DraftKings NFL: Week 10 Declarations

Competing in DraftKings NFL grand prize pools can be very similar to watching The Curse of Oak Islandsometimes, you just have to believe. Much like the Lagina brothers’ quest for lost treasure, I continue to search for my own Terrance Williams that will bring me riches, and the DFS glory I deserve. In Tuesday night’s season five premiere episode the crew had yet another astounding break through by finding a rose headed nail in a pile of rubble excavated almost 200 feet under ground that somehow proves the existence of the legendary Oak Island money pit. I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever thought a group of people were completely insane one minute, and wanted to join them the next. Since my Dad forced us to watch an episode one Thanksgiving it’s become somewhat a family affair to follow the show. I can’t tell you how many times my brother and I have laughed about how dumb this show is, and how a strong case could be made that nothing has actually happened throughout the entire first four seasons. Yet, when they found the one piece of metal at the end of season four I convinced myself the Ark of the Covenant was buried on that island just like I talked myself into A.J. Derby being a good idea last week. When I openly mocked the show in front of my Dad at Thanksgiving last year he responded swiftly with a question, “Is it any different than being into that stupid fantasy football crap?” Touche old man. Touche… Just listen to the passion and excitement pouring out of young indoctrinated Alex Lagina as he describes the implications from the rose headed nail discovery…

Week 9 Recap

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Suggested receivers T.Y., Sammy Watkins (he’s alive!), and Michael Thomas were a hit last week, but a big miss on Kareem Hunt ultimately cost me cashing in any GPPs. It certainly didn’t help that the Eagles had more receptions from Brock Osweiler than my tight end in all lineups A.J. Derby. Wasn’t it great to have Brock back though? I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more comfortable chalking up a gambling win in a second quarter of an NFL game than I was Sunday. I’m also not sure if I’ve ever been more uncomfortable after a pre-game speech than I was before the Saints game. Based on his teammates’ reactions, the Saints were clearly a lock before kick-off. And, not only is Brock back, but we all get to soak him in to end our week on Sunday Night Football this week after Vance Joseph reached harder than poor Alex Lagina claiming Osweiler had “earned” another start following that shit show in Philly. My only complaint is the Patriot defense won’t be available in the DK millionaire contest…

Rest of Bronco's staff when Joseph decided to stick with Brock...

rest of Bronco’s staff when Joseph decided to stick with Brock…

Projected Very Greedy Running Back Lineup

Contrary to the Let It Bleed classic, one of the many great things about DFS is you can always get what you want. For example, where else in this universe do you have the option of including Fournette, Bell, and Gurley in the same lineup? Insisting on playing all three together requires you to dig deep like Marty and Rick to find your Spanish coin making all the time and effort worthwhile. This week’s Spanish coin comes in the form of Darren Fells, and Keelan Cole. Fells, is still seeing plenty of snaps as Detroit’s de facto starting tight end, and enters a match-up with a Browns defense that’s surrendered the most catches, fourth most yards, and second most touchdowns to tight ends this season. Keelan who?

I admit it. Before last week I’d never heard of him. That’s why when I was feverishly watching the stat tracker on the Jags game last week to check in on my suggestion of Allen Hurns I kept yelling, “who the fuck is this K. Cole guy!” Jaguars undrafted rookie wide receiver Keelan Cole was dominant in his final season at Division II Kentucky Wesleyan, and flashed the same explosiveness during a preseason game in August. The past two weeks Jacksonville has been incorporating him into the offense playing 60% of the offensive snaps (footballoutsiders.com) the past two games in which he’s produced five catches on eight targets, 111 yards, and this cute one-hander on a typical Bortles throw. It’s these types of low usage players that can return their value in one or two touches propelling lineups to high place finishes in GPP contests.

Position Player Salary
QB Eli Manning  $      5,100
RB Leonard Fournette  $      8,400
RB Le’Veon Bell  $      9,800
WR Sterling Shepard  $      5,500
WR Keelan Cole  $      3,000
WR Corey Davis/Martavis Bryant  $      4,000/3,900
TE Darren Fells  $      2,500
FLEX Todd Gurley II  $      8,700
DST Bears  $      3,000

Projected Pretty Greedy Running Back Lineup

Speaking of Bortles, the Chargers defense is a nice bargain sporting arguably the best pass rush in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE to take a Blake ball to the house Sunday. They’re also getting back starting linebacker Denzel Perryman to help contain Leonard Fournette (if possible) on early downs making for some yummy Bortles third and longs for Joey Bosa and friends. Last week I caved and finally increased the quarterback budget for Drew Brees ignoring the Jacoby Brissetts and Joe Flaccos of the world that would’ve returned similar value that Brees delivered. This week, I’m back to divesting and streaming this position with Eli Manning against a 49ers defense that just allowed Drew Stanton to throw for over 200 yards and two touchdowns who also ranks in the bottom third in pretty much every pass defense statistic you can think of. By pivoting from Fournette to Melvin Gordon I can raise the floor at wide receiver with Robby Anderson, and Tavarres King making for a sneaky Giants stack which can be like finding your very own rose headed nail treasure when they hit in GPPs.

