DraftKings NFL: Week 9 Declarations

In my DraftKings NFL week six write up I stated Deshaun Watson’s play made the Texans the most reliable stack in DFS outside TB12 and the Pats. What I meant to say was make sure to load up on Watson and company every week until he retires especially on the road at Seattle in week eight. Even in this over hyped/over reaction culture there isn’t the proper rhetoric or hyperbole available to describe the start to Watson’s career in real, or fake football. Chances are pretty high if you didn’t have some permutation revolved around a Texans, or Seahawks stack last Sunday you didn’t have any real shot at high place finishes in GPPs. Now, with yesterday’s devastating news, my original preview of me and everyone else playing DFS this week has been spoiled…

Pretty much every week now...

Man that news sucks!…

If anything, last week was supposed to be the rookie QB on the road/tough match-up/come down to earth/regression/revert to the mean/insert reasonable cliche where Watson struggled, or at least looked rattled by a setting that even shakes up good veteran quarterbacks. Only Watson didn’t get the memo starting the game’s first possession with a 59 yard bomb to Will Fuller V in route to an offensive assault that would make Kevin Spacey blush. Or Jeremy Piven jealous. And Dustin Hoffman… Wait… What… What the fuck is going on! I can’t keep up! Seriously, does Vegas need to start putting odds out for the next celebrity to be accused? Sadly, I’d probably throw down on it. Speaking of offensive, I was really tempted to offer my fantasy advice through Frank DiPascali’s women ranking system in Wizard of Lies this week, but something tells me the timing might not be right. That, and I might the next to get a #metoo dropped on me on twitter for putting a player in the Honda Civic category. Oh well, someday…

The funniest part about that clip is the discussion I envision taking place in real life when one of those girls is asked what role they play in the movie. Also, don’t you wonder if the girl playing Honda Civic was more upset about her objectification, or not being considered Buick Regal material. Does the girl that played Lincoln Continental walk around thinking “well, at least I was’t the Buick Regal?” It’s questions like these that keep me up at night. By the way, let’s not forget the Hollywood assault case that should’ve been the watershed moment that put the predators on notice…

Week 8 Recap

The filet lineup returned some funds thanks to the Red Rifle, Zeke, LeSean, and the one I’m most proud of–Jamison Crowder’s out of no where nine catch performance. A big swing and a miss on Nick O’Leary, and ultimately excluding Houston’s offense disallowed any big money finishes. Still, it was good enough for the filet to cash in three of the last four weeks. Frankly, the roast chicken lineups continued to be dry, bland, and unsatisfying with a dud from a Panthers mini stack that mustered just two scores, and of course as predicted, one going to Jonathan Stewart who is someone that would require me needing to be paid to include him in any DFS lineup.

Thanks for nothing J-Stew!

Thanks for nothing J-Stew!

Projected Brees Filet Lineup

With Watson now absent from the juiciest match-up this week, I’m moving on to a slightly more affordable, yet still very satisfying meal featuring a Drew Brees to Michael Thomas succulent double up that have not connected for a score since week four in Miami. Going against a Tampa defense that is consistently gashed allowing 386 yards per game this season, Brees appears poised to breakout his annual “I’m Drew Effing Brees” three to four touchdown, 300 plus yard performance. While we’re discussing ideal circumstances I wonder… Is Sammy Watkins having a disappointing stretch, or is he just not good at football? I’m willing to find out at that price, and it makes for a prime spot designed as a random Watkins blow up game with Giant’s top defensive back out on suspension pulling a no-call-no-show for work after the bye week.

As high octane as Houston’s offense has been with Watson as QB1, their defense–now decimated by injuries all over–has been giving up plenty of big plays of their own which is why it’s time for the T.Y. Hilton explosion at a very affordable price. And, now that The Brockening Part II premieres in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon, Derby could be in for a best supporting role with an inevitable check-down masterpiece coming from Osweiler. Getting a healthy Luke Kuechly back on the field, I like the Panthers defense this week in their match-up with an underwhelming Atlanta offense still struggling to find an identity under new offensive play caller Steve Sarkisian. Do I really need to explain the rationale for the tandem at running back?

