance over the last half decade. Look for Zek to seal that window with a few 2x4s Sunday.

Saints -6: New Orleans is one of those top 7-8 teams in the league. Atlanta is not. After a very frustrating loss two weeks ago to the Falcons on Thursday night, I like the Saints to get the season split taking control of the NFC South winning big at home Sunday afternoon.

49ers +4.5: How dare you give Jimmy G this many points at home!

Good Luck in Week 16! Don’t forget to comment, share, and follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock.

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