QB Eli Manning  $      5,100
RB Melvin Gordon  $      7,200
RB Todd Gurley II  $      8,700
WR Sterling Shepard  $      5,500
WR Robby Anderson/Robert Woods  $      5,200/5,000
WR Tavarres King  $      3,200
TE Darren Fells  $      2,500
FLEX Le’Veon Bell  $      9,800
DST Chargers  $      2,700

Robert the Bruce perfectly explains the real logic behind hunting for treasure on Oak Island and playing guys like Darren Fells in DFS…

Projected Get A Grip Darren Fells And Tavarres King Suck Lineup

While the Jags defense has been very tough on opposing quarterbacks, they’ve been equally worse against running backs allowing almost five yards per carry which ranks only above the hapless Patriot defense through nine weeks. That’s why I’ll stick with the more reasonably priced Gordon, and pivot off the $9,800 Bell to Jordan Howard who has averaged 26 touches and 110 yards from scrimmage since Mitchy took over four weeks ago. I’ll use the savings to upgrade Fells to Hunter Henry, and King to JuJu who both have proven are capable of big games with safer floors.

QB Eli Manning  $      5,100
RB Melvin Gordon  $      7,200
RB Todd Gurley II  $      8,700
WR Sterling Shepard  $      5,500
WR JuJu Smith-Schuster  $      5,600
WR Robby Anderson/Robert Woods  $      5,200/5,000
TE Hunter Henry  $      3,900
FLEX Jordan Howard  $      6,100
DST Chargers  $      2,700

Week 10 Picks

5-0 last week! 28-17-1 for the season. Let’s keep it rolling. Three-team teaser of the week: Lions -1, Rams -2, Steelers pk. Can’t wait to see who fucks this up like Seattle last week…

1. Chargers +3.5: Yes, the Jags pass defense has been tough on quarterbacks this season. But, outside embarrassing Ben Roethlisberger in week five they’ve lost every time they went up against a team with semi-competent quarterback play. Personally, I hate kids. But the fact that Phillip Rivers has 13 of them? I respect that, and the fact that he is a more than competent quarterback. Along with the previously mentioned elite level pass rush on Bortles, and a sneaky good match-up for Gordon I like the Chargers to get the win in Jacksonville Sunday.

2. Rams -12: I’d take them laying 20. Before I forget, throw out a Rams stack in one of your 77 lineups this week.

3. Buccaneers +2.5: Tampa Bay is awful. Winston and Mike Evans are out. Why would anyone bet the Bucs here?


4. Lions -11: I put some shaky confidence in them last week to handle themselves on Monday night against Brett Hundley and was rewarded with an easy win. Lion teams of the past would’ve beaten the Steelers on Sunday night two weeks ago roping the fan base back in to believing, then follow it up by shitting themselves getting beat by a Rogers-less Packers team. In three games against bad teams this season, the Lions have now won by 12 points or more in all of them. I wouldn’t say that beating up on bad teams means they’re “good” necessarily. More like fake good. Ya know–like University of Michigan football is good. Lions by two touchdowns.

5. Michigan St. +16.5: As someone who hasn’t experienced finding true love besides swiping right, seeing this line had me feeling the butterflies in my stomach everyone talks about. I could offer up football logic as to why this is so enticing. I could tell you in the three games Ohio St. played an at least decent team they lost twice, and needed two touchdowns in the last five minutes to escape at home against Penn St. after trailing by multiple scores the entire game. I could talk about how MSU has an emerging star at quarterback with tons of weapons around him, or reference the track record of Mark Dantonio coached teams routinely thriving in similar circumstances. But whether it’s hunting for treasure, playing DFS, making picks, or just being a fan we’re all just Robert the Bruce wanting to believe. And, I believe…

Good Luck in week 10! Don’t forget to comment, share, and follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock.



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