Position Player Salary
QB Drew Brees  $      7,000
RB Leonard Fournette  $      8,400
RB Kareem Hunt  $      8,600
WR Michael Thomas  $      7,200
WR Sammy Watkins  $      4,200
WR T.Y. Hilton  $      4,900
TE A.J. Derby  $      2,900
FLEX Allen Hurns  $      4,100
DST Panthers  $      2,700

Here’s a preview of Brees making pre-snap reads on the Tampa secondary Sunday afternoon…

Projected Roast Chicken Lineup

Did that really happen? Man, the 90’s were strange. Anyway… Without any Mike Tolberts, or Jonathan Stewarts around to ruin the fun, it’s safe to assume any offensive touchdown from the Chiefs will involve Smith and/or Hunt. Having the highest total on the board this week, I anticipate a minimum of four offensive scores from the potent Kansas City squad against an average-at-best Cowboy defense. If I get uneasy about Derby’s floor, I’ll swap out Fournette for Murray making room for Jack Doyle who shares the team lead in targets with T.Y. in a game that should see plenty of throwing from both sides projecting to be the third highest scoring contest this week even without Watson. In case Watkins does just suck, or I can’t resist missing out on a potential Oscar performance from the Eagles defense for their role in The Brockening Part II (rated NC17 for violence against Bronco quarterbacks), I’ll use the remaining Fournette funds by targeting some very intriguing plays in the $5,500 range at the flex spot.

QB Alex Smith  $      6,500
RB Kareem Hunt  $      6,200
RB DeMarco Murray  $      5,400
WR Allen Hurns  $      4,100
WR T.Y. Hilton  $      4,900
WR Michael Thomas  $      7,200
TE Jack Doyle  $      4,300
FLEX Adrian Peterson/Devin Funchess  $      5,600/5,400
DST Eagles  $      3,300

Week 9 Picks

DFS results weren’t great last week, but a little celebrating was in order as I’m Now sitting at 23-17-1 on the season (only two losing weeks) after a smooth 4-1 last week where the only loser was the Jets by a half point. Technically, the line closed at six making the Jets a winner so in my heart I was 5-0. As I mentioned coming into week seven, underdogs were dominating the season. Two weeks later we are starting to see teams like the Eagles, Dallas, and Pittsburgh clearly separate themselves as good/somewhat reliable teams week-to-week. Now, it has me feeling really chalky for week nine. Three team teaser alert: Seahawks +3, Eagles +2.5, and Saints +3. How could that lose?…

  1. Jaguars -5.5: Without a late game pick-six from a defensive lineman, Red Rifle and company were about to destroy last week’s three-team teaser of the week. In other words, the Bengals suck. Jags by a touchdown.
  2. Eagles -7.5: True story: I once convinced myself, and rationalized to my friends that Brock Osweiler would be a good NFL quarterback solely based on my late Saturday night alcohol infused evaluations of his 2011 college games at Arizona St., and the fact that I dominated the computer with ASU in my PS3 dynasty that year. Moral of the story? I’m a complete asshole. Fly Eagles flyyyyy!
  3. Saints -6.5: Since running into a Patriot buzz saw back in week two, the Saints have won five straight where their defense has been the biggest story surrendering just five offensive touchdowns (yes I’m excluding Lions touchdowns scored subsequent to trailing 45-10 in the third quarter) over that span. Enter Famous Jameis who has pretty much been awful so far in his third year where all of us correlated his charisma in Hard Knocks (just admit it) with his ceiling as player this season. I don’t see this as a good spot for him, and the aforementioned leaky Buccaneer defense to get things turned around–Saints by double digits.
  4. Panthers -1: As I discussed last week, the Falcons could have easily been 1-5 heading into their tilt against the Jets if a handful of plays broke differently through their first six games. Even last week, they needed a Jeremy Kerley muffed punt to eek out a win moving them to–at the very least–a deceiving 4-3 record. At the most, I’d use a popular media phrase these days and say the Falcons are FAKE NEWS! SAD! JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Regardless of the Kelvin Benjamin trade, I like this Panthers defense enough to get the win at home Sunday.
  5. Lions -2.5: The Lions have had some tough losses lately, but they should be able to bounce back and take care of business against Brett Hundley. Right? Gulp…

Good Luck in week 9! Don’t forget to comment, share, and follow me on twitter @realBobbyAdcock.

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