Fantasy Baseball: Early roto catcher rankings

I don’t think I say enough how much doing fantasy baseball catcher rankings makes me want to cry. I mean I say it a lot but I definitely don’t say it enough. Every year it feels like its gets grimmer to try and do this first article of the year. This position is probably the only one where I actively want someone to complicate it by adding some form of defensive metric that can magically incorporate into roto. I mean it isn’t going to happen but I can dream right?

Right now the situation isnt helped by the fact Jonathan Lucroy hasn’t signed yet because he will definitely be top 10 and if he signs with the right set up it could be even better. Last season has ruined him as a consensus top three guy but he could easily be in the second tier this season with the right situation. Unfortunately there aren’t any other free agents right now that we can say that about so we are stuck with what feels like a rather underwhelming group for this season.

Closer to the season I will look a little deeper at this position but for now here is the top 20 of the catcher rankings:

Tier Ranking Name Team Eligibility
1 1 Gary Sanchez NYY C
1 2 Buster Posey SF C, 1B
2 3 Willson Contreras CHC C
2 4 J.T. Realmuto MIA C
2 5 Salvador Perez KC C
3 6 Yadier Molina STL C
3 7 Wilson Ramos TB C
4 8 Evan Gattis HOU C, DH
4 9 Jonathan Lucroy FA C
4 10 Jorge Alfaro PHI C
4 11 Welington Castillo CWS C
4 12 Tyler Flowers ATL C
4 13 Matt Wieters WSH C
4 14 Stephen Vogt MIL C
4 15 Travis d’Arnaud NYM C
5 16 Robinson Chirinos TEX C
5 17 Mike Zunino SEA C
6 18 Brian McCann HOU C
6 19 Russell Martin TOR C
6 20 Yasmani Grandal LAD C



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