Fantasy Baseball: Dee Gordon traded to the Seattle Mariners

Dee Gordon

Waking up to the news that the Miami Marlins had traded a player was no shock to me but it wasn’t the name that I and many others expected. Giancarlo Stanton was the name I expected to see on my phone but instead it was the name of Dee Gordon that greeted me. Gordon has always been somewhat of a polarising figure in fantasy baseball. On one hand you have a guy who can steal you 50+ bases while hitting close to or over 0.300 but in return you have to sacrifice any expectation of power from someone you often have to invest a high round draft pick in. Often Dee Gordon is entirely worth the gamble because his steals can be the difference between finishing in the middle of the steals rankings or top and his average and runs scored can drag you up a couple of places in the standings.


This trade to Seattle is going to be an interesting one because they already have a veteran second baseman in Robinson Cano so Gordon is rumoured to be moving to centre field. The move should actually improve his value for me in 2018. This season he will have 2B and OF eligibility and that flexibility will likely improve his value. It will allow you to use a combination of middle infielders and outfielders to fill in the HRs that you lose from Dee Gordon. It will widen the pool of hot hitters you can call upon and ride to boost the power and RBI numbers. Additionally Gordon is moving to a much improved line-up which will benefit him in two ways. Firstly, he is going to get an upgrade on the quality of guys batting behind him, especially with Stanton rumoured to be leaving Miami. Secondly, Seattle will boast better bottom end of the order hitters (Ben Gamel, and Ryon Healy) than Miami and therefore he should get more RBI opportunities.

Marlins Dee Gordon

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Prior to the trade the consensus was a 4th/5th round pick for Gordon as the 3rd to 5th second baseman off the board. This trade puts him into third round contention for me and he should be very much in the discussion when you are considering the Brian Dozier and Jose Ramirez’s of the world. Ramirez has the edge because he has 2B/3B flexibility to start the season but if I started strong on power I will definitely be taking Gordon over Dozier if we were drafting today.

The guys batting behind him, such as Segura, Seager, Cano, Cruz and Haniger, should also see a boost in value as they should see less off speed pitches with a known stolen base specialist on first. However, the void he leaves in Miami is huge. It was already a disaster for the likes of Yelich and Ozuna to lose Stanton but to now lose their table setter as well can only make things worse for them. Unless Miami can find a guy to sit atop their line-up and provide that on base presence then Yelich and Ozuna are going to struggle to put up solid RBI numbers this season. Right now both of these guys are sliding back at least a round. Ozuna is currently no better than a 5th round pick and Yelich is nearer the 10th than the 5th round. Of course that could all change of one of those two is next out of the door.